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The Lodi Unified School District (LUSD) is located in San Joaquin County, California. LUSD covers the north part of Stockton, all of Lodi,? Lockeford, Woodbridge and the northern rural part of San Joaquin County. Currently there are approximately 28,400 students.

LUSD has 8 high schools, 10 middle schools and 38 elementary schools. Dr. Kathy Washer-Nichols is the current Superintendent and the School Board is staffed by 7 members who must live in their respective regions. Members are elected to four year terms. Serving 350 square miles, LUSD was created in 1967 when voters approved a measure to merge 18 elementary districts and a union high school district.

Delta Sierra Middle School

The district is a major contributor to the economy of the area, employing over 3,000 people. In addition, over the last 12 years, the district has obtained over $100,000,000 in state bond funds for the construction and renovation of school facilities throughout the district. The district changed from a 'Concept-6' Year Round Calendar to that of a Modified Traditional Calendar in 2006 for most schools in the district with the creation of new schools.

  • The racial makeup of LUSD is
  • 39% Caucasian,
  • 30% Hispanic,
  • 23% Asian,
  • 7% African-American, and
  • 1% Other.

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High Schools
  • Bear Creek High School - Stockton
  • Liberty High School
  • Lodi High School
  • Middle College High School
  • Plaza Robles High School
  • Ronald E. McNair High School - Stockton
  • Tokay High School
  • Middle Schools
    • Christa McAuliffe Middle School - Stockton
    • Delta Sierra Middle School - Stockton
    • Elkhorn School
    • Houston School
    • Lodi Middle School
    • Millswood Middle School
    • Morada Middle School
    Elementary Schools
    • Ansel Adams Elementary School
    • Beckman Elementary School
    • Clairmont Elementary School
    • Clements Elementary School
    • Creekside Elementary School
    • Davis Elementary School
    • Elkhorn Elementary School
    • Ellerth Larson Elementary School
    • George Lincoln Mosher Elementary
    • Henderson Community Day School
    • Heritage Primary Elementary
    • Houston School
    • Joe Serna Jr Charter School
    • John Muir School - Stockton
    • Julia Morgan Elementary School
    • Lakewood Elementary School
    • Lawrence Elementary School
    • Lockeford Elementary School
    • Live Oak Elementary School
    • Lois Borchardt Elementary School
    • Manlio Silva Elementary School
    • George Lincoln Mosher Elementary
    • Clyde Needham School
    • Nichols Elementary School
    • Oakwood School - Stockton
    • Parklane Elementary School
    • Podesta Ranch - Stockton
    • Reese Elementary School
    • Sutherland Elementary
    • Tokay Colony Elementary
    • Turner Elementary School
    • Victor Elementary School
    • Vinewood Elementary School
    • Wagner Holt - Stockton
    • Washington Elementary
    • Westwood Elementary School
    • Woodbridge Elementary

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    Lodi School District Schools in Stockton

    Bear Creek High School? - 10555 Thornton Rd.

    Creekside School - 2515 Estate Drive

    Delta Sierra Middle School - 2255 Wagner heights Rd

    Elkhorn Elementary School - 10505 Davis Road - Tad Ishishara photo

    John Muir Elementary School - 2303 Whistler Way

    Julia Morgan Elementary School - 3777 A.G. Spanos Blvd

    McAuliffe Middle School - 3880 Iron Canyon Circle

    Ronald McNair High School - 9550 Ronald McNair Way

    Oakwood Elementary School - 1315 Woodcreek Way

    Plaza Robles High School - 9434 Thornton Rd

    Podesta Ranch Elementary School - 9950 Windmill Park Drive

    Manlio Silva Elementary School - 6250 Scott Creek Drive

    Wagner Holt Elementary School - 8778 Brattle Place


    Stockton's Historic Schools - Robert Bonita - A brief photographic history of the public schools of Stockton which were built between 1853 and the passage of The Field Act in 1933. Photographs of these early schools, some long since razed in the name of progress along with the majority of others demolished in conformity with enforcement acts passed by The California Legislature in 1959 and 1968, make up a large portion of this book. A brief history of the development of Stockton school system precedes the body of the book for those interested in Stockton's pioneer beginnings

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