Stockton Unified School District

Stockton Unified School District, (also known as S.U.S.D) is a school district with it's headquarters in Stockton, California. SUSD is one of four school districts along with Lincoln School District, Lodi School District and Manteca School District all operating within the city of Stockton.

Stockton Unified School District began the process of converting elementary and middle schools to K-8 schools in fall 2006. Starting with the 2009-2010 school year, all high schools started with Small Learning Communities (SLC). Smaller Learning Communities (or SLC’s as they are commonly known) with Career Pathways are part of the district's efforts to reform high schools and increase the engagement of all students by making academics more relevant and by injecting the real-life, career-related context into what students learn. In addition to the career pathways, SLC's reduce the size of the high school experience for kids, fostering deeper, longer-term relationships between students and teachers and preventing so many high school students from being lost. In large part,

Measure C was used to build two new elementary schools - Spanos and Peyton - and to make the alterations that were needed at four middle-school campuses when Stockton Unified eliminated the junior high school concept in favor of K-8s. Most of the rest of the Measure C money was used to upgrade several K-8 campuses. Stockton Unified returned to K-8 and four year high schools August 8, 2007


Elementary Schools - See school images and website links below
  • Adams Elementary School
  • August Elementary School
  • Bush Elementary School
  • Cleveland Elementary
  • Commodore Stockton Skills
  • El Dorado Elementary School
  • Elmwood Elementary School
  • Fillmore Elementary School
  • Fremont Elementary School
  • Grant Elementary School
  • Grunsky Elementary School
  • Hamilton Elementary School
  • Harrison Elementary School
  • Hazelton Elementary School
  • Hoover Elementary School
  • Huerta Elementary School
  • Kennedy Elementary School
  • King Elementary School
  • Kingston Elementary School
  • Kohl Open Elementary School
  • Madison Elementary School
  • Marshall Elementary School
  • McKinley Elementary School
  • Monroe Elementary School
  • Montezuma Elementary
  • Nightingale Elementary School
  • Peyton Elementary School
  • Pittman Elementary
  • Pulliam Elementary School
  • Rio Calaveras Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • San Joaquin Elementary School
  • Spanos Elementary School
  • Taft Elementary School
  • Taylor Elementary School
  • Tyler Elementary School
  • Valenzuela Elementary School
  • Van Buren Elementary School
  • Victory Elementary School
  • Washington Elementary School
  • Wilhelmina Henry Elementary
  • Wilson Elementary School
High schools
  • Chavez High School
  • Edison High School
  • Franklin High School
  • Stagg High School
Specialty Schools And Programs
  • Jane Frederick Continuation
  • Merlo Institute
  • School for Adults
  • Walton Special Center
  • Weber Institute for Applied Science and Technology
Charter Schools
  • Institute of Business Management & Law

Stockton Unified School District School Photos
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High Schools

Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, or Stagg High School 1621 Brookside Road. It is a public, four-year high school which is part of the Stockton Unified School District. The school was dedicated on February 25, 1959 and was named after college football coach Amos Alonzo Stagg. Stagg has 117 classrooms, a multipurpose room, a library, campus cafe, 2 gyms, state-of-the art weight room, and an administration building.

The main campus was built in 1959. Five portable classrooms were constructed in 2000 for Class Size Reduction. A bond measure was passed (Measure Q), and much of the campus was upgraded to include weatherized classrooms, a new football field, softball field, and baseball field. Created using all-weather materials for a long lasting facility. A parking area was added in the back of the school, and there is future plans to redo the swimming pool, tennis courts, and another classroom and administration building.

Alma Mater Hail! Hail! Hail! Stagg High Alma Mater glorious Long may thine honored halls An inspiration be True as the Kings of old Devotion without fail Praise forever Brown and Gold Hail! Hail! Hail!

Notable alumni: Clint Carvalho '78, Las Vegas entertainer, Chris Isaak '74, actor and singer, Speedy Duncan, NFL Pro Bowler, William R. Brody '61, President, Johns Hopkins University, George Visger '76, NFL Draft #149, 6th round in 1980 for the New York Jets as a Defensive end, Richard O. Buckius '68, Vice President of Research, Purdue University, Dallas Braden #51 '01, Oakland A's Starting Pitcher, pitched the 19th perfert game in MLB history on Mothers Day, May 9, 2010 against the Tampa Bay Rays, Elisa Rishwain, Los Angeles-based luxury shoe designer under her "Elisa Ferare" nameplate

Cesar Chavez High School - 2929 Windflower - A public four-year high school in Stockton, California. It is part of the Stockton Unified School District. - Cesar Chavez High School was completed and began educating students in August 2005. It is the newest high school in Stockton Unified School District in the last 50 years. The school was dedicated on August 18, 2005. The school initiated its first classes on August 2005 starting with only Freshman and Sophomore classes, then added a Junior class during the 2006–07 school year with the addition on the school's first varsity teams.
Edison High School - 100 W. Dr. MLK Blvd, (previously 1425 S. Center St.) Opening in 1941, the school is located in a dense urban area in the southern part of Stockton. Edison High School opened in 1941 at what is now the corner of Charter Way, now called Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, and Center Street. It is named after the American Inventor Thomas Edison. The campus has been expanded through the years, with the addition of major classroom buildings and a library in the 1970s. Starting with the 2009-2010 school year, Edison will start its classes as Small Learning Communities or SLC's.

