Ohio Timeline History

Pinkerton guards escort strikebreakers in Buchtel, Ohio, 1884

arrow Ohio Timeline History

arrow 1669-70: The French emissary La Salle surveyed the area and claimed the entire region for France

arrow 1740s: George Crogham, a merchant, helped control the vast British land claims within the area

arrow 1748: The Ohio Company is formed by several wealthy Virginians, including George Washington. Its purpose was to potentially buy land from the British, and sell it to settlers

arrow 1763: The French abandoned all claims to the area, and the British took control

arrow 1787: After the Revolutionary War, and the Treaty of Paris, Ohio was made a part of America's Northwest Territory

arrow 1788-89: Hordes of settlers from the east made their way down the Ohio River, and new settlements were established

arrow 1795: The remaining Indians in Ohio gave up most of their lands after agreeing to the terms of the Treaty of Green Ville

arrow 1803: Ohio becomes the 17th state; the first state west of the Allegheny Mountains

arrow 1812-14: Many battles fought in the War of 1812, were fought in Ohio

arrow 1813: In the Battle of Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie, the British were defeated by the forces of Commodore Oliver H. Perry

arrow 1832: Ohio and Lake Erie Canal finally opens

arrow 1835: Ohio and Michigan settled their border dispute, and Ohio was granted the contested lands around Toledo

arrow 1847: Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb, and many other devices that changed the world, was born in Milan, Ohio

arrow 1850s: The Underground Railroad, in an effort to assist southern slaves, was very, very active in Ohio

arrow 1869: Ulysses S. Grant is elected, and becomes the first U.S. President born in Ohio

arrow 1869: The Cincinnati Red Stockings become the first professional baseball team

arrow 1870: John D. Rockerfeller founded the Standard Oil Company in Cleveland, and helped turn Ohio into a true industrial powerhouse

arrow 1879: The National Cash Register Company founded in Dayton

arrow 1903: Orville Wright zzzborn in Ohio:, and his brother Wilbur, begin building airplanes in Dayton

arrow 1937: Furious floods along the Ohio River cause havoc

arrow 1955: The Ohio Turnpike opens, and connects eastward with the Pennsylvania Turnpike

arrow 1969: Neil Armstrong zzzborn in Ohio: becomes the first man to set foot on the moon

arrow 1970: While protesting the Vietnam War, four college students were killed at Kent State

arrow 1971: John Glenn zzzformer astronaut: is elected U.S. Senator

arrow 1995: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland

arrow 2002: Ohio State beats the University of Miami, 31-24, in the Fiesta Bowl

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