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Fremont Street runs east and west from west of I-5 to Highway 99 where it becomes Highway 26 on it's way to Linden and the foothills.

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Click to Enlarge 1531 E. Fremont - Fremont Labor Center

1500 Block of E. Fremont - New Walgreens - Former RTD Repair Facility

Fremont side of the RTD - Demolition of RTD building constructed in 1979. 1533 E. Lindsay St. address. This is the Fremont St side. In 1979, SMTD moved from its operations yard in downtown Stockton to a new location on 1533 E. Lindsay Street. - Right photo, new Walgreens under construction

1600 E. Fremont Street - From The WSS Website: WSS is the premier footwear retailer in the U.S. doing business in neighborhood-based stores. Consumers trust WSS for the best brands, greatest values and largest selection of athletic, dress, fashion and casual footwear for the entire family. Our large store format enables us to showcase thousands of styles from top name brands like Nike, Jordan, Vans, Converse, Adidas, Puma, Skechers, etc. In addition, WSS carries high quality private brands augmenting the breadth of selection to deliver amazing value to our customers. Founded in Southern California in 1984 by entrepreneur Eric Alon, all WSS stores feature a unique retail format that displays every style and size allowing customers to browse on their terms, in a hassle-free environment, engaging in friendly and knowledgeable sales staff when they choose. The success of this business model has allowed WSS to continue its rapid expansion into new markets. WSS is committed to giving back to the communities we serve, sponsoring or participating in over 350 local events each year. Stay connected to us via via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and at www.shopwss. com.

1563 E. Fremont St. - Angelina's Spaghetti House - In 1913, at the age of 18, Angelina, left her province of Genova and traveled to San Francisco. While there, she met Nick, a fellow Genovezan. They married, and in 1922 moved to the rural community of Linden where they began farming. It was during these years Angelina perfected her Genoveze cooking while cooking for the help on the ranch. The concept for the restaurant evolved over many years based on the fine Genovese cooking handed down by Angelina. Angelina's first opened it's doors On December 27, 1976. / Former location Johnny Holms Continental Dining / Pezzi & Cicchoni Market (1957) / Also the location of the very first Gaines Market

1621 E. Fremont - Imprenta / Former Modern Cleaners

Fremont St - Entrance to Eastland Plaza from Fremont St

1650 E. Fremont - Maxwell Motor Supply

1706 E. Fremont - Stockton Generator Exchange

1710 E. Fremont - Industrial Gas & Welding Supply

1730 E. Fremont - Delta Dairy Supply

1800 E. Fremont - Nor-Cal Beverage / Canada Dry Bottling (1957)

1908 E. Fremont - Towner & Meyer

1905 E. Fremont - Jack's Tire Service

1916 E. Fremont - Mary's Place Restaurant (1957)

1940 E. Fremont - The Hermitage Tavern

1943 E. Fremont - Former Tri-Valley Growers / Mor-Pak Preserving / Richmond Chase Cannery
1960 E. Fremont - B&B Auto Body

2001 E. Fremont St - Don Blair Lumber Company

2010 E. Fremont St - Towner & Meyer Machinery

2040 E. Fremont St - American HomeTex / Former Port Stockton Food Distributors

2050 E. Fremont St - Fremont Plaza Storage / Former Kerona Plastic Extrusion / Breuner's Warehouse (1957)

2060 E. Fremont St - Ace Hardware / Former Apache Plastics / Port Stockton Foods

2075 E. Fremont St - Holiday Car Wash

2080 E. Fremont St - Arrow Plumbing

2085 E. Fremont St - Fremont Sunland Service

2099 E. Fremont St - Bill The Barber

Click to Enlarge 2109 E. Fremont St - Super Burrito / Former Bi Li Liquors

2139 E. Fremont St - Cambells Oil City Service (1957)

2150 E. Fremont St - Ralph Panella Trucking

2159 E. Fremont St - Skibo's Machine Shop

2185 E. Fremont St. - Valero Station / Former Dave's Beacon Station

Click to Enlarge 2202 E. Fremont St - El Charro Super Mercados / Former Monte Food Market / Former Antonini's Market

2223 E. Fremont St - Fremont Veterinary Clinic

Click to Enlarge2285 E. Fremont St. - Quickstop

2295 E. Fremont St. - Centro Vida Iglacio Communities / Former Fremont Evangelical Methodist Church

2491 E Fremont - Former Richfield Service
2495 E Fremont & Filbert - Little Caesars / Former Valverdes Restaurant / Former C&M Fountain (1950)

2494 E. Fremont - Chevron / former Shell Station / C&M Texaco (1957-1960)

East Fremont Street - Filbert Intersects

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 110-202 N. Filbert Street - Del Monte Canery - Former Mac Disco - Right photo by Photo by Floyd Perry Jr,

