New Hampshire Timeline History

Site of first house in New Hampshire, present mansion constructed in 1750, by Gov. W. B. Wentworth, New York Public Library

arrow New Hampshire Timeline History

arrow 1603: Martin Pring ventures into the area

arrow 1614: English Captain John Smith lands on the Isle of Shoals, just off the Atlantic Ocean coastline

arrow 1623: Dover and Portsmouth founded

arrow 1641: New Hampshire becomes part of Massachusetts rule

arrow 1679: New Hampshire becomes a Royal colony

arrow 1776: New Hampshire forms an independent provisional government, and is the first colony to declare independence from England

arrow 1788: It becomes the ninth U.S. State after ratifying the new U.S. Constitution

arrow 1812: The state - with over 35,000 in service - participates in the War of 1812

arrow 1840: The Webster-Ashburton Treaty decides the official border between the state, and the neighboring country of Canada

arrow 1853: Native son Franklin Pierce becomes U.S. President

arrow 1865: New Hampshire's 18th Regiment led Union troops into Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War

arrow 1905: The Treaty of Portsmouth - signifying the conclusion of the Russo-Japanese War - was signed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, On September 5th

arrow 1961: Alan Shepard native son: becomes first American in space

arrow 1964: The lottery begins; the first state lottery since 1894

arrow 1986: The space shuttle Challenger explodes; Christa McAuliffe, a New Hampshire school teacher, among others, is killed

arrow 2003: The Old Man of the Mountain collapses

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