Old Downtown Stockton Photos

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Downtown Stockton has been designated a Stockton Enterprise Zone and the Redevelopment Area, designations from the state and city respectively, a myriad of incentives are available to business and property owners. These incentives are a   downtown attempt to attract new businesses and a destination for visitors and residents.

The photos on this page are a collection of photos from the past. Click a thumbnail to enlarge, click again to shrink

Downtown Stockton is pretty much bounded by Center Street on the West, Oak Street on the North, Aurora Street on the East and Washington Street on the South which consists of 72 Blocks. There are hundreds of old photos on these pages


Acacia Street
Dameron Hospital Dameron Hospital early 1900sDameron Hospital 1965525 W. Acacia St - Dameron Hospital - left photo 1950s, middle photo 1914 - Right photo 1927 - The main building still stands.
Airport Way
Airport & 8th 1960s Airport & 8thAirport Way and Eighth St. - 1960s - big Dipper Drive In - Left photo - SPD Archives
2141 Airport Way2141 Airport Way2141 S. Airport Way Former Red "D" Gas Station - Photos by Ron Chapman - 1960
2244 Airport Way2244 Sharpe Lane (S. Airport Way) Former Gaines Market / Uly's Market (1976) - Demolished - Photo by Ron Chapman
Airport Metro RoomStockton Metropolitan Airport - Airport Way
Centromart 2150 West Alpine - Opened in the 1960s2150 West Alpine - Former Centro-Mart #34, Opened in the 1960s Now a Dollar General Market
2211 W. Alpine2211 W. Alpine - Gaines Liquors Moved here from 2231 W. Alpine / Former Ed's Chevron Replaced by a Circle K Food Store. From 1975 through 1977, there was a gift store, a meat market and a Pop Shoppe before the liquor store. Left photo by Ron Chapman, 1977
Former Gaines MarketCorner of Alpine - 3314 Delaware  - Former Alpine Market / Sibs Market / Gaines Market -
229 E. Alpine229 E. Alpine - Former Betty's & Gerry's Ice Cream / Murphy's Ice Cream - Photo Courtesy of Ron Chapman
233 E. Alpine - Zoomba / Former Oak Park Cleaners
253 E. Alpine - Carniceria La Sierra / Former Alpine Mower & Bike / Oak Park Variety Store
Alpine & SutterAlpine at 3311 N Sutter - Alpine Mill in the 1930's
480 E. Alpine480 E. Alpine - Former Bill's Shell Service and 3215 N. California Street CIRS - Ron Chapman photo
3212 N. California St.Alpine and 3212 N. California - Oak Park Inn - Ron Chapman photo
American Street
20-30 N. American St. Former Montgomery Ward20-30 N. American St. Former Montgomery Ward20-30 N. American St. - Former Montgomery Ward. By 1950, Montgomery Ward & Co. occupied 20-30 North American. The 1950 Sanborn Map shows the owner as Montgomery Ward & Co. - Left photo - Cyndi Bard Riker - Stanislaus Street Entrance - Far right photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. - Today it's a parking lot.
Hotel Terry19 N. American St. - Hotel Terry and 533-543 E. Main - Built in 1912 - Originally called the Hotel Rex - The building still stands.
140 North American Street Former Studebaker Gaia Delucchi Delicatessen & Grocery Store140 North American Street - Gaia Delucchi Delicatessen & Grocery Store - Demolished - Sanborn Maps of Stockton show the site as vacant in 1917. The 1950 Sanborn Map recorded the present building. Gaia Delucchi Delicatessen was originally located on Market Street. The business was moved to the N. American Street location in the late 1920s. Stockton City Directories list A. J. Gault Auto as an occupant of 140 N. ·American by 1935 and through 1945. Gaia Delucchi Co. is listed as the sole occupant by 1950. It was example of an industrial architecture influenced by the Art Deco Style. The Delucchi family was well-known in Stockton, and famous for their Italian foods. A Studebaker dealer occupied the building from 1935 through 1945,  Later Gaia Delluchi was located here. it was a two-story stucco clad building with an Art Deco architectural style. - Demolished - today a vacant lot
349 N. American St335 N. American - Four Square Church (1957) / 349 N. American (1942) - Demolished
