Stockton Waterfront

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This historic area boasts the deep-water Stockton Channel, a thriving port that transports goods from the heart of Stockton directly to the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful residential communities and luxurious hotels line the river banks. Soak in the sights aboard a delta cruise, or take time to watch commercial ships load merchandise for destinations on the other side of the world. The Downtown Stockton Marina also features wonderful waterfront dining and a splendid walking promenade. Experience the essence of beautiful Stockton CA , right on the water’s edge.

The Stockton Iron Works was one of the old established institutions of Stockton. Way back in 1868, H. S. Farrington, G. C. Hyatt and H. L. Farrington began the business on a small scale using the firm name Farrington, Hyatt & Co. The integrity of their business operations, and the high quality of work built for them a reputation which brought them a large trade, maintained for years. The death of H. L. Farrington’s caused the only change up through 1889, although the firm name was not changed. On April 1st, 1889, Farrington, Hyatt & Co. retired, and were succeeded by Tretheway, Earle & Dasher

The historic Klamath Ferry is the corporate home of Duraflame, Inc. The Klamath was built in 1924 and ferried automobiles across the San Francisco Bay area until 1956. Upon her retirement, she was retrofitted into a floating office building and was moored in San Francisco until 1992, when she was acquired by Duraflame and moved to Stockton. Photo courtesy of Richard Harrison
The Sherman Restaurant in the historic 91 year old S.S. General Frank M. Coxe closed its doors early in 2010 after approximately two years after opening. About four and a half years later a group of new investor owners arranged to tow the S.S. Coxe back to Stockton in June of 2014, where in 1955, it had been stripped of its engines and machinery and converted to the “Showboat Restaurant,” the first of her eleven floating restaurants.

Built as a 150-foot river steamer in 1922 in West Virginia for the Army Quartermaster Corps, the S.S. Coxe was sent to San Francisco to serve as a harbor transport for Army personnel and their families between mainland San Francisco and the island forts around the bay.

After being decommissioned from the Army in 1946 the S.S. Coxe became a scenic cruise ship in the bay until 1955 when it steamed under full power to Stockton to become the “Showboat.”

In 1958 the S.S. Coxe was towed to Oakland and soon continued as the “Showboat” in Jack London Square for about 12 years.

In 1971 the Ship was towed to Burlingame’s Sanchez Channel for its longest period in one location, 43 years. One by one, nine different restaurants were opened and closed during this time.

On Sunday, June 15th, 2014, the Sherman/Coxe was removed from its location in Burlingame and towed to the Stockton Marina after being moored in the Burlingame's Sanchez Channel for 43 years.

A complete history of the ship is available for viewing in an exhibit inside the Burlingame Hillsborough History Museum. Read More- Historic Ship Back in Stockton

Stockton Arena - The Arena is part of a master-planned waterfront design on the western edge of the downtown Central Business District. The 360 Architecture designed venue is situated next to the Banner Island Ballpark. A multi-purpose sporting and event center, the arena was envisioned as part of the region's quality of life improvements. Construction delays and inclement weather caused the Stockton Thunder and California Cougars to play on extended road trips during the beginning of their 2005/2006 season. Stockton Arena opened its doors to the public on December 2, 2005 with a Neil Diamond concert. The first sporting event was a Stockton Thunder hockey game on December 10, 2005 in front of a sold out crowd of 10,117, a game where the Thunder beat the Phoenix RoadRunners, 4-0.
The new Stockton Marina is located downtown on the waterfront near new venues such as the Stockton Arena, Stockton Ballpark, Weber Point Events Center and many other locations used for events and recreational fun. With over 1,000 miles of Delta waterways to explore, Stockton Marina provides a wonderful, centrally-located place to explore and enjoy. The new marina includes 48 covered slips Six 80-foot berths Twelve 60-foot berths Forty-eight 50-foot berths Guest Docks on the North Shore along with two guest docks which include a combined 878 linear feet of dock On the South Shore. There is one guest dock which includes 520 linear feet of dock, a new Promenade on the North Shore and renovation of the South Shore Promenade
University Plaza Hotel - The University Lofts is a seven-story full-scale Housing, Resort-Style, Residential Building. The Property is considered Stockton’s premier, upscale waterfront property. Opened in December 2007, it offers 51 suite-style lofts and 42 condo-style lofts. In addition there is over 10,000 square feet of flexible indoor and out door meeting social space. Amenities include city or waterfront views, flat screen televisions, completely smoke-free environment, state-of-the art fitness center, pool and whirlpool, complimentary Wi-Fi access and the Delta Bistro and Lounge.

The property sits along the waterfront in the heart of Stockton’s newly revitalized entertainment district, just 80 miles northeast of San Francisco and 45 miles south of Sacramento. University Lofts is surrounded by numerous attractions. It’s just steps from the state-of-the-art Stockton Arena with its 12,000 seat capacity, Banner Island Ballpark and the Weber Point Events Center. The Bob Hope Theatre, the Stockton Cineplex Plaza, the Miracle Mile and the University of the Pacific campus are just minutes away.

