Kansas Timeline History

Quantrill's 1863 raid burned the town of Lawrence and killed 164 defenders

arrow Kansas Timeline History

arrow 1541: Explorers, searching for gold, claimed Kansas for Spain

arrow 1682: French explorer LaSalle claimed all of the Kansas territory for France

arrow 1803: U.S. acquired most of Kansas from France in the Louisiana Purchase

arrow 1822: Captain W. H. Becknell pioneered the Santa Fe Trail

arrow 1827: Fort Leavenworth established

arrow 1830s: Settlers arrived by the thousands

arrow 1854: Kansas Territory was organized

arrow 1855-1859: The Kansas-Nebraska Act caused bloody fighting over slavery; Kansas was called "Bloody Kansas."

arrow 1860: First railroad reached Kansas

arrow 1862: Kansas became a state

arrow 1867: The railroad arrived in Abilene, and the first cattle were driven up the Chisholm Trail

arrow 1887: Susanna Salter elected mayor of Argonia, Kansas; became the first woman mayor in the country

arrow 1894-1895: The state's oil and gas fields went into production

arrow 1930s: Severe dust storms destroyed acres and acres of crops

arrow 1951: Floods struck the state causing wide-spread damage

arrow 1952: Dwight David Eisenhower, Kansas' adopted favorite son, became U.S. President

arrow 1952: U.S. Supreme Court declared segregation in public school illegal, in the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education case of Topeka

arrow 1961: The world's largest wheat elevator was built in Hutchinson

arrow 1969: President Dwight David Eisenhower died

arrow 1976: Famed Kansas politician Bob Dole ran for Vice President

arrow 1978: Nancy Landon Kassebaum became the first women from Kansas elected U.S. Senator

arrow 1988: Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA Tourney

arrow 1996: Bob Dole Russell, Kansas: ran for President

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