35 N. Filbert Street - Mudville's Crosstown Market / Former Tom & Jim's Liquors

Fremont Center

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

2525 E. Fremont - Fremont Center Pharmacy

Click to Enlarge 2526 E. Fremont - Jackson Hewett / Former Fremont Variety (1957) - Also 2518 E. Fremont on the corner

2529 E. Fremont - Fremont Hardware

2534 E. Fremont - Fremont Cleaners (1957)

2536 E. Fremont - New Fu Lim Chinese Restaurant / Former Valley TV & Radio 2538 E. Fremont - Fremont Barber Shop (1957)

2550 E. Fremont

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 2603 E. Fremont - Donuts & More / Former Power Thrust Oil Company / Fremont Douglas Service (1957)

2630 E. Fremont - P&L Cleaners

2632 E. Fremont - Launderama #1

2636 E. Fremont - Primos Recycling / Former Sierra Spring Water

2640 E. Fremont - Fred's Cabinet Shop

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 2648 E. Fremont - Country Boys Drive In / former Dutch Girl Drive Inn 2648 E. Fremont - Stockton Country Boys Drive In

2710 E. Fremont - Mike's Tire Shop

2712 E. Fremont - Former Stockton Roofing / Former Fremont Lumber Company (1957)

2725 E. Fremont - Former Fremont Shoe Repair - Middle Photo by Floyd Perry Jr.

2750 E. Fremont - Fremont Auto Repair (1957)

Click to Enlarge 1118 N. Golden Gate

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1330 Broadway - Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad - Established in 1908, the Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad (reporting mark STE) provides service to several companies around the Stockton, California area. Being located in Stockton places the STE in an ideal situation for the consolidation and distribution of freight. This includes PDM Steel, Lipton, and Salt River Materials Group to name a few. The railroad operates 25 miles of track connecting with the BNSF Railway, the Union Pacific Railroad, and the Central California Traction

2800 Block E. Fremont

2804 E. Fremont - Diesel Performance Truck Parts & Service

2810 E. Fremont - Fremont Hatchery

2834 E. Fremont - Fremont Poultry

2900 E. Fremont - Fremont Place Grocery

2911 E. Fremont - United Rentals

2939 E. Fremont - Mac & Harrison Sandwich Shop

3002 E. Fremont - Mac's Flying A Station

3040 E. Fremont - Inter-City Dream Center / Former Assembly of God Church - The Dream Center’s purpose is to reconnect isolated people to God and a community of support by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger relief, medical care and education.

3098 E. Fremont - Eastside Assembly of God Church (1957)

Click to Enlarge 3120 E. Fremont - Amercian Sign Products / Former Witmer Hardware

3128 E. Fremont - Cal West Tow

3127 E. Fremont - Seng Son Counter Top & Cabinet / former Curry's Warehouse Sales

3131 E. Fremont - Valley Forklift

Click to Enlarge 3206 E. Fremont - Benny's  Spray Center

Click to Enlarge 3246 E. Fremont - Former Chevron Service (Representative Photo)

3328 E. Fremont - Green Door Tavern (1957) -  Demolished for freeway interchange

3342 E. Fremont - Conti Brothers -  Demolished for freeway interchange

3406 E. Fremont - Fremont Church of The Nazarine - Demolished for freeway interchange

3426 E. Fremont - Western Wood Products  - Demolished for freeway interchange

3444 E. Fremont - Broadway Hatchery  - Demolished for freeway interchange

East Fremont Street - Highway 99 Intersects

See Highway 99

3633 E. Fremont - Farmer's Market

4228 E. Fremont - Dolly Madison Thrift Bakery

4240 E. Fremont - Pollard's Garage

4304 E. Fremont - Frank's Garage

4500 E. Fremont - Noack Pumps

4631 E. Fremont - Casa Flores. Each Casa Flores is owned by a family member / Former Blue Moon / Former California Department of Farm Labor

4639 E. Fremont

4647 E. Fremont - Challenge Cream & Butter

4731 E. Fremont - Cal-Ray Cookies

4733 E. Fremont - B&B Building Materials

5000 E. Fremont - Orvis & Clinger Meat Packing


West Fremont Street

Click to Enlarge 48 W. Fremont
In a secluded corner of McLeod Lake Park, across from the Civic Auditorium, is a structure all but forgotten by the very city it protected. The Central Police and Fire Alarm Station was built in 1925 to house a fire alarm system linked to pull boxes on every corner of the city. Stockton’s Gamewell system was “superior to any other city on the Pacific coast” according to the local paper. The building, most recently home to the Stockton Symphony, was designed to blend in to the surrounding architecture and consequently has never impressed itself upon Stockton’s collective memory. The building was used by the Stockton Fire Department until the 1980’s.

