Georgia Timeline History

Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

arrow Georgia Timeline History

arrow 1540: Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto explores the area.

arrow 1565: Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez established numerous forts and missions

arrow 1670s: Pirates plague the settlements along the Georgia coastline

arrow 1716: Blackbeard, the pirate, headquarters on an offshore island

arrow 1732: King George II charters, and declares, Georgia the 13th colony

arrow 1733: James Oglethorpe establishes Georgia as the thirteenth colony based on the charter from King George II

arrow 1736: James Oglethorpe and a large group of colonists founded the city of Savannah

arrow 1788: British stage a surprise attack during the Revolutionary War, and capture Savannah arrow arrow (1792) Eli Whitney invented cotton gin at Mulberry Grove Plantation in Georgia

arrow (1795) Yazoo Land Fraud took place; treaty between Spain and U. S. settled border between Georgia and Spanish territory of Florida

arrow (1799) First state seal adopted

arrow (1807) State capital moved to Milledgeville; boundary between Georgia and North Carolina established

arrow (1811) Fight between sailors in Savannah caused three days of riots

arrow (1812) War of 1812 began

arrow (1815) British burned fort at Point Peter in final battle of War of 1812

arrow (1817) First Seminole War began; Indians raided white settlements

arrow (1818) First Seminole War ended

arrow (1819) Steamship SS Savannah sailed from Savannah to Liverpool, England, first steamship to cross Atlantic

arrow (1820) Fire in Savannah destroyed 463 buildings; most residents homeless

arrow (1824) Hurricane hit St. Simons Island; 83 killed

arrow (1827) All Creek Indian lands ceded to Georgia

arrow (1828) Gold discovered; gold rush began

arrow (1835) Seminole Indians ambushed U. S. troops, killed 105; start of Second Seminole War

arrow (1836) Seminoles massacred Major Frances Dade and troops of 103 men

arrow (1837) Seminole Chief, Osceola, taken prisoner

arrow (1838) Cherokees and Creek Indians forced out of Georgia (Trail of Tears); Seminole Chief, Osceola, dies

arrow (1842) Dr. Crawford Long became first person to use anesthesia during surgery

arrow (1861) Civil War began; Savannah volunteer militia captured Fort Pulaski; Ordinance of Secession was adopted; Georgia ratified Confederate Constitution; Georgia took possession of U. S. mint at Dahlonega; President Lincoln orders blockade of Southern ports

arrow (1862) Union forces captured Fort Pulaski; Union raiders stole locomotive to (unsuccessfully) destroy bridges and tracks between Atlanta and Chattanooga (Great Locomotive Chase); Atlanta became Confederate military post

arrow (1863) President Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation; Confederates won at Battle of Chickamauga, over 18,000 killed

arrow (1864) Many Civil War battles occurred in Georgia; William T. Sherman led armies through Georgia to Savannah (March to the Sea); left Atlanta in flames

arrow (1865) Civil War ended

arrow (1868) Atlanta became capital

arrow (1870) Fifteenth Amendment ratified; Georgia readmitted to Union

arrow (1879) Official flag created

arrow (1881) Hurricane struck coast, killed 700, many homeless

arrow (1888) Coca-Cola first goes on sale at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta

arrow (1891) Jim Crow laws enacted

arrow (1893) Hurricane struck southern coast of Georgia, 2,000 dead, more than 30,000 homeless; public hangings abolished

arrow (1903) Tornado hit Gainesville and New Holland, 106 dead; earthquake struck Tybee Island/Savannah

arrow (1906) Atlanta Race Riot continued for two days; 26 killed, many wounded

arrow (1912) White residents of Forsyth County drove black population out; Girl Scouts founded in Savannah

arrow (1916) Fire in downtown Augusta destroyed 32 city blocks, 600 homes and six blocks of businesses burned, over 3,000 homeless

arrow (1918) Spanish flu struck; thousands died

arrow (1921) Boll weevils reduced cotton crop to half

arrow (1924) Delta Airlines starts as crop dusting company

arrow (1934) Masters Golf Tournament began at Augusta National Golf Club

arrow (1936) Tornado in Cordele killed 23, destroyed 289 buildings; tornado in Gainesville killed 187 people, left 200 homeless; Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind published; Ty Cobb inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame

arrow (1942) German submarine sunk ship and oil tanker in torpedo attack off St. Simon's Island; gas rationing went into effect

arrow (1944) Dr. Alfred Blalock performed first blue baby operation; 47 railroad workers died in train derailment in Stockton; artist Harry Rossoll developed idea and image of Smokey Bear

arrow (1958) Dynamite explosion destroyed interior of Atlanta Jewish Temple

arrow (1959) Segregated seating on Atlanta city buses ruled unconstitutional

arrow (1960) Civil rights movement began, 200 students staged sit-ins in Atlanta; Martin Luther King, Jr. and others arrested in sit-in demonstration in Atlanta; Georgian Joanne Woodward first person honored with star in Hollywood Walk of Fame

arrow (1961) University of Georgia became integrated; Atlanta's public schools were integrated; civil rights protests took place in Albany

arrow (1962) Civil rights protests took place in Albany, churches burned in Macon and Albany

arrow (1964) Civil Rights Act passed; first person prosecuted under act was future Georgia governor, Lestor Maddox; Martin Luther King, Jr. awarded Nobel Peace Prize; Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta

arrow (1965) Atlanta awarded franchise by the NFL

arrow (1967) Otis Redding (Georgian) killed in plane crash

arrow (1968) Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated; funeral held in Atlanta; riots occurred in Albany, Fort Valley, Macon and Savannah

arrow (1970) Jimmy Carter elected governor; riots occurred in Augusta, six killed, over 60 wounded

arrow (1971) Civil rights protest in Columbus, 19 buildings burned, state of emergency declared

arrow (1973) Escapees from Maryland prison murdered six members of Alday family in Donalsonville

arrow (1974) Hank Aaron broke baseball home run record; tornadoes in northwest Georgia killed 16, injured 109; Atlanta Constitution editor, Reg Murphy kidnapped and held for ransom, paper paid ransom, Murphy released

arrow (1976) Jimmy Carter elected U. S. president

arrow (1980) Jimmy Carter defeated by Ronald Reagan; over 1000 prison inmates at Georgia State Prison refused to work, pled for more rights and better living conditions; strike by bus drivers forced closing of Fulton County's public schools

arrow (1982) New state constitution approved; Georgia based Weather Channel began broadcasting; Hank Aaron inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame; City of Kennesaw passed law requiring households to keep firearm and ammunition

arrow (1987) Over 20,000 civil rights demonstrators marched in Cumming

arrow (1992) State lottery legalized; Georgia Dome opened

arrow (1995) Atlanta Braves won World Series

arrow (1996) Olympic Summer Games held in Georgia; bomb set off in Centennial Olympic Park, one killed, over 100 injured; first Olympic games with tickets sold over internet

arrow (1997) Ted Turner made largest recorded donation in history with $1 billion to U.N.Charities; Omni Arena and Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium imploded; Tiger Woods became first African-American and youngest player ever to win the Masters Golf Tournament

arrow (2002) Jimmy Carter awarded Nobel Peace Prize

arrow (2004) G-8 Summit held on Sea Island

arrow (2005) Judge and court reporter shot and killed in Atlanta courtroom; announcement of plans to close four Georgia military bases; statewide ban on smoking in public buildings instituted

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