Vermont Timeline History

Painting depicting the Battle of Queenston Heights the unsuccessful American landing on October 13, 1812.

arrow Vermont Timeline History

arrow 1609: Samuel de Champlain claims the Vermont area for France

arrow 1690: English build fort at Chimney Point

arrow 1724: Fort Drummer becomes the first permanent settlement in Vermont

arrow 1764: By decree of King George III, Vermont's land is now part of New York

arrow 1770s: Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys defend the land

arrow 1775: Fort Ticonderoga is captured by Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen, and a small band of men

arrow 1777: The Battle of Hubbardton is fought, and is the only battle of the Revolutionary War fought in Vermont

arrow 1777: Vermont declares its independence from Britain, and prohibits slavery within its borders

arrow 1791: Vermont becomes the 14th U.S. State

arrow 1814: During the War of 1812, the U.S. gains control of Lake Champlain, stopping the British invasion

arrow 1848: Vermont's first train begins operations

arrow 1850: Vermont nullifies the U.S. Fugitive Slave Law

arrow 1864: During the Civil War, Confederates attack St. Albans

arrow 1881: Chester A. Arthur - Vermont native - becomes U.S. President

arrow 1923: Calvin Coolidge - another Vermont native - becomes U.S. President after the death of President Warren G. Harding

arrow 1934: The first ski tow in the U.S. is constructed in Woodstock

arrow 1940s: Ski venues are established in northern Vermont, and chair lifts begin operation

arrow 1985: Madeleine M. Kunin becomes Vermont's first woman governor

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