?Arkansas Timeline History

arrow Arkansas Timeline History

arrow 1541: Spanish conqueror Hernando De Soto led first European expedition into Arkansas

arrow 1673: Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette, trader Louis Jolliet reached Quapaw villages of "Akansae" and "Kappa"

arrow 1682: Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle claimed Mississippi valley for King Louis XIV of France; La Salle's party built Fort Prud'homme

arrow 1686: Arkansas Post founded as first settlement on Mississippi River

arrow 1700: French Catholic missionaries arrived to convert local Natives

arrow 1721: Colonists abandoned Arkansas Post

arrow 1738: French began two year war against Chickasaw Indians

arrow 1762: France ceded Louisiana Territory to Spain

arrow 1803: U.S. purchased Louisiana Territory

arrow 1806: Louisiana Territory split, District of Arkansaw formed

arrow 1811: New Madrid earthquake struck, many left homeless

arrow 1812: Missouri Territory, including Arkansas, created by Congress

arrow 1817: First post office established at Davidsonville; Cherokee given land in northwest Arkansas; Fort Smith established

arrow 1818: Quapaw Indians ceded land between Red and Arkansas Rivers

arrow 1819: Territory of Arkansas created

arrow 1821: Territory capital moved from Arkansas Post to Little Rock

arrow 1822: First steamboat on Arkansas River reached Little Rock

arrow 1824: Quapaw Indians forced to cede lands south of Arkansas River

arrow 1826: Smallpox epidemic reached Arkansas

arrow 1836: Arkansas became twenty-fifth state

arrow 1859: Legislation signed freeing all slaves

arrow 1861: Arkansas seceded from Union; admitted to Confederate States of America

arrow 1862: Battles of Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove; Union victorious

arrow 1864: Teenaged Confederate soldier executed for spying; unionist convention abolished slavery, adopted new constitution

arrow 1866: Ex-Confederates gained control of legislature; laws passed denying blacks right to sit on juries, serve in militia or attend white public schools

arrow 1867: Congress passed Reconstruction Act, voided government of Arkansas and nine other southern states

arrow 1868: Arkansas re-admitted to Union; Ku Klux Klan violence led to martial law in most of state

arrow 1877: Hot Springs Reservation established

arrow 1887: Bauxite discovered southwest of Little Rock

arrow 1891: First "Jim Crow" law passed segregating blacks and whites on trains and trams

arrow 1904: First crop of rice grown

arrow 1906: Diamonds discovered near Murfreesboro

arrow 1915: General Assembly passed statewide prohibition of liquor sales; capitol building completed

arrow 1919: Race riot in Elaine

arrow 1920: Oil discovered near Smackover

arrow 1927: Over one-fifth of state flooded by Mississippi River

arrow 1932: Hattie Caraway became first woman elected to U. S. Senate

arrow 1942: Internment camps established for west coast Japanese-Americans

arrow 1957: School desegregation in Little Rock brought national attention to civil rights movement

arrow 1958: Little Rock high schools closed for academic year due to political and social controversy over desegregation

arrow 1967: Winthrop Rockefeller elected as first Republic governor since Reconstruction

arrow 1992: Bill Clinton elected 42nd President of U. S.

arrow 1996: Bill Clinton re-elected President of U. S.

arrow 2002: Bentonville-based Wal-Mart identified as world's largest corporation.

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