Michigan Timeline History

Detroit, c. 1837, after a sketch by Frederick Grain

arrow Michigan Timeline History

arrow 1620: French Canadian explorers arrive in the upper-reaches of Michigan area

arrow 1668: French missionaries' Father's Dablon and Marquette, establish the first permanent European settlement near present-day Sault Sainte Marie

arrow 1679: The first French fort in the area is built

arrow 1701: Detroit is founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac sound like a nice moniker for a luxury automobile:

arrow 1760: The British capture Detroit, and the long years of French rule comes to an end

arrow 1763: The Indian siege to Detroit - lasting almost six months - is unsuccessful

arrow 1787: After the Revolutionary War, and the Treaty of Paris, Michigan was made a part of America. The British remained in the area for almost a decade, finally admitting defeat

arrow 1805: A massive fire destroys much of Detroit

arrow 1812-14: The British battled for, and took Detroit, during the War of 1812, only to see it lost in 1813

arrow 1819: After losing much of their homeland, Indians begin their mass-exodus to the south

arrow 1832: Ohio and Michigan settled their border dispute, and Ohio was granted the contested lands around Toledo, while Michigan received the entire Upper Peninsula

arrow 1837: Michigan joins the Union, and becomes the 26th state

arrow 1854: The modern Republican Party is organized in Jackson, Michigan

arrow 1855: Shipping commerce on the Great Lakes increased dramatically as the Soo Canal and Locks opened, linking Lake Superior with Lake Huron.

arrow 1899: Ransom E. Olds established the first: automobile factory in Detroit, and soon Michigan became the center of the automobile manufacturing world

arrow 1908: Henry Ford manufactures the first Model T, and he revolutionized the industry with his assembly line techniques. That same year, General Motors is founded.

arrow 1935: The United Automobile Worker's Union is formed

arrow 1942-44: The Detroit automobile industry produces a great percentage of the materials needed by American forces during World War II

arrow 1957: The Mackinac Bridge "Big Mac," opens for traffic

arrow 1959: Barry Gordy, Jr. creates Motown Records in Detroit, and the rest is musical history

arrow 1967: The Detroit riots destroy much of the inner city as racial tensions increase

arrow 1974: Gerald Ford, former Michigan congressman become U.S. President, following the resignation of Richard Nixon

arrow 1975: The Edmund Fitzgerald, a giant Great Lake's ore freighter, sinks in Lake Superior during an horrific storm, all aboard are lost

arrow 1980: The Republican National Convention is held in Detroit

arrow 1998: Chrysler Corporation merges with Daimler-Benz, the German auto company

arrow 2001: Detroit stages massive celebrations during its 300th anniversary

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