600 N. American600 Block of N. American St. - Former El Dorado Brewery - Demolished - An apartment building is there today
Aurora Street
33 N. Aurora33 N. Aurora, Spanos Apartments / Walsh Apartments - Hunter's Creamery and Bakery, 1930 City Directory. The building still stands today. The bottom floor is the home of Memco label systems. The building also has an 844-848 E. Weber - - The building stands today
147 N. Aurora - George Wolfe Grocer - The building stands today
Gravem-Inglis Bakery Gravem-Inglis Bakery347 N. Aurora at Lindsay. / 112 S. Center - In 1902 they were Gravem Brothers Bakery (Retail Store). By 1920 they had become Gravem-Inglis Bakery. By 1955 they were Gravem-Inglis Sunbeam Baking Co.  - 1900-1915 - left photo - Ken Piper
former Carnation Company / Gloria Ice Cream Company540 N. Aurora St / former Carnation Company / Gloria Ice Cream Company - Demolished and now a parking lot.
Sears Roebuck BuildingSears Roebuck BuildingSears Roebuck Building620 N. Aurora St - 940 E. Park Street. Sears Roebuck Building - Originally used by the Sunset Door and Sash Co., this vernacular style structure is the oldest massive brick industrial complex still standing in Stockton. Remodeled in 1916, it became the Sears, Roebuck and Company’s only mail order distribution center in California until 1927. Sears’ extensive stock ranged from baby carriages to windmills to feeding molasses. The building was added to the city register by resolution number 86-0274 on May 12, 1986. Top left two photos by Kathy Wetzel, Right photo courtesy of Dan Court.
F. Watrous Feed-SalesAurora between Main & Market - F. Watrous Feed-Sales - 1890s - Imperial Hotel showing at the left of the photo - A different building appears on the 1917.Sanbom map. Based on the Sanborn maps an addition was constructed to the rear of the structure between 1917 and 1950. This building was constructed in the early 1900s and Is similar to other structures on the block. Railroad tracks come to the rear of the building. The Remington Imperial Garage is listed in 1925.and through 1930. There is no listing in 1935, but by 1940, Baldwin and Remington Auto Repair occupied the building. By 1945, Pierce Harless Service Station Equipment is listed in the Directory
35 S. Aurora35 S. Aurora - Althouse Eagal Ford - 35 S. Auroa St. - Althouse - Eagal Co. In 1919 John Eagal and a partner named Althouse opened a Fordson Dealership. A Fordson is shown here loaded aboard a 1919 Federal Truck - Photo posted by Stewart Barber
39 South Aurora at Market St - Aurora Welding Works - 1920s39 S. Aurora St. at Market St - Aurora Welding Works - Oxford Hotel / Built in 1918 - The Oxford Hotel occupies the upstairs of the main building. It consists of 32 rooms occupied by hotel residents (including a 2 bedroom quarter where the resident manager resides)
Aurora & Church - Holt Manufacturing - 1915Aurora & Church - Holt Manufacturing - 1915 - Charles, Benjamin and Frank incorporated the Holt Bros. Company on January 7, 1892, to deal in lumber and iron. Four days later, they also filed incorporation papers for "Holt Manufacturing Company" with Charles H. Holt, Benjamin Holt, Frank A. Holt, G. H. Cowie and G. L. Dickenson as directors. The Holt Bros. Company formed a subsidiary, the "The Stockton Wheel Company", to build the wheels. Stockton was an ideal location, as it could be reached by sea-going ship via the San Joaquin River, 72 miles (116 km) east of San Francisco, and was hot enough to season woods in a way that would prepare them for use in the arid valleys of California and the deserts of the West. The factory cost US$65,000 (or about $1,815,840 ) to build and used a 40-horsepower Corliss steam engine that had been manufactured in Providence, Rhode Island, and shipped around Cape Horn. All of the plant's machines were driven by belts connected to the Corliss engine
On April 22, 1918, British General Ernest Dunlop Swinton (right) traveled to Stockton, California, to publicly honor Benjamin Holt (left) and the company for their contribution to the war and to relay England's gratitude to the inventor for helping to win World War I. Benjamin Holt was recognized by the General at a public meeting held in Stockton.