The Fire Alarm Station is an important architectural contribution to Stockton’s Civic Center, one of northern California’s finest Civic Centers built during the City Beautiful movement. The Classical Revival Style concrete structure has two massive Doric columns with architectural detailing matching the Civic Auditorium and City Hall. A wide staircase enhances the recessed front entrance that leads to the double brass front doors. Above the entrance, below the detailed cornice and frieze bands, is the inscription “Police and Fire Alarm Central Station – 1925.” Currently behind plywood, the caption will someday be uncovered to identify the building’s original purpose and place in history.

Alice van Ommeren and Stockton Fire Department’s Kevin Taylor and Toby Trana nominated the Central Police and Fire Alarm Station for Stockton Historic Landmark designation in 2009. - The Central Police and Fire Alarm building was designed by the architectural firm of Mayo, Bidwell and Cowell. Featuring simple classic details   of Doric columns, pediments and frieze bands and constructed in 1925 by J.F. Shepherd. Center: 1920s photo, Right: 2013 photo

Fremont St. looking west at the Waterfront Hotel

248 W. Fremont - Stockton Arena Parking - Mural created in 2005 by Napa artist Gordon Huether above the West side of the Stockton Arena Parking Garage. There are 22,000 Mattell Hot Wheels cars epoxied and urethane-sealed onto four-foot by eight-foot sections.

404 W. Fremont - Stockton Ballpark

Click to EnlargeFremont Marina Office Towers - Demolished for parking lot - Kevin Shawver Collection

648 W. Fremont - Stockton Wheel Service

Click to Enlarge 843 W. Fremont St - S&B Home Cooking

848 W. Fremont St. - Former Diamond International (Diamond Lumber) - Later it became The Grupe Company's lumberyard

1560 W. Fremont / 105 Brannon Island Road
Dreaming of a large restaurant next to his marina in the heart of the Delta, John Moore purchased the last remaining Delta Riverboat, The Sutter, in 1961. Moore’s Riverboat Restaurant and Bar opened a few years later on June 17, 1966, and enjoyed huge success until its destruction by fire in 1993. To keep John’s vision alive, his son-in-law Ken Sheidegger purchased The Catfish Café—a sister of Crawdads Restaurant in Sacramento—and floated it down river from Stockton to become the new MOORE’S RIVERBOAT. Today, Moore’s Riverboat remains a landmark in the Delta. The Riverboat underwent complete renovations last year. The bow of an old wood boat was installed as the outside bar, which adds to the charm of Moore.

Posted Feb. 27, 1997 at 12:01 AM Updated Jan 7, 2011 at 5:18 PM
goes rollin' down the river Record Staff Writer

Catfish Cafe, which was Stockton's only floating restaurant before it closed suddenly two years ago, was dislodged from its Stockton Channel pilings Wednesday and towed to a new site in the Delta. Its destination was the west shore of the Mokelumne River south of Highway 12, where it will replace the old Moore's Riverboat, said an employee of the new owner, Ken Scheidegger.

Moore's, a popular Delta restaurant and cocktail lounge, was gutted by fire in 1994. It then was sold to the San Joaquin Yacht Club and moved to Bethel Island for use as a clubhouse. Scheidegger, who owns the Riverboat Marina and Delta Boat Works at 106 W. Brannan Island Road, could not be contacted for comment Wednesday. But an office worker at the marina and boat works said the Catfish Cafe will be moored in the same space that Moore's Riverboat once occupied. That is adjacent to Scheidegger's other businesses, she said. "They've been working on the site all week, getting ready for the Catfish," Sharon Skelton said. "He plans to open it in May or June." Skelton said Scheidegger was related to the late owners of Moore's Riverboat. A spokesman for Union Safe Deposit Bank, which took over Catfish Cafe after it was shut down, confirmed it has been sold but declined to give any details.

"It was a private transaction, and it was not a recorded real estate transaction," said Frank Pierro, chief credit officer at Union Safe. Before its closure, the Catfish Cafe operated for six years at 1560 W. Fremont St., floating atop the Stockton Deep Water Channel just west of the Interstate 5 bridge. Before Union Safe took over, the restaurant was owned by Sacramento stockbroker Jamie Gittens. A tug started towing the Catefish Cafe to its new mooring at about 11 a.m. Wednesday as a small group of onlookers watched from the bank. The transfer was expected to take about five hours.

A celebration that began with a night of dinner and dancing eight months ago continues this summer as the San Joaquin Yacht Club (SJYC) celebrates the 20th anniversary of the relocation of the Sutter, Bethel Island’s historic riverboat landmark, which has been transformed into a clubhouse for the yacht club.

