Hawaii Timeline History

On January 16, 1893. 162 armed sailors and Marines aboard the USS Boston in Honolulu Harbor came ashore under orders of neutrality.

arrow Hawaii Timeline History

arrow 300 - 700: Polynesian settlers arrived from Marquesas

arrow 1627: Spanish sailors visited Hawaii

arrow 1778: British Captain, James Cook, discovered Hawaiian islands, named them Sandwich Islands

arrow 1779: Captain Cook killed at Kealakekua

arrow 1780's: Many Hawaiians killed by disease brought by European and U. S. trading ships

arrow 1782: King Kamehameha I gained control in northern Island of Hawaii; began conquest of other islands

arrow 1794: Hawaii placed under protectorate of Great Britain

arrow 1795: King Kamehameha I unified Hawaii

arrow 1813: Spanish advisor to King Kamehameha, Don Francisco de Paula y Marin, introduced coffee and pineapple to Hawaii

arrow 1815: Attempt by Russian soldiers to build fort failed

arrow 1819: King Kamehameha died; son Liholiho became Kemehameha II; he abolished local religion

arrow 1820: Christian missionaries arrived

arrow 1824: King Kamehameha II died in London

arrow 1825: Kauikeaouli ascended to throne as Kamehameha III

arrow 1826: U. S. and Hawaii entered into treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation

arrow 1829: First coffee planted in Kona

arrow 1831: Catholic missionaries forced to leave or be imprisoned

arrow 1835: First sugar plantation established in Koloa

arrow 1839: Roman Catholics received religious freedom

arrow 1840: Hawaii adopted first constitution

arrow 1842: First House of Representatives met

arrow 1843: Lord George Paulet seized Hawaii for England; Great Britain and France agreed Sandwich Islands would be an independent State

arrow 1846: Construction of Washington Place governor's residence: completed

arrow 1848: Kamehameha III divided land between King, nobility and commoners

arrow 1849: Invasion attempt by French Admiral Legoarant de Tromelin failed

arrow 1852: First steam-propelled ship used for inter-island service; first Chinese contract workers arrived

arrow 1853: Smallpox epidemic killed over 5,000

arrow 1854: Kamehameha III died; Alexander Liholiho assumed throne as Kamehameha IV

arrow 1863: Kamehameha IV died; Prince Lot Kapuaiwa assumed throne as Kamehameha V

arrow 1864: Samuel Clemens Mark Twain: sailed into Honolulu Harbor

arrow 1868: First Japanese contract workers arrived

arrow 1872: King Kamehameha V died

arrow 1873: William Lunalilo elected King

arrow 1874: Supreme Court of Hawaii moved to Ali'iolani; King Lunalilo died; David Kalakuau became King

arrow 1878: First telephone operated; Portuguese arrived from Azores

arrow 1879: First locomotive operated on Maui

arrow 1881: Macadamia nuts introduced to Hawaii

arrow 1885: First pineapples were planted

arrow 1886: Electricity arrived

arrow 1891: King Kalakaua died; Lydia Kamaka'eha became Queen Lili'uokalani

arrow 1893: Monarchy overthrown by government ministers, planters and businessmen

arrow 1894: Republic of Hawaii established

arrow 1900: Great Chinatown Fire occurred, over $1,400,000 in losses, 7,000 homeless; first workers arrived from Puerto Rico and Okinawa; Hawaii established as U. S. Territory

arrow 1901: James Drummond Dole planted first pineapples, established Hawaiian Pineapple Company

arrow 1910: First airplane flight in Hawaii occurred

arrow 1920: Hawaii National Park established by Act of Congress

arrow 1924: Labor riots at Hanapepe, Kauai killed 16 workers and 4 police

arrow 1927: "Outdoor Circle" organization established, banned billboard advertising

arrow 1934: President Roosevelt visited Hawaii

arrow 1935: First trans-Pacific flight from San Francisco to Hawaii took 21 1/2 hours

arrow 1941: Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor

arrow 1946: Great tsunami struck Hilo, killed over 100, caused $25 million in damages; 33 sugar plantations were struck by 28,000 workers

arrow 1947: Pineapples workers conducted first strike

arrow 1950: Eruption of Mauna Loa destroyed village of Ho'okena mauka

arrow 1959: Hawaii became 50th U. S. state

arrow 1969: Television series "Hawaii Five-Oh' began

arrow 1974: Workers on sugar and pineapple plantations went on strike

arrow 1982: Hurricane Iwa caused $312 million in damages; destroyed parts of Kauai and Oahu

arrow 1990: Kilauea erupted; destroyed Kalapana

arrow 1991: Miss Hawaii, Carolyn Sapp, became first Miss America from Hawaii

arrow 1992: Hurricane Iniki struck Kauai; killed four, caused $2 billion in damages

arrow 1995: Last sugar plantation on Island of Hawaii closed

arrow 2000: U. S. Supreme Court declared restricting voting in Office of Hawaiian Affairs to native Hawaiians violated 15th Amendment

arrow 2001: U. S. submarine, Japanese trawler collided, nine killed; two Army helicopters crashed, six killed

arrow 2005: Michelle Wie finished fourth on professional debut, disqualified

arrow 2006: Earthquake knocked out power and toppled rock walls; pacific states held tsunami test

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