Former Engine House Number 6527 S. Aurora & Hazelton - Former Engine House Number 6. Holt Manufacturing Company was building caterpillar type tanks for the British Army Tank Corps in the first World War when they arranged a contract with the City of Stockton to build, house, and partial staff a fire company. The contract, initiated on July 27, 1917, specified Holt constructing the house, buying an American La France Auto Pumper, and leasing the items to the city

946 S. Aurora946 S. Aurora - JL Kelley Horses & Mules - Photo courtesy of Kevin Shavner
Aurora & Jefferson1000 Block Aurora & Jefferson - Samson Tractor
Bridge Place
B&M building 25 Bridge PlaceB&M Building - 25 Bridge Place.
Constructed sometime during the 1860s and 1870s. Read More

B&M Building - 25 Bridge Place

This building which is located close to the head of Stockton's Deepwater Channel, bring to mind memories of bygone commerce when Stockton functioned as the primary depot supplying the Mother Lode gold mines. Featuring hints of Italianate styling, the building is abundant with history going back to the California Gold Rush Era. The name B & M was created during the 1930s for the then owners of the building Joseph Breidenbach & Alexander McDonald. The structure was added to the City of Stockton register by resolution number 40,069, August 29, 1983.
Philadelphia House121 Bridge Place - Philadelphia House - Built by Joseph Bridenback in 1871
Philadelphia House129 Bridge Pl. - Sherwood Hotel in 1976 / Mason Hotel (1928)
Channel & Eldorado - Masonic TempleBridge & Eldorado - Masonic Temple
California Street
Main Hotel11 N. California St. - Hotel Main / Hotel MacAllister - This building is present on the 1895,1917 and 1950 Stockton Sanborn Maps. The Stockton City Directory lists the Hotel MacAllister at this address in 1919. By 1925, the name was changed to the Hotel Main, and remained as such through 1950. It later became residential apartments with several commercial spaces below. 
21 - Walt's Tavern / Now a parking lot
25 - California Clothiers - Now a parking lot
29 - Furhman Music - Now a parking lot
31 - Howard's Jewelers - Now a parking Lot - Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
19 N. California19 N. California - Former Pioneer Tomale - Left Photos courtesy of Ron Chapman
Land Hotel 1960 photo courtesy of Bank of Stockton Historical Photograph Collection 24-34 N. California - Land Hotel - The building appears on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn maps. This structure was constructed in the late. 1890s by the Arndt family, who were active in local business. The building was the home to the St9Ckton Record newspaper until 1911. The second floor was known for many years as the Palace Rooms. There is no listing of this address in Stockton City Directories until 1905, when it was known as the Wakefield House. The name. changed to Hotel Wakefield in 1919, then became the Dawson Hotel by 1935. By 1940, the address was listed as the New Cal Hotel and L A Danner Prints.  Trocadero Tavern. Demolished September 2012
28 - The Record Shop - Demolished (in the former Land Hotel)
Hotel St. LeoHotel St. Leo33-45 N. California Street - St. Leo Hotel - The building appears on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn map. City Directories first list the hotel in 1915 and appears in all subsequent directories as the Hotel St. Leo. The Hotel St. Leo is one of several early Twentieth Century hotels constructed in Stockton. The building possesses Renaissance Revival details. The exterior of the St. Leo Hotel retains much of its architectural integrity. Corner of Weber - St. Leo Hotel - looking N.E. with Stockton Engineering College and Ghiardelli sign. The St. Leo was built in 1913. 33. Modern Appliance Store, 37 St Leo Coffee Shop, 39 Hotel St Leo
