Wyoming Timeline History

The Hayden expedition in Wyoming as photographed by William Henry Jackson
arrow 1742-1743: Francois Louis Verendyne entered Wyoming, discovered Big Horn Mountains

arrow 1803: Louisiana Purchase completed, included present day Wyoming

arrow 1806: American John Colter discovered Yellowstone, named area "Colter's Hell'; explored Teton Mountains

arrow 1812: Robert Stuart discovered South Pass through Rocky Mountains

arrow 1822: General William Ashley established trading post on Yellowstone River

arrow 1827: Ashley's group took first wheeled vehicle, a four-pounder cannon, across South Pass

arrow 1830: Kit Carson arrived in Wyoming

arrow 1832: Capt. B. L. E. Bonneville led first wagons through South Pass; established Fort Bonneville

arrow 1833: Bonneville discovered oil near Wind River Mountains

arrow 1834: First permanent trading post, Ft. Laramie, established

arrow 1842: Fort Bridger established; Capt. Fremont led expedition to Wyoming, discovered Fremont Peak; Gold discovered near South Pass

arrow 1849: U. S. purchased Fort Laramie

arrow 1854: Grattan Massacre occurred near Fort Laramie

arrow 1867: Cheyenne founded; Transcontinental Railroad entered Wyoming

arrow 1868: Wyoming Territory created

arrow 1869: Women received right to vote

arrow 1872: Yellowstone Park became first national park

arrow 1877: Arapahoe Indians moved to Wind River Reservation

arrow 1885: Chinese Massacre occurred at Rock Springs

arrow 1890: Wyoming admitted into Union as 44th state

arrow 1897: First Cheyenne Frontier Days celebrated

arrow 1906: Devils Tower established, first national monument in U. S.

arrow 1918: Prohibition passed; uranium discovered near Lusk

arrow 1923: Kemmerer mine explosion killed ninety-nine

arrow 1925: Nellie Tayloe Ross became first woman governor in U. S.; Teapot Dome Scandal occurred

arrow 1933: Nellie Tayloe Ross named first woman director of U. S. Mint

arrow 1949: Blizzard paralyzed entire state

arrow 1978: World's largest radio telescope built on Jelm Mountain

arrow 1979 - 1980: Cheyenne received 121 inches of show

arrow 1988: Devastating fire in Yellowstone National Park burned more than one million acres

arrow 2000: Dick Cheney elected Vice President of U.S.

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