Iowa Timeline History

Steamboat in Iowa City, 1868

arrow Iowa Timeline History

arrow 1673: French explorers, Jolliet and Marquette explored the area for the King of France

arrow 1682: LaSalle explored Mississippi River, claimed the river and land for King of France

arrow 1762: King of France transferred claim to the land to the King of Spain during Seven Years' War

arrow 1788: Julien Dubuque became first white settler in Iowa

arrow 1800: Spain transferred land back to France during Napoleonic Wars in Europe

arrow 1803: United States acquired Iowa in Louisiana Purchase

arrow 1804: Lewis and Clark expedition arrived; only death on the expedition occurred

arrow 1808: U.S. Army built Fort Madison

arrow 1811: New Madrid fault caused earthquakes in central Iowa

arrow 1813: Troops abandoned and burned Fort Madison

arrow 1820: Missouri Compromise made Iowa non-slave territory

arrow 1832: Black Hawk War ended; Sauk tribe forced to cede land west of Mississippi River

arrow 1833: Iowa Territory opened for settlement

arrow 1834: Patrick O'Connor first person hung in Iowa

arrow 1846: Nearly 20,000 Mormons crossed Iowa; Iowa admitted to Union as 29th state

arrow 1847: Dutch immigrants arrived at Pella

arrow 1856: First train from Chicago arrived Iowa City; band of Sioux indians massacred settlers at Spirit Lake

arrow 1857: State capital moved to Des Moines from Iowa City

arrow 1858: First legislative session held in Des Moines

arrow 1867: Grasshopper invasion occurred, crops damaged; first railroad completed through Iowa

arrow 1890: Huge meteor struck ground 11 miles northwest of Forest City

arrow 1893: Pomeroy tornado struck Calhoun County, destroyed 80% of homes, killed 71 and injured 200

arrow 1901: Record temperature of 113 degrees set in Sigourney

arrow 1907: Last lynching occurred

arrow 1909: Earthquake felt in eastern Iowa

arrow 1912: Record low temperature of -47 degrees set in Washta

arrow 1913: Keokuk Dam completed; Martin Block Coal Co. produced largest single piece of coal - 2,445 pounds

arrow 1916: Prohobition closed Iowa breweries

arrow 1920: Devil's Backbone designated Iowa's first state park

arrow 1928: Herbert Hoover elected president of U.S.

arrow 1935: First Heisman Trophy presented to Iowan, Jay Berwanger

arrow 1940: Henry Agard Wallace elected vice president of U.S.

arrow 1942: Five Sullivan brothers killed in World War II

arrow 1949: Effigy Mounds National Monument designated

arrow 1954: Governor William S. Beardsley killed in automobile accident

arrow 1965: Herbert Hoover National Historic Site established

arrow 1983: Last Maytag wringer washer produced

arrow 1991: Riverboat gambling legalized

arrow 1993: Flooding caused more than $2 billion in damages

arrow 1998: Derecho in Washington, Iowa caused wind gusts of 123 mph

arrow 1999: New state slogan "Fields of Opportunites" selected

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