North Dakota Timeline History

Parade at the 1889 Constitutional Convention held in Bismarck.

arrow North Dakota Timeline History

arrow 1610: Henry Hudson claimed Hudson Bay watershed for England, including eastern North Dakota

arrow 1682: LaSalle claimed Mississippi River drainage, including Missouri River drainage in North Dakota for France

arrow 1713: France gives England northern North Dakota

arrow 1738: French explorer, Pierre Gaultier de la Verendyre, visited Mandan villages

arrow 1762: Land claimed by LaSalle for France given to Spain

arrow 1794: Rene Jusseaume established fur post near Knife River

arrow 1797: English explorer, David Thompson, mapped northern part of state

arrow 1801: First white settlement established in Pembina

arrow 1803: Spain returned Missouri River watershed to France; Louisiana Purchase transferred area from France to United States

arrow 1804: Lewis and Clark arrived, built Fort Mandan

arrow 1806: Lewis and Clark expedition arrived at Fort Mandan on return to east

arrow 1812: William Douglas established a Scottish settlement near Pembina

arrow 1818: North Dakota became part of Missouri Territory

arrow1828: American Fur Company opened Fort Union, remained the most important trading post in the area for 40 years

arrow 1837: Smallpox epidomic annihilated Mandan Indians

arrow 1851: Permanent agricultural settlement established at Pembina

arrow 1860: Regular steamboat service began on Missouri River

arrow 1861: Dakota Territory officially organized; William Jayne appointed first governor

arrow 1863: Dakota Territory opened for homesteading

arrow 1867: Fort Totten Indian Reservation established

arrow 1868: Laramie Treaty defined Sioux lands as west of Missouri River in Dakota Territory; Joseph Rolette was first homesteader

arrow 1870: Fort Berthold Indian Reservation established

arrow 1874: Col. George A. Custer explored Black Hills, verified existence of gold

arrow 1875: U. S. War Department allowed white settlement on Indian lands causing major uprising

arrow 1876: Custer defeated at Little Big Horn River

arrow 1878: Ranching began in western Dakota Territory

arrow 1879: Great Dakota land boom began

arrow 1882: Last Indian buffalo hunt occurred; fire destroyed much of Grand Forks

arrow 1883: Territorial capital moved to Bismarck from Yankton

arrow 1884: Fire destroyed half of city of Devils Lake

arrow 1886: Severe winter ended open range ranching

arrow 1889: North Dakota became 39th state

arrow 1890: Sitting Bull killed

arrow 1893: Fire destroyed business section of Fargo

arrow 1898: Fire destroyed Bismarck business section

arrow 1901: Ranch operator, Theodore Roosevelt, became president of U. S.

arrow 1911: State flag designated

arrow 1915: Wheat crop largest to date

arrow 1918: Influenza epidemic killed 2,700

arrow 1919: Windstorm killed 8, injured 40; first airplane fatality occurred

arrow 1921: Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture and Labor recalled by voters

arrow 1922: First motor vehicle bridge across Missouri River established at Bismarck

arrow 1929: Severe drought began, lasted nearly eight years

arrow 1930: Severe windstore damaged 1,847 buildings

arrow 1932: Prohibition agents made biggest raid west of Chicago at Jamestown

arrow 1936: Highest and lowest temperatures recorded, 60 degrees below zero at Parshall and 120 degrees above at Steele; drought devastated crops

arrow 1938: First hard-surfaced highway completed across state

arrow 1941: Red River Valley blizzard killed 90

arrow 1951: Oil discovered near Tioga; voter registration repealed

arrow 1953: Bones of Sitting Bull stolen from grave at Fort Yates, reburied near Mobridge, South Dakota

arrow 1956: Construction began at Grand Forks Air Force Base; Garrison Dam began generating electricity

arrow 1957: Construction began at Minot Air Force Base

arrow 1960: Garrison Dam completed; Lake Sakakawea formed

arrow 1961: Roger Maris of Fargo broke Babe Ruth's home run record

arrow 1963: Uranium recovery began; Minuteman Missiles arrived at Grand Forks and Minot Air Force bases

arrow 1965: North Dakota's first Minuteman Missile installed in underground site

arrow 1966: Worst blizzard in state history occurred

arrow 1968: First recorded earthquake in state recorded near Ashley

arrow 1969: Minot hit by flood; 126 Minot teachers dismissed during strike

arrow 1973: Sales taxes on groceries repealed

arrow 1975: Blizzard killed 12 residents, countless cattle; resulting floods caused $1 billion in damages; North Dakota only state to ratify ERA

arrow 1978: Oil boom began in western part of state; sunflowers became second largest cash crop; 23 counties eligible for disaster assistance due to spring flooding

arrow 1984: Ruth Meiers became first woman Lieutenant Governor

arrow 1985: State's first ethanol plant built at Walhalla; Beryl Levine became first woman Justice of North Dakota Supreme Court

arrow 1987: 10,000 people evacuated homes in Minot due to fire at agricultural chemical warehouse

arrow 1988: Severe drought destroyed acres of wheat

arrow 1997: Red River flooding devastated Grand Forks

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