The relocation and transformation of the ship began on October 6, 1994, when members of the San Joaquin Yacht Club led a two-day undertaking to move the Sutter from Brannon Island to Bethel Island. Two tugboats released dark plumes of smoke as they guided the riverboat to its new home, but the real work began six months prior.

“It was called an impossible dream that people didn’t believe would ever come to fruition,” said retired Navy Chief Andy Quick, a member of the SJYC.

The two-story ship, which was 156 feet in length and featured decks made of three-inch Douglas fir, was built before World War II and had experienced many lives before the yacht club purchased the vessel. The Sutter launched in 1931 at the Fulton Shipyard in Antioch. It hauled rice, canned tomatoes and supplies between the Sacramento, Stockton and Bay Area ports before it retired from service in 1951.

The vessel was docked in the Sacramento River, where shipwright John Moore drove by every morning on his way to work at the Mare Island Shipyard. After nine years, Moore confessed to his family that things were about to change. “I’ve driven by that blasted ship for nine years and I think I need to buy it,” Moore told his son-in-law, Ken Scheidegger. Besides his family, Moore loved two things, building and repairing boats and big band music. The trumpet player also had a dream of opening a floating restaurant with live, big-band music that would remind visitors of rolling down the Mississippi River on a lively riverboat.In 1961,

Moore and his wife Elvera purchased the Sutter and towed it to the Riverboat Marina in Isleton. It took the couple five years to convert the riverboat into a floating restaurant and bar, which opened June 4, 1966. Moore’s Riverboat was a place where the boating community could enjoy delicious seafood, energetic music, drinking and dancing. “To this day, nothing has the pizazz or charm of that old riverboat,” said Scheidegger.

John and Elvera transferred ownership of the boat to their daughter and son-in-law, who carried on Moore’s legacy until a fire damaged the ship, forcing Moore’s Riverboat to close. The county quickly came in and listed $750,000 of renovations necessary to bring the riverboat to code before it could reopen, which the Scheideggers didn’t have to invest.

Rumors were circulating that the ship would be dismantled, when Scheidegger offered to sell it to Andy Quick for one dollar. “I thought he was kidding at first, but when I realized he was serious, I knew the San Joaquin Yacht Club would want to preserve the riverboat,” said Quick. On May 6, 1994, the purchase was completed onboard the riverboat when Quick handed Scheidegger a one dollar bill during an official ceremony.

SJYC members spent the next six months cleaning the riverboat and making minor repairs in preparation for its transport to its new home. A crew of 13 members of the SYYC, led by Ron Trost and including Commodore Barbara Greve and Andy Quick, towed the ship to the Dutch Slough where it remains today. The SJYC stabilized and restored the vessel, transforming it into the San Joaquin Yacht Club’s clubhouse.

As for Moore’s Riverboat Restaurant, the family bought another vessel in the late 1990’s to replace the original restaurant and parked it in Isleton where it remains today.

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Click to Enlarge 2503 W Fremont St - Simonis Italian Food

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North El Dorado Street from 00 Main Street

North El Dorado Street

East Fremont Street

118 E Fremont - AAA Machine Shop

121 E Fremont - Lugo's Pizza / Valley Saw & Knife / (1957)

125-35 E Fremont - AAA Auto Body Works

Click to Enlarge 128 E Fremont - Custom Plastics & Signs / Former San Francisco Chronicle

130 E Fremont - Civic Apartments

215 E Fremont - Carmel Apartments

Fremont & Hunter

Click to Enlarge 230 E Fremont - Fidelity Hall (1960)

234 E Fremont - Hellwig & Sons Insurance

The Store - Great little dive bar with an old school corner bar feel with pool tables and good music. The beers are cold and the prices are right / Former Pacific Telephone & Telegraph (1960) 235 E. Fremont St.

300 Block - Fremont Square Park - The Pioneer Memorial Fountain was erected by the Ladies Auxiliary and a grateful public in honor of the Pioneers of San Joaquin County 1849-1909. (In Fremont Park across San Joaquin Street from Federal building and the former Delta Post Office)

404 E. Fremont - B&M Realty - Demolished

427 E. Fremont - New Greater Love The Church of God In Christ  / Former Adis Yesurin Synagogue

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Fremont and 425 N. Union Streets - Former Union Ice Company - Burned to the ground on September 7, 2013

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Click to Enlarge Fremont & 501 N. Sierra Nevada - Gleason's ice Cream / Former Eastside Printing (1976) / Community Linen Rental Service (1960)

1415 E. Fremont - Roja's Auto Upholstery 1403 E. Fremont, Jefferson Garage, 1928

East Fremont Street - Wilson Way Intersects

See Wilson Way

1524 E. Fremont - Tassano Automotive Service


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