Wisconsin Timeline History

Jean Nicolet's 1634 landing in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Timeline History

(1634) French explorer Jean Nicolet arrives in the Green Bay area

arrow 1650s: Fur trading industry begins

arrow 1673: Explorers Louis Jolliet and Fr. Jacques Marquette discover the upper Mississippi River

arrow 1763: Control of the Wisconsin area is transferred to England after the French and Indian War

arrow 1776: Green Bay settlement established by Augustin Monet de Langlade

arrow 1783: With the Treaty of Paris the overall area is given to the U.S., but the British continue to claim it until after the War of 1812

arrow 1822: Lead mining begins in southwestern Wisconsin

arrow 1836: Madison selected as territorial capital

arrow 1848: Wisconsin becomes 30th U.S. State

arrow 1854: Republican Party is founded in Ripon

arrow 1871: Severe forest fire devastates Peshtigo area, over 1,200 die

arrow 1901: Robert LaFollette becomes the first native governor

arrow 1932: Wisconsin passes the first unemployment compensation legislation

arrow 1953: Baseball Braves move to Milwaukee, win World Series in 1957

arrow 1959: St Lawrence Seaway opens, provided access to the world for shipping ports on the Great Lakes

arrow 1967: Green Bay Packers win first Super Bowl. Win again in 1968

arrow 1980: Eric Heiden of Madison wins five Olympic Gold Medals in ice skating competition

arrow 1998: Tammy Baldwin becomes the first women from Wisconsin elected to the U.S. Congress

arrow 2001: Governor Tommy Thompson assumes the office of U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services in the George W. Bush Administration

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