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It is clear that downtown Stockton offers much to build upon. Excellent highway access and visibility; the availability of vacant waterfront sites and large parcels to accommodate new development; and an impressive historic building stock, including the landmark Hotel Stockton, are just some of the physical assets the panel identified immediately. In addition, downtown Stockton has a concentration of government jobs, financial institutions, and public and private city leadership interested in the downtown.

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Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to EnlargeHunter and 235 E. Market Street - NE Corner- 1863 Jail - Built in 1863 - Until the new jaiI at San Joaquin and Channel Streets was completed in 1893, the county jail was a small two-story brick building on the north side of Market street between Hunter and San Joaquin Streets. Meals for the prisoners were prepared by the Cunningham family's own Chinese cook in their own kitchen and delivered by wagon to the jaiI. At that time the home was also located on Market Street, between American and Stanislaus Streets. About 1894 a new home was built on the northwest corner of El Dorado and Acacia Streets.

239 E. Market St. - Bargain Records

E. Market St - San Joaquin Street Intersects

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301 E. Market Street, Former Lafayette School

302 E. Market St. - Ray & Phil's Tavern - Demolished / GallenKamps, 1935

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34 S. San Joaquin St - Hotel Fair - The 1917 Map reading "Hotel Dayle," There is no listing in Stockton City Directories, however, until 1930, at which point the Bolinas Beach Country Club, Monroe Calculating Machines Co., National Adjustment Co., Natrock Production Co., and the Reliable Collection Agency were all listed with offices in this building. Businesses changed over the years, and included several real estate offices, and a gift shop, among others. The 1930 City Directory listed the Hotel Dale at this address, but not in other years. This building type was common in Stockton and typically had furnished rooms on the upper floors and retail or offices on the ground floor. / 307 -Temple Bell Gift Shop

308 E. Market St. - Perondi Rooms - Demolished
309 E. Market St. - Union Hotel / Towers Hotel
310 E. Market St. - Panama Club Tavern - Demolished
311 E. Market St. - George's Blue Note Record Store
315 E. Market St. - Glenn Hotel

Click to Enlarge 316 E. Market St - City Hotel - Photo of 00 Blk of S. Eldorado Side - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman - Demolished

317 E. Market - Dutchess Bakery / Musio Bakery (1935)
318-320 E. Market - Gia Delucchi Groceries (1935) - Demolished
320 E. Market St. - M. Corren & Sons - Demolished

Click to Enlarge 322 E. Market St. - Travelers Hotel - Photo by Floyd Perry Jr - Demolished.

Click to Enlarge 323 E. Market Street

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Click to Enlarge 325 E. Market St. Back Side of the Yasoo Yani Greek restaurant fronting at 326 E. Main

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 324 E. Market St. - Fontana Hotel (1920) / Don's Furniture - Demolished

333 - Fern's Restaurant

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340 E. Market St. - Masonic Temple. The Masons started a chapter in Stockton in the 1950s. This building was completed in 1922 at a cost of $400,000 including furnishings. The first floor housed various shops while the upper floors. were occupied by .the Masons. With the Fox Theater, this is one of the more ornate remaining Spanish or Moorish Revival buildings in the downtown area. This building meets the criteria of the Stockton Landmark ordinance, as well as those of the National and California Registers, as an excellent example of. a Masonic Lodge and for its important place within the community.

Click to Enlarge 345 E. Market St. - Johnnies Waffle Shop

E. Market St - Sutter Street Intersects

Former Clark Hotel, 114 S. Sutter (corner of Market). Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

400 E. Market St - Former Green Brothers Pharmacy / Clark Pharmacy (1930)

Clark Hotel, 114 S. Sutter (corner of Market). The Clark Hotel was nearly finished on July 15, 1911 - The five story building was built after the style of San Francisco's Noted Palace Hotel. It was another first class Stockton hotel. The building, a five story structure, was constructed at the southeast corner of Market and Sutter streets. It is was built by former mayor, W. R. Clark. The new hotel cost $50.000, and was built of steel and brick. The brick was laid with Flemish bond, after the style at the Palace hotel in San Francisco, a first of its kind in Stockton. A pretty effect has been obtained by alternating the cream and pressed brick. Mrs. M. G. Philson, who formerly conducted the Philson cafe here, was the lessee af the new hotel. There were two stores on the ground floor facing Market street. The hotel entrance was on Sutter street. A spacious lobby, men's reading room, ladies' reading room, offices, hotel bar, barber shop and grill in an annex also took up the lower floor. There was also a mezzanine floor overlooking the lobby. The four upper floors were devoted to hotel rooms. There was 15 bedrooms on each floor. Five private bathrooms were located on each floor. The finishing of the lobby was quite a feature. The floor was tiled and the lobby wainscoting was in marble to a height of four and a half feet. The other furnishings were in mahogany. The vestibule was faced in white marble to a height of nine and a half feet. A marquise of heavy wire glass was suspended from chains above the entrance.

