Idaho Timeline History

All female survey crew - Minidoka Project, Idaho 1918

arrow Idaho Timeline History

arrow 1743: Pierre De la Verendyre discovered Rocky Mountains

arrow 1803: The Louisiana Territory was purchased by the U. S. from France

arrow 1805: Captains Lewis and Clark discovered Idaho at Lemhi Pass

arrow 1809: Britain opened first trading post; Kullyspell House was built

arrow 1810: Fort Henry, the first American trading post established

arrow 1811: Pacific Fur company expedition explored Snake River Valley; discovered Boise Valley

arrow 1820: Treaty between Spain and U. S. established southern boundary of Idaho at 42nd parallel

arrow 1823: Battle fought in Lemhi Valley between Snake River explorers and Piegan Indians

arrow 1824: U. S. received Northwest Territory from Russia in treaty

arrow 1832: First crossing of Rocky Mountains in covered wagons; battle of Pierre's Hole between fur trappers and Grosventre Indians

arrow 1843: Oregon Trail established in Idaho

arrow 1852: Gold discovered on the Pend Oreille River

arrow 1854: Twenty-one immigrants massacred in Boise Valley by Snake River Indians

arrow 1863: Idaho Territory organized; Bear River Massacre, the West's largest slaughter of Indians, occurred

arrow 1865: Boise became capital of Idaho

arrow 1877: Nez Perce Indian Wars took place

arrow 1878: Bannock Indian Wars were fought

arrow 1880: Lead and silver lodes were discovered in Wood River area

arrow 1890: Idaho became 43rd state on July 3; first session of Idaho legislature met

arrow 1897: Bitterroot Forest Reserve was established to protect bison

arrow 1906: Largest sawmill in U. S. began operations at Potlatch

arrow 1910: Forest fires consumed one-sixth of Idaho's forests, destroyed many communities

arrow 1915: Arrowrock Dam completed

arrow 1917: Statewide prohibition went into effect

arrow 1924: Craters of the Moon National Monument established; Black Canyon Dam completed

arrow 1931: State income tax law adopted

arrow 1934: Idaho became number one in U.S. in silver production

arrow 1935: Statewide prohibition repealed

arrow 1942 Japanese-Americans placed in internment camps at Hunt

arrow 1949: National Reactor Testing Station near Arco established

arrow 1955: Arco, Idaho, became first town lit by atomic power

arrow 1960: Seven-month strike by miners at Bunker Hill Mine; forest fires in Hells Canyon and Idaho City area

arrow 1961: Ernest Hemingway died in Ketchum

arrow 1972: Sunshine Mine fire in Kellogg killed 91

arrow 1976: Teton Dam collapsed, killing 11 and forced over 300,000 to evacuate

arrow 1980: Northern Idaho covered with layer of volcanic ash from eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington; 18 hour riot at Idaho State Prison caused $2 million in damages

arrow 1983: Earthquake in Lost River Valley killed two and caused millions of dollars in damage

arrow 1985: Grasshopper infestation destroyed great areas of farmlands

arrow 1989: Forest fires burned thousands of acres in south central Idaho; Idaho lottery began

arrow 1991: Kirby Dam collapsed, electrical power cut off to residents, arsenic, mercury, cadmium dumped into Boise River

arrow 1992: Fire caused $3.2 million in damages to State Capitol; worst forest fire season in Idaho's history

arrow 1994: Wildfires burned approximately 750,000 acres; Picabo Streeet won Olympic silver medal in downhill skiing

arrow 1995: Picabo Street became first American to win World Cup downhill title

arrow 1996: Northern Idaho hit with major floods

arrow 1997: New Year's day floods occured in southwest Idaho

arrow 2000: 559,183 acres burned in forest fires

arrow 2001: 24 counties declared drought disaster areas

arrow 2003: Longest legislative session in history lasted 118 days

arrow 2005: Nez Perce water agreement ratified, tribe received annual rights to 50,000 acre-feet water from Clearwater River and $80 million cash.

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