Tennessee Timeline History

Third Battle of Chattanooga, November 2325, 1863

arrow Tennessee Timeline History

arrow 1000 A.D.: The first native peoples arrive in the Smoky Mountain area. They would later become known as the Cherokee Indian Nation

arrow 1540: Spanish explorer Hernando De Sota comes ashore near present-day Memphis

arrow 1673: Explorers, James Needham and Gabriel Arthur, travel the Tennessee River Valley

arrow 1682: The land is officially claimed for France by Robert Cavelier, sieur de LaSalle

arrow 1750s-60s: England, France and Spain all fight for control of the land, but the British prevail

arrow 1763: After the Treaty of Paris, the British are granted all land east of the Mississippi by France

arrow 1769: Ignoring British control, settlers from the east begin to arrive

arrow 1779: Jonesboro becomes the first chartered town, and the oldest permanent settlement in the state

arrow 1780: Fort Nashborough zzzNashville: is founded

arrow 1796: The American Revolutionary War is over, skirmishes with local Indians are ending, and Tennessee finally becomes the 16th U.S. State

arrow 1809: Meriwether Lewis zzzof Lewis and Clark fame:, dies of a gunshot wound

arrow 1812: The strongest earthquake in U.S. history occurs. The Mississippi Rivers zzzflows backward:, subsequently forming the Reelfort Lake area

arrow 1812-14: The War of 1812 is fought, and Andrew Jackson is one of the heroes

arrow 1829: Andrew Jackson is elected President of the United States

arrow 1838: The Cherokee Indians were forced out of the state, and their journey to new lands in Oklahoma would be called the "Journey of Tears," as thousands zzzfrom many southern states: died along the way

arrow 1861: The Civil War begins, and next to Virginia, more of its bloody battles were fought on Tennessee soil, than in any other state

arrow 1865: The war ends, and Andrew Johnson becomes U.S. President

arrow 1887: Alvin York, a hero of World War I, is born

arrow 1925: John Scopes is convicted of teaching evolution during the infamous "Monkey Trial"

arrow 1933: The Tennessee Valley Authority zzzTVA: put thousands to work building dams

arrow 1939: The Grand Ole Opry broadcasts on radio

arrow 1942: The development of the first atomic bomb zzzcalled the Manhattan Project: begins at Oak Ridge

arrow 1963: Elvis Presley records "Heartbreak Hotel"

arrow 1968: Martin Luther King assassinated in Memphis

arrow 1976: Alex Haley wins the Pulitzer Prize for "Roots"

arrow 1977: Elvis Presley dies in Memphis

arrow 1982: The World's Fair held in Knoxville

arrow 1982: Graceland Mansion opens to public

arrow 1991: The National Civil Rights Museum opens in opens in Memphis

arrow 1996: Tennessee Bicentennial

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