Stockton Channel Warehouses
Waterfront Flour Mill Warehouse - left photo HDR - Right photo, from the North Shore
Golden Arrow at the Port of Stockton - Look at the pleasure craft to get a sense of just how large the Golden Arrow is.
Port of Stockton - The Port of Stockton, 2201 W. Washington St. is a major inland deep water port in Stockton, California located on the San Joaquin River before it joins the Sacramento River to empty into Suisun Bay, eighty miles inland. The port sits on about 1,440 acres, and occupies an island in the San Joaquin Delta, and a portion of a community known as Boggs Tract.
Waterfront Sunset - From the promenade by the Waterfront Warehouse. September, 2008 - In five years, I'm finding it amazing how many photos I have taken are now history. This photo cannot be duplicated as the boat docks, now obstruct the view. - The sun is setting on the I-5 Bridge
Stockton Channel and I-5
Stockton Channel
Left photo: Head of the Channel and DeCarli Square - Right photo: Stockton Channel and Weber Point
Rainy day at the Waterfront
Head of the Stockton Channel
Early morning photo of The Hotel Stockton viewed from the Center Street Bridge
Center Street looking NW from The Stewart Eberhart Garage - left photo Marina Sign
Looking up the Channel - From the same spot - 18mm and 200mm
Stockton Channel looking west from the Hotel Stockton and the Center Street Bridge
Dads Point & Weber Point
Left photo, channel from Louis Park - right photo Louis Park Tradewinds Association
Louis Park Launch Ramp & Louis Park Inlet
Google Barge -A source who has been onboard the vessel, which is moored off San Francisco’s Treasure Island under tight security, told KPIX 5 the first three floors are designed to serve as “dazzling showrooms” that can be outfitted with chrome features and floor lighting. There is an upper “party deck” meant to feature bars, lanais and other comforts so Google can fete its upscale customers
Ladds Marina

Stockton Waterfront of Yesterday

Thanks to Terry Gust for searching out all the post card photos
Flour Mills - left photo, crowd gathering at the Sperry Mill to see the riverboat
Waterfront panorama  looking NE, probably from the top of the Sperry Flour Mill
Left photo - Head of the channel - Right photo Levee Road
Holiday Inn 1962
Lindsay Point
Weber House
Sherri Fisher's husband aunt and uncle bought an old Victorian in Stockton and had it floated down the river to their property in Tracy. $10,000 for the house and $15,000 for the move. This was in 1980
McLeod's Lake, 1920s - Looking west from El Dorado with the Civic Auditorium on the right and City Hall on the left. There was no Center Street Bridge back then.
Sunset Harbor
Left photo: Ralph Yardley drawing of the Head of the Channel Steps - Right photo: Channel Head 1925
Stockton Waterfront
Stockton Port Docks - Warehouse 8
Waterfront Project - Weber Point - 1997
Port of Stockton
Waterfront - 1800s
Enlarge Left photo - Turn-of-the-century postcard (postmarked 1909) shows Stockton's waterfront in the formative years of Japantown, which begins on the right side of the picture. This view matches fairly closely with the 1917 Sanborn maps. Riverboats are moored in the Stockton Channel, with the Masonic Temple Auditorium (left) and San Joaquin County Courthouse (right) on the horizon. The Stockton Hotel has yet to be built. Stockton's Japantown extends south from the right side of the picture. At far right the ornate, brick Sperry Flour Co. office is one of the sole surviving historic waterfront buildings. - Right photo, waterfront around 1915
Left photo - Yacht Harbor with the City Hall in the background. - Right photo, looking West at Levee St (Weber Avenue) - 1862
Stockton Elevators - The headhouse is 220 feet high
Dad's Point - Kevin Sawver Collection
Stockton - 1862 - Levee St, now Weber Avenue, steamboat Sagamore at the levee, first Sperry Mill Building, destroyed by fire in 1882. Captain Weber's home on Weber Point, then Holiday Inn, McLeod's Lake leading to Center St. Mt. Diablo in the background


Otto and Patricia Schreier's 1941 classic Beauty. She was one of the last pleasure boats completed by the Stephens Brothers yard in Stockton, Calif., before the yard switched to US military vessels during World War II. Photo: George Neill, PICYA / SF - shot in the San Francisco bay
The Daisy Gray - Stockton Port 1933
Delta King and Queen
The Morris - In storage at Kennydale, 1947. Stationed at San Pedro, 1949-1969. Decommissioned Aug 1970 and donated to Sea Scouts, at which time was largest vessel in their fleet. Currently based in Stockton, CA.
Riverboats at the Head of the Channel
Sea-Dog was built in 1932 by Stephens Bros. She was one of five of her class and probably is the lone survivor. Her sister ship was "Panacea" which was purchased by Charlie Chaplin in 1934 as a present for his mistress, Paulette Goddard. Her first owner was H. A. B. Sneve of Seattle, who was the proprietor of a marine hardware distribution business. He equipped Sea-Dog with extra fuel tanks, loaded her up with examples of the wares his company sold, and cruised from Mexico to Alaska exhibiting his products in all the ports along the way.
Portions of the great steamboat race in the 1935 movie 'Steamboat Round the Bend' were filmed off Buckley Cove. Here the steamers leader, Port of Stockton line up for the event. This was Will Rogers last movie; in August 1935, he died in a plane crash in Alaska with friend Wiley Post
Pacific Reserve Fleet
Stockton Mothball Fleet
Steamships TC Walker and Roberts Island at the head of the channel

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