The Clark burned beyond repair in 1984 and was demolished. The right photo is the structure which replaced it, a parking garage  - Next to right photo - Looking east on Market Street from in front of the Masonic Temple in 1986. Looking towards the 400 block prior to redevelopment. - Floyd Perry Jr.

Click to Enlarge Thumb Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 411 E. Market - Dr Cochrane - 426 E. Market St. - Former Mark Twain Hotel / Marion Hotel - Demolished

Market Street looking West - Photo posted by Terry Gust

409 E. Market St.  Former Wolf Hotel - Opened in 1912, It had a beautiful Roof Garden for dining and was considered Stockton's finest hotel. It later became a senior citizen's hotel - Demolished - Replaced with the American Savings Building - Right photos from The Floyd Perry Jr. Collection

410 - E. Market St. - Market Laundry - Demolished

428 E. Market St. - Joe's Playroom Tavern - Demolished

Click to Enlarge 430 E. Market St. - California Liquor Store - Demolished in 1988 - Photo by Floyd Perry jr.

Click to Enlarge 434 E. Market St. - Phelan Hotel -  Demolished

436 E. Market St. - Stockton Typewriter (1935) - Demolished

Click to Enlarge 437 E. Market & California - Former U.S. Post Office - 1906 - Demolished

438 E. Market St. - Genova Pharmacy - Demolished

Click to Enlarge 442 E. Market St. - Former Realty Building - Demolished for Parking Garage

444 E. Market St. - Realty Building
448 E. Market St. - New George's Coffee Shop - Demolished

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Market & California Streets looking NE

E. Market St - California Street Intersects

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Click to Enlarge SE corner of Market and California - The Record

Click to Enlarge 509 E. Market St. - By 1930 and through 1940, the Stockton City Directories listed the Peffer Furniture and Music Company here. Peffer originally started nearby at 40 S. California Street, and operated from 1917 through the 1940s, as a discount furniture, radio, and phonograph store. By 1940 and through 1950, KDGM Radio, a CBS affiliate, was also located in this building, and was owned and operated by Mr. Ed Peffer. The Peffer Company moved out of this building in 1945 because of a decline in business during World War II.and eventually Peffer left the furniture business to pursue radio broadcasting. In 1950, the Dohrmann Hotel Supply Company was listed in the former Peffer store location. -
521 E. Market St. - Alden Apartments - Demolished

Click to Enlarge 500 Block E. Market - I believe the back of the Antler Hotel at 532 E. Main St

Click to Enlarge 530 E. Market St. - The Stockton Record 1920s - Appears to be the Shamrock in the next Block at 602 East Market which at the time was Rothenbush & Cunningham Soft Drinks

E. Market St - American Street Intersects

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602-606 E. Market St. - Former Shamrock - Demolished - A two-story brick building located on the southeast corner of East Market and South American Streets and included the 110-114 S. American Street address. Two shops and a restaurant were on the ground floor.· The site was occupied by a two-story house prior to construction of this building.  By 1930, the Directory lists Golden West Bakery and Modem Cleaners at this address.· By 1935, the Biasotti & Co. Bar had replaced the bakery, and Lorenzo Beauregard Shoe Repair had opened. By 1940, Biasotti was replaced by the Golden Glow Inn, and a typewriter repair shop took over the shoe repair location. By 1945, the bar again changed owners and was now Arthur Basso Liquors. The 1950 City Directory shows that Ernest Galletti's real estate office replaced the clothing cleaner, and the Stockton Window Cleaning Company replaced the typewriter repair. The Redmen's Lodge occupied the second floor. A sign on the building indicated that the ground floor was once occupied by the Shamrock Bar.

