Louisiana Timeline History

French Acadians, who came to be known as Cajuns, settled the swamps of southern Louisiana, especially in the Atchafalaya Basin.

arrow Louisiana Timeline History

arrow 1519: Spanish explorer Alonso de Pineda reached the mouth of Mississippi River

arrow 1541-42: Hernando de Soto explored region, discovered Mississippi River

arrow 1682: Robert Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle, claimed Mississippi watershed for France; named area for King Louis XIV

arrow 1714: Juchereau de St. Denis founded first permanent settlement in Louisiana

arrow 1718: Jean Baptiste le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, founded New Orleans

arrow 1719: Black slaves imported into Louisiana

arrow 1722: Hurricane destroyed most of New Orleans

arrow 1723: New Orleans became capital of Louisiana

arrow 1729: Natchez Indians massacred 250 settlers at Fort Rosalie

arrow 1762: King Louis XV gave Charles II of Spain all land west of Mississippi

arrow 1768: Louisiana colonists of Louisiana rebelled against Spanish rule

arrow 1769: Spain regained control of Louisiana

arrow 1788: Most of New Orleans destroyed by fire

arrow 1800: Spain ceded Louisiana back to France

arrow 1803: U. S. purchased Louisiana Territory

arrow 1812: Louisiana became 18th state

arrow 1815: British defeated by Andrew Jackson in Battle of New Orleans

arrow 1832: Yellow fever and choloera epidemic killed more than 5,000 in New Orleans

arrow 1837: New Orleans held first Mardi Gras parade

arrow 1849: Baton Rouge became capital of Louisiana

arrow 1853: Yellow fever epidemic killed more than 11,000 in New Orleans

arrow 1861: Louisiana seceded from Union; joined the Confederacy

arrow 1862: New Orleans captured by Union troops; salt mine discovered at Avery Island

arrow 1866: Race riot in New Orleans killed 38 people, wounded 146

arrow 1868: Louisiana readmitted to Union; state lottery established

arrow 1870: Robert E. Lee beat Natchez in steamboat race

arrow 1873: Colfax riot occurred, more than 100 African American men killed

arrow 1874: Severe flooding occurred throughout the state

arrow 1879: New state constitution adopted; mouth of Mississippi River deepened to allow large ocean vessels to reach New Orleans

arrow 1884: World's Fair held in New Orleans

arrow 1891: Mob in New Orleans lynched 11 Italians charged in murder of Police Chief Hennessy

arrow 1892: Knights of Labor held general strike in New Orleans

arrow 1893: Hurricane killed over 2,000 in Louisiana and Mississippi

arrow 1901: First oil flow discovered at Jennings

arrow 1915: Hurricane struck New Orleans, killed 275 people, caused $13 million in damages

arrow 1916: Natural gas field discovered near Monroe

arrow 1921: New state constitution adopted

arrow 1927: Floods devastated 1,300,000 acres, 300,000 left homeless

arrow 1928: Huey P. Long elected governor

arrow 1932: Huey P. Long became U S Senator; new capitol completed in Baton Rouge

arrow 1934: Outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow gunned down by law enforcement officers and posse near Gibsland

arrow 1935: Huey Long assassinated on steps of state capitol

arrow 1939: Political scandals forced resignation of Governor Richard Leche

arrow 1947: First offshore oil well in Louisiana established

arrow 1956: Longest over-water bridge in world - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway opened

arrow 1957: Hundreds of people in Cameron Parish killed during Hurricane Audrey

arrow 1958: Segregation on city buses abolished in New Orleans

arrow 1960: Two public schools in Orleans Parish desegregated

arrow 1965: Hurricane Betsy devestated southern Louisiana; over 60 deaths occurred

arrow 1966: National Football League awarded franchise to New Orleans Saints

arrow 1969: Hurricane Camille struck, killed 250 people

arrow 1973: Lindy Boggs became first congresswoman in Louisiana

arrow 1975: Super Dome in New Orleans completed

arrow 1983: Edwin Edwards became first three-term governor

arrow 1985: Governor Edwards indicted on federal racketeering charges

arrow 1986: Governor Edwards acquitted of all charges

arrow 1987: Pope John Paul II visited New Orleans; Cuban detainees at detention center in Oakdale staged eight-day seize, held 26 people hostage

arrow 1988: Republican National Convention held in New Orleans

arrow 1989: Former grand wizard of Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, elected to state legislature

arrow 1991: State legislature approved riverboat gambling

arrow 1992: Hurricane Andrew killed 11, caused $1 billion in damages

arrow 1998: Major flooding throughout southern part of state from Tropical Storm Francis

arrow 2005: Hurricane Katrina struck southeastern Louisiana, damaged levees flooded New Orleans, more than 1,500 people killed, over two million homeless; Hurricane Rita caused major flooding in New Orleans

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