South Carolina Timeline History

A cotton farmer and his children pose before taking their crop to a cotton gin, ca. 1870

arrow South Carolina Timeline History

arrow 1526: The settlement of San Miguel de Guadalupe is founded near Winyah Bay

arrow 1652: Parris Island founded as the first protestant settlement in America

arrow 1663: King Charles II of England grants Carolina lands to loyal friends

arrow 1670: Charles Town is renamed Charleston, and moved to its present-day location

arrow 1670: Slaves begin arriving, and plantations begin to flourish

arrow 1712: Separate governors appointed for North and South Carolina

arrow 1715: Indians begin the Yamassee War

arrow 1761: Cherokee Indians finally surrender

arrow 1770s: South Carolina suffers through almost 140 Revolutionary War battles, most without assistance from any other colony

arrow 1780: Battle of King's Mountain success stops the British war plans

arrow 1782: British forces withdraw from Charleston

arrow 1788: South Carolina becomes the 8th U.S. State

arrow 1790: The capital is moved to Columbia, for mostly economic reasons

arrow 1860: High tariffs, and the pressing economic need for slave labor, both contributed to South Carolina becoming the first state to secede from the Union

arrow 1861: The Union stronghold at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor was attacked by the Confederates, and the Civil War began

arrow 1865: General Sherman and his Union troops burn Columbia

arrow 1868: South Carolina rejoins the Union

arrow 1895: A new constitution deprives the state's blacks of the right to vote

arrow 1921: Boil weevils destroy most of the cotton crop

arrow 1940s: Port of Charleston develops into a significant port

arrow 1953: Nuclear materials are first produced at the Savannah River Plant

arrow 1963: Statewide integration of schools begins

arrow 1989: Hurricane Hugo zzza category 4 storm: slams into South Carolina. Numerous historic buildings in Charleston severely damaged. Total losses estimated at $2.8 billion

arrow 1995: Confederate submarine, the H. L. Hunley, found in the waters off Sullivan's Island

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