612 E. Market St. -Demolished - Originally occupied by the Associated Charities, the forerunner to the county welfare department, who distributed financial assistance to dependent families. In the 1930s and '40s the building was operated by County Hospital as an OPD clinic. In the 19505, the building was utilized as the KWG radio station and later as a printing shop. According to State Office of Historic Preservation records, prior surveys have determined that

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 620-622 E. Market St. - Demolished - Former Cunningham Hotel was built on a site that once housed the. residence of Stockton's most famous sheriff, Thomas Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham served as the County Sheriff from 1871 to 1899. The hotel was constructed in 1926 and provided housing for travelers and long-term residents. By 1940, Berberian Brothers Wholesale Liquors was located on the ground floor of the hotel. This space was converted to Glasier Brothers Wholesale Cigars by 1950. The ground floor retail space in the building was vacant, but the hotel remained in operation as a longer-term residence. - Right photo from the Floyd Perry Jr. Collection. Demolished

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Click to Enlarge 621 E. Market St. - In 1959 the building housed an auto shop and upholstery shop. it has a concrete floor and wood truss roof. Stockton City Directories first listed this building as a commercial garage in 1940. By 1945, L. D. Button Auto Upholstery was located here, and by 1950, Mrs. M. B. Thornton's auto upholstery shop was listed. More recently, the building was occupied by Mills Press, a printing company.

Click to Enlarge 625 E. Market St

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 626-632 E. Market St. - Plat records indicate that this building was originally built and owned by the Boggs family, a prominent Stockton family involved in real estate, business development, and politics. It was  one of the last wood frame buildings to survive in downtown Stockton, and the only one with its original facade. The building had housed a mix of retail and offices uses as well as two second-floor residences. Over the years, businesses in the building included a furniture shop, distributing company, a locksmith, radio store, used clothing store, and Mrs. Rose Koostra's Doll Hospital. It was one of the few wood· frame, Mission Revival style buildings in the downtown commercial area, / Pat's Donut Shop , 632 Stockton Paint Mart. It was demolished to expand the Record Building.

Click to Enlarge 633 E. Market St. - This building is present on the 1950 Stockton Sanborn Map, but it is not on .the 1917. By 1935, Fred Turner owned a warehouse in this building. By 1950, it had been subdivided into several businesses, including Mail-Me-Monday of Central California, the Dave S. Matthews Advertising Agency, and the Multiple Listing Service Bureau. More recently, the building was used as a furniture warehouse. - 625 address painted on the building

Click to Enlarge 640-648 E. Market St. - The Record - Former Winifred Hotel - Appearing on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn Maps, and housed the Winifred Hotel. The hotel was constructed in 1913. Named after Winifred McCoy, a local farmer, who was one of the owners of the building. . The building was used as permanent housing and retail space. Stockton City Directories list the Winifred Hotel in this building at 115 S. Stanislaus by 1921. The Directories did not list other businesses here until1935, when the Pacific Coast Food Store. By 1935, Directories listed the Central California Retail Grocers Association, Humphreys & Matthews Inc. Advertising, and the Toledo Scale Company. In 1940, Li Young Grocery was the only business listed here. By 1945, Andrew Roy Second Hand Clothing was located here, but was converted to a furniture shop by 1950. St Vincent DePaul Thrift Shop - All  demolished for The Record Building

E. Market St - Stanislaus Street Intersects

Click to Enlarge 700 E. Market St. - Rite-Way Cleaners - Appearing on the 1950 Sanborn maps, but not on the 1917. Since its construction, the building has been occupied by several businesses including an advertising agency, and a bookbinding business. The Riteway cleaners has occupied the space for over 40 years. In 1930, Humphreys & Matthews Advertising, publishers of the Stockton City and San Joaquin County Directory, were located here.

708 E. Market - Former Scott Brothers Sign Company
711 E. Market  - Former County Welfare Department

Click to Enlarge 719 E. Market St. - Barrow foundation - This building was constructed in the 1930s for a printing shop by the name of Radcliffe and Julius Printing. The printers remained here through at least 1950. The building was also occupied by the Barrow Foundation Help Center, a social service agency. The last occupant was the Snack Shop

Click to Enlarge 728-736 E. Market - Goodwill Industries

738 E. Market - Former Jewel Tea Company (1935)
748 E. Market - H.D. Sudemeier Motorcycles - Demolished

E. Market St - Grant Street Intersects

801 E. Market - Red D Service Station - Demolished

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 839 East Market Street - Built in 1918 - The Oxford Hotel occupies the upstairs of the main building. It consists of 32 rooms occupied by hotel residents (including a 2 bedroom quarter where the resident manager resides) 839 E. Market St. & 37 S. Aurora - Oxford Hotel - Built in 1918 - The building appears on the 1950 Sanborn map. Stockton City Directories first fist this building in 1925 as the Oxford Hotel, which it remained through at feast 1956. Unfortunately, no ground floor businesses were listed here throughout this period. In 1935, Samuel Cassel and Clementine Renner were fisted in City Directories as the managers. In the 1940s, R. S. Griffin was the manager, and in the 1950s, Henry Stock was listed as the manager