Alma Mater: Edison, our Alma mater give forth thy light guide us to wisdom, knowledge and light where ever we may wander let us never fail Edison forever, Alma mater hail.

Athletics: The Vikings compete at Division 1 level in the CIF. They are a member of the Tri-City Athletic League and part of the Sac-Joaquin Section.

Notable alumni: Trumaine Johnson (cornerback), current Cornerback for the St. Louis Rams, Lynell Hamilton, current Running Back for the New Orleans Saints, Chris Henry, Free Agent Running Back in the NFL, Lynell Hamilton, current Running Back for the New Orleans Saints, J. D. Hill, Former Wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions of the National Football League, Dennis Edwards,Former DE for the National Football League, Willard Harrell,Former RB for the National Football League, Fred Heron,Former DE/DT for the National Football League, Derek Kennard,Former Guard and Center for the National Football League and United States Football League, Maxine Hong Kingston, famous writer who wrote The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, Lavelle Hawkins, current Wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans.

Franklin High School -Benjamin Franklin Senior High School has a new address at 4600 E. Fremont, (previously 300 N. Gertrude Ave address). in Stockton, California. Their school mascot is the yellow jacket. They are one of the many schools that has the I.B. program through the International Baccalaureate Academy.

Notable alumni George Knapp (journalist), Jose Hernández (astronaut), Andre Phillips is an Assistant Principal, Hallway Productionz two time grammy nominated music producers, Chevelle Wheeler, a student in 1985, was a victim of the Speed Freak Killers.

Elementary Schools

Adams Elementary School - 6402 Inglewood
The original August Elementaty School, built at 3121 Waterloo Rd - The one room schoolhouse was built in 1912 - This photo was taken in 1950
August Elementary School - 2101 Sutro Ave. This plan was also used for Harrison School and Cleveland School - Built in the mid 50s
Former Bush Elementary School / St Agnes School / 640 N. San Joaquin St - Now Stockton Unified Police Department Headquarters
Cleveland Elementary School - 20 E. Fulton St. - This floor plan was also used for August School and Harrison School - Built in the mid 50s
Commodore Stockton Skills School - 2725 Michigan / Former Webster Jr. High School. It became an elementary school when Stockton Unified returned to grades 1-8 in elementary schools
El Dorado Elementary School - 1540 N. Lincoln St

Elmwood Elementary School - 840 S. Cardinal Ave

Fillmore Elementary School - 2644 E. Poplar St.
Fremont Elementary School - 2021 E Flora St. / Former Fremont Jr. High School. It became an elementary school when Stockton Unified returned to grades 1-8 in elementary schools
Closed - Grant Elementary School - 1800 S. Sutter St. The original school was built in 1898 and gutted by fire in 1937 - The photo shown is the replacement school built in 1938
Grunsky Elementary School 1550 School St. - The original school fronted Harding Way at 1601 East Harding Way - Opened in 1919 - North Street was extended east from Wilson Way to the front of the school - Originally they were calling the school the "North East primary School Two days before acceptance of final plans, the school board voted to name it Hewlett Hough School. Before the end of the month the name was officially changed to honor a well know Stocktonian, Miss Lottie F. Grunsky. She spent all of her adult life teaching in Stockton Schools. Demolished in 1977. The new Grunsky Elementary school is at 1550 School St.
Hamilton Elementary School - 2245 E. Eleventh
Harrison Elementary School - 2132 E. Alpine / 3203 N Sanguinetti Ln - Initially the front entrance was on the corner and the patio cover was not there. This plan was also used for August School and Cleveland School - Built in the mid 50s

Hazelton Elementary School - 535 W. Jefferson St. - The original school faced East, fronting on Lincoln Street with a 1031 Lincoln address. The school  was completed in February of 1916. The photo at the top left is from 1973. In 1976 that part was subsequently razed.

Hoover Elementary School - 2900 Kirk

Huerta Elementary School - 1644 S. Lincoln St.
Kennedy Elementary School - 630 Ponce De Leon Ave.
King Elementary School - 2640 E. Lafayette St.
Hong Kingston Elementary School - 6324 Alturas Avenue
 Kohl Open Elementary School - 6324 N. Alturas Ave.
Former Lottie Grunsky School - 1601 E. Harding Way
The new Grunsky Elementary School is at 1550 School St. today
Madison Elementary School - 2939 Mission Rd.
Marshall Elementary School - 1141 Lever Blvd. It became an elementary school when Stockton Unified returned to grades 1-8 in elementary schools.

