Maine Timeline History

Loggers at Russell Camp, Aroostook County, ca. 1900

arrow Maine Timeline History

arrow 1000 A.D.: Viking Norse: explorers are thought to have landed on the coast

arrow 1498: John Cabot explorers the coast of Maine

arrow 1604: Pierre du Guast of France lands at Dochet Island, and founded St. Croix settlement; later moving on to Nova Scotia due to a harsh winter

arrow 1607: Popham Colony, an English settlement, is built. It lasts less than six months after a difficult winter

arrow 1614: British Captain John Smith visits the area

arrow 1622: Monhegan, Maine's first permanent European settlement, is established. The entire territory is granted to John Mason and others

arrow 1652: Maine comes under the control of Massachusetts

arrow 1760: After many years of battles during French and Indian War, a treaty with the Indians is finally reached

arrow 1775: Residents attack and capture a British ship, and it's now called the "First Naval Battle of the American Revolution."

arrow 1812: Bangor captured and significant parts of Maine seized by the British

arrow 1820: Maine becomes the 23rd state

arrow 1842: The Webster-Ashburton Treaty successfully decides the official border between the state, and the neighboring country of Canada

arrow 1851: Harriet Beecher Stowe writes Uncle Tom's Cabin in Brunswich. State takes an active anti-slavery stand.

arrow 1866: Devastating fire in Portland.

arrow 1941: President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, visit Rockland

arrow 1948: Margaret Chase Smith becomes the first Republican woman elected to the U.S. Senate

arrow 1961: The USS Abraham Lincoln, the first Polaris submarine, is launched at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

arrow 1979: State Senator, Edmund Muskie, becomes U.S. Secretary of State

arrow 1980: To settle the long dispute over land, the U.S. pays over 80 million dollars to the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Indians

arrow 1997: State Senator, William Cohen, becomes U.S. Secretary of Defense

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