Aurora Street Intersects

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 901 E. Market St. - This four-story building appears on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn maps. The 1895 Sanborn reveals that the Relief Windmill Manufacturing Co. was originally on this site. The 1917 Sanborn maps notes the building as the Hate/New York, with a bar, restaurant, and storage on the first floor. Though a plaque on the building gives a 1910 construction date, the first listing in Stockton City Directories was In 1915. The New York Hotel was listed here through at feast 1950. Its proximity to the rail lines meant that this area was able to support a large number of hotels and temporary housing. - Today it's the New York Apartments. Left photo courtesy of Ron Chapman

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 915 E. Market St. - There is no listing for this building in Stockton City Directories until 1930, at which time it was listed as the Stockton Junk Company. By 1945 it was occupied by Melvin Ivers Van and Storage, and remained so through at least 1950. The .1895and 1917 Sanborn Maps recorded this site as a storage and junk yard, but the current building was noted only on the 1950 Sanborn map.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 920 E. Market St. - Waldmar Apartments - Listed in Stockton City Directories as the Waldemar Apartments starting in 1919. Unlike the majority of Stockton's apartment buildings and hotels, there has never been any retail space in the Waldemar-all three floors are used as residences. Its location next to the rail lines made it a convenient location for temporary housing and for rail road employees.

Click to Enlarge Former Vizelich Hotel - Market & Sacramento - Late 1800s - Early 1900s

1024 E. Market St. - Western Pacific Railroad - Demolished
1025 E. Market St. - American Ice 1925, Covert V. Martin - Demolished

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1149 E. Market St. - Davis Meat Market -

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Star Market - 1201 East Market Street

1302 E. Market St. - Home Cash Market - Demolished

E. Market St - Wilson Way Intersects

Click for Wilson Way

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1514 E. Market St. - Pepsi Cola Bottling Company (1976)
1538 E. Market St. - The Wheel Outlet

Click to Enlarge 1537 E. Market St. - Wilson Way Tire Warehouse
1545 E. Market St. - Former Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Warehouse (1976)

Click to Enlarge 1600 Block of E. Market St. - Apartments

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1728 E. Market St. - Alpine Construction and Roofing / United Mercantile Warehouse (1976)

Click to Enlarge 1746 E. Market St. - Former Zion Christian Assembly church / Valley Mattress

West Market Street

15 W. Market - El Oboro Cafe
19 W. Market - Tia Juana Rooms
28 W. Market - San Joaquin Wholesale Grocers
29 W. Market - A One Hotel
31 W. Market - Tia Juana Cafe / La Paloma Grocery

W. Market St - Commerce Street Intersects

101 W. Market - Stockton Rescue Mission / Victory Market / Stampinoni Soft Drinks (1935)
105 W. Market - Lee Sam Laundry / Maise Soft Drinks (1935)
107 W. Market - El Durango Tavern
109 W. Market - Regis Cafe
111 W. Market - Mary's Cafe
117 W. Market - El Tecate Billiards
121 W. Market - Nocha De Ronda Tavern
122 W. Market - Arizona Hotel
125 W. Market - Hotel Diamond

W. Market St - Madison Street Intersects

220 W. Market - La Rosa Rooming House
236 W. Market - J.P. Wise Soft Drinks (1935)
248 W. Market - Westside Market

W. Market St - Van Buren Street Intersects

400 W. Market - Old Mission Paint Factory (1935)
401 W. Market - Silver Dollar Cafe Tavern
540 W. Market - Seaside Oil Company
Tahiti Iti - 42 S. Monroe at Market St.