McKinley Elementary School - 30 W. 9th St. - The original building was built in 1922 - Demolished in 1974

Monroe Elementary School - 2236 E. 11th St.
Montezuma Elementary School - 2843 Farmington Rd.
Nightingale Charter School - 1721 Carpenter Rd
Peyton Elementary School - 2525 Gold Brook Drive
Pittman Charter School - 701 E. Park St - Former location of Stockton Fire Department Engine Company No 1
Pulliam Elementary School - 230 Presidio Wy.
Rio Calaveras Elementary School - 1819 E. Bianchi Rd
Roosevelt Elementary School - 776 South Broadway Ave - 1921 date on the photo but construction did not start until August 1922. The school was not opened until 1923 and demolished in 1977. The new address is 776 South Broadway Ave - This addition was built in 1948.
San Joaquin Elementary School - 2020 S. Fresno.
Spanos Elementary School - 536 South California Street
Taft Montessori Magnet School - 419 Downing Ave. Montessori education is fundamentally a model of human development, and an educational approach based on that model. The model has two basic principles. First, children and developing adults engage in psychological self-construction by means of interaction with their environments. Second, children, especially under the age of six, have an innate path of psychological development. Based on her observations, Montessori believed that children at liberty to choose and act freely within an environment prepared according to her model would act spontaneously for optimal development.
Taylor Elementary School - 1101 Lever Blvd
Tyler Elementary School - 3830 Webster Ave
Valenzuela Magnet Program - 52 W Benjamin Holt Dr. Valenzuela Elementary School - relocated from 1424 N. San Joaquin St
Van Buren Elementary School - 1628 East 10Th
Victory Elementary School - 1838 West Rose St. The original address was around the corner at 1121 Buena Vista - Designed by local architects Losekann and Clowdsley. This post World War One school was named for the Allied victory in 1918. The original building was  demolished in the mid 1970s.

Washington Elementary School - 1735 W. Sonora

Wilhelmina Henry Elementary School - 1107 S. Wagner
New Weber Elementary School - (Stockton Unified School District offices ) 701 N Madison St. This location is being used as The Stockton Unified District Offices.
Wilson Elementary School - 150 East Mendocino - Originally named the North School which opened in a one room wooden building at on Mariposa Avenue in 1904.It was called various names such as "Little schoolhouse in the oaks, Annexed School, and North school. it took nine years for the school to get an official name. Pictured here is the subsequently renamed to Woodrow Wilson School when it first opened in the fall of 1912 at Mariposa and El Dorado. In 1922 eight additional rooms were added. In June 1977 the school was closed as being unsafe. In the fall of 1977, the Jack & Jill Cooperative Nursery School Building was moved from its El Dorado School site and reopened to preschool students in January of 1978. Right photos courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
Photos coming soon:
  1. North
  2. Kohl Elementary - 6324 N. Alturas Ave.
  3. Lakeside Christian Elementary - 2111 Quail Lakes Dr.
  4. Presentation Elementary - 1635 W Benjamin Holt Dr
  5. Pulliam Elementary - 230 Presidio Wy.
  6. Village Oaks Elementary - 1900 W Swain Rd.
  7. North East
  8. G W Bush Elementary - 5420 Fred Russo Dr.
  9. Peyton Elementary School - 2525 Gold Brook Drive
  10. Rio Calaveras Elementary - 1819 E. Bianchi Rd.
  11. East
  12. 9275 Glacier Point Dr. - Ansel Adams Elementary
  13. Waverly Elementary - 3507 Wilmarth Rd., 95215
  14. South
  15. Garfield Elementary - 1670 E. 6th St. - no g
  16. Great Valley Elementary - 4223 McDougald Blvd.
  17. Huerta Elementary - 1644 S. Lincoln St.
  18. Nightingale Elementary - 1721 Carpenter Rd.
  19. Delta Island Elementary (Tracy School District) - 11022 W Howard. Rd.

Private Schools

Kindergarten School - On Lindsay between. Hunter and San Joaquin; Mr. E. M. Tureman, principal.
Former Stockton Business College and Normal Institute - SE Corner of California and Channel; W. C. Ramsey , principal

Catholic Schools

Former St. Agnes Academy - San Joaquin and Taylor ; conducted by the Sisters of St. Dominic.
St. Mary's College - San Joaquin between Market and Washington · Brother George principal· Brothers of  Mary teachers

St. Joseph School - NE corner Grant and Fremont; Sister Evangelist, principal.


Stockton's Historic Schools - Robert Bonita - A brief photographic history of the public schools of Stockton which were built between 1853 and the passage of The Field Act in 1933. Photographs of these early schools, some long since razed in the name of progress along with the majority of others demolished in conformity with enforcement acts passed by The California Legislature in 1959 and 1968, make up a large portion of this book. A brief history of the development of Stockton school system precedes the body of the book for those interested in Stockton's pioneer beginnings


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