Indiana Timeline History

Clark's march to Vincennes, by F. C. Yohn

arrow Indiana Timeline History

arrow 700 A.D. - 1200 A.D.: Mound Builders arrowIndians: live on the Ohio River near Evansville

arrow 1614-1671: Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec, is the first of many French explorers to reach the area, most claiming the land for France

arrow 1728-32: The French establish Vincennes on the Wabash River, and it becomes the first European settlement in the area

arrow 1752: A smallpox outbreak devastates the local Indian population

arrow 1763: After a decisive victory in the French and Indian War, the British now control the land

arrow 1778: During the American Revolutionary War, George Rogers Clark, with a small band of men, capture the British fort at Vincennes

arrow 1779: The British surrender Fort Sackville

arrow 1783: A far-reaching treaty signed in Paris gives the entire area to the United States

arrow 1800: Indiana Territory established, and Vincennes was made capital city

arrow 1811: After minor uprisings, the Indian Chief Tecumseh and his forces were decisively defeated in the Battle of Tippecanoe

arrow 1814: The War of 1812 ends, and a broad-based treaty with the remaining Indians is reached

arrow 1816: Indiana becomes the 19th U.S. State

arrow 1816: Abraham Lincoln moves to Indiana with his family

arrow 1825: The state's capital is relocated to Indianapolis

arrow 1842: The University of Notre Dame is founded in South Bend

arrow 1889: Standard Oil Company build a huge oil refinery in Whiting, on the shores of Lake Michigan

arrow 1906: The city of Gary is created by U.S. Steel Corporation's new plant

arrow 1911: The inaugural running of the Indianapolis 500 occurs

arrow 1937: The Ohio Rivers flooding severely damages southern Indiana

arrow 1956: After years of construction, the Northern Indiana Tool Road is finished

arrow 1963: The Studebaker Automobile Corporation ends its auto production in their South Bend plant

arrow 1988: J. Danford "Dan" Quale, Indiana's junior senator, is elected U.S. Vice President

arrow (1998) Explosion at Southern Energy Co. in Hammond killed 16

arrow (1999) Lilly Endowment Inc. presented $50 million grant to Hispanic Scholarship Fund

arrow (2001) Cicero's town president, nine others, charged with stealing $10 million in taxpayer monies; Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, executed at Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute

arrow (2003) Governor Frank O'Bannon suffered massive stroke, died

arrow (2004) Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning broke Dan Marino's pass record

arrow (2005) Measles outbreak among school children; tornado struck Evansville, 22 killed, 200 injured

arrow (2007) Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl XLI

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