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East Market Street

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3- Elite Hotel / Elite Rooms
4- Clair's Clothing Store
8 - Golden Dragon Restaurant
9 - Chicago Laundry & Cleaners
12 - Panelli's Frosty ice Cream & Tavern
15 - Vic's Inn Tavern
17 E. Market St. - Las Palomas Tavern
21 - Chico De Mayo Tavern

22 E. Market St. - Stockton Police Department / Former Eastern Coffee Shop

24 E. Market St. - Adeline's Cafe
25 E. Market St. - Hotel Grand

16 E. Market St. - Hotel Toyo / Tilden Hotel
18 E. Market St. - The Toggery Men's Clothing Store
26 E. Market St. - Star Theatre
28 E. Market St. - Star Fountain Restaurant
36 E. Market St. - Savoia Cafe
42 E. Market St.  - Savoia Hotel
122 W. Market St. - Arizona Hotel

29 E. Market St. - San Joaquin Hotel - San Joaquin Rooms
31 E. Market St. - G&M Liquors
33 E. Market St. - Pacific Billiards
37 E. Market St. - Jackson Cafe
47 E. Market St. - Wells Cafe

E. Market St - El Dorado Street Intersects

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The Brickhouse - 30 S. El Dorado Street

The Brickhouse - 30 S. El Dorado Street

101 E. Market St. - NE Corner of El Dorado St. - Nippon Drug Company  - Demolished in the West End Redevelopment
115 E. Market  - Hotel Roosevelt, 
121 E. Market  - Hotel Yosemite and
125 E. Market  - On Lock Sam

104 E. Market St. - Kings House Chinese Restaurant / Former Bow Bow

107 E. Market - Cooper's Donuts / Palm rooms
111 E. Market - Segarini, Q.G. Liquors - (1950)
112 E. Market - Union Inn Liquors (1950)
114 E. Market - East Market  - Canton Low Restaurant - Demolished
116 E. Market - Victory Cafe
117 E. Market - We Lee Laundry - Demolished
119 E. Market - Pacific Hardware - Demolished

120 E. Market - Maria's Mexican Cafe / Former Sampan /  H&M Clothing Store

121 East Market Street - Yosemite Hotel - Demolished
123 E. Market - Owl Billiards - Demolished
124 E. Market St. - Market Hotel / Hotel Baltimore /

125 E. Market St.
- Former On Lock Sam - Owl Hotel - Demolished

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 126 E. Market St. - Red Orchids Restaurant and Catering. The restaurant can accommodate 130 guests and offers special event service with optional buffet, beer, wine, DJ booth, and small stage area with surround sound speakers. A separate pool room can be converted into a VIP space for privacy upon request. / former Hilltop Restaurant & Catering / Delta Club / Delta Card Room

127 E. Market - Owl Tavern - Demolished
128 E. Market - Delta Bar Tavern
130 E. Market - Delta Casino / Delta Cafe Restaurant - Closed
135 E. Market - Pekin Grill Restaurant - Demolished
136 E. Market - Stockman Rooms
138 E. Market - Stockman Tavern
139 E. Market - Kaufman's Loan Company
140 E. Market - LaRosa Inn
142 E. Market - The Bright Spot Men's Clothing

E. Market St - Hunter Street Intersects

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Market and Hunter looking East - Courtesy of The Stockton Police Department - mid 70s
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Market & Hunter - Former Frank Stewart Library

Market & Hunter - Former Frank Stewart Library
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Canlis Building - 24 S. Hunter

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205 E. Market St. - Former Hazelton Public Library - Located just south of the current county courthouse, Hazleton Library served as Stockton’s library for nearly 70 years. Opened in 1895, the Greek revival building had an exterior made entirely of marble and boasted a collection of 25,000 books. Were it still around today, the library would undoubtedly be one of the city’s most cherished given its architectural significance, no matter the use. While demolished in 1964, its memory lives on at UOP. Then university president Robert E. Burns rescued the library’s marble columns from the scrap heap and brought them to campus. Today, they still stand between the university’s William Knox Holt Memorial Library and Knowles Hall. Legend has it that if you stand in the middle of the columns, you can hear the echoes of your own voice. - Right photo is the Canlis Building with a 24 S. Hunter Address

Click to Enlarge Hunter Market - SE Corner
202 E. Market - Flor De Mexico Inn Tavern - Demolished
206 E. Market- Two O Six Club Tavern - Demolished
208 E. Market- Hotel Royal Side Entrance - Demolished
210 E. Market- Lois Marachi's Cafe - Demolished
214 E. Market St. - Port Stockton Market - Demolished
218 E. Market- Mayford Hotel / New York Laundry - Demolished
230 E. Market- Denver Rooms - Demolished
232 E. Market- Turf Club Tavern - Demolished
234 E. Market St. - Hotel Wayne / Pacific Hotel - Demolished
238 E. Market St. -  Stockton Skating Club - Demolished
242 E. Market St. - Louie's Cafe - Demolished

Downtown Stockton - Market Street . Downtown Stockton - Market Street