46 N. California St46 N. California - H.C. Shaw Company - Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. The building is still there, but heavily stuccoed over - Left photo California Street on the south side of the H.C. Shaw building
108 North California Street108 N. California St. - Corner of Weber. - Humphreys College / Humphreys School of Business- 1930s & 1940s -  Today a bank sits on this corner
115-121  North California Street115-121 N. California St. - William P. Miller Carriage Manufacturing  - Entire northern portion of the block demolished for the RTD. This remnant of a larger carriage manufacturing complex is important its association with William Payson Miller. Miller was a prominent citizen and businessman who established one of Stockton's oldest carriage· factories: Miller originally repaired and manufactured the large freight wagons, known as the "Stocktonian" which were used to haul large amounts of equipment and goods to the gold mines. When the demand diminished, he manufactured light carriages and stage wagons, at one point producing about 400 carriages a year. In the/ate 1860's, Miller replaced his original wood shop with a 2-story brick structure, later expanded into a larger and ornate brick building. Miller's carriage factory is present on the 1895 Stockton Sanborn map. The building remained unaltered, though its neighbors were modified, on the 1917. It was later occupied by Bums, Cigars. By 1940, the Goodman Barber Shop and Christensen Rea/Estate. By 1950, the businesses had changed to Stockton Beauty & Barber Supplies and the Mohaghan Typewriter Shop. ·
128 N. California St.128 N. California - E.F. Williams - Wood Coal and Hay
135 N. California St.135 N. California St. - J.N. Harrison & Sons Grocery - 1915
California & Channel - Stockton Business CollegeStockton Business CollegeCalifornia & Channel - Stockton Business CollegeCalifornia & Channel - SE corner Stockton Business College (1891) - Right photo, Floyd Perry Jr. - 1987
222-230 N. California212 N. California - Vacant lot - Former Selma Apartments (1925-1940)
222-230 N. California222-230 N. California222-230 N. California - Pike's Furniture Store - Constructed in 1924, and appears on the 1950 Stockton Sanborn Map. The first occupant of the building was the Pike's Furniture Store. By 1940, Matteoni's Liquors is listed at this address. By 1950, the California Furniture Company occupied the space, which was converted into the Anglo California National Bank by 1955. By 1960, the space changed hands again and was used as the County Assessors' offices. It is currently the San Joaquin Valley Dental Group. - Right photo - Terry Gust
Calif &. Miner240 N. California - California AutoTech /  Former Contenintal Trailways (1957) / Western Auto Supply (1930-1940)
222-230 N. California322 N. California St. - Previously The Downtown Motel - Building Still Standing - Center photo by Ron Chapman
602 N. California602 N. California St. - Former Tolbert Mobilegas - Left photo posted by Kevin Shawver
630 N. California630 N. California St - Morris Brothers  / Former Dawson's Van & Storage
702 N. California702 N. California702 N. California - Cal-Park Liquors / Frank's Package Liquors / Hans Peterson Grocer (1940) - Left photo Kevin Shawver, middle photo, Ron Chapman
1420 N. California1420 N. California1420 N. California - Former State Armory  - Photos courtesy of Ron Chapman.
1521 N. California1521 N. California  - Shower's Hot Dog Stand - Shower's Frosty Ice Cream - Demolished  - Left Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman - On the right, Not any ordinary parking lot. This was the former George's Drive In at 1521 North California St. In 1957 / 1958 /1959 Shower's Frosty Ice Cream and Shower's Hot Dog Stand in the back was located here
1800 N. California1800 N. California1800 N. California1800 N. California  N. California  - St Josephs Hospital / St Josephs Home. "It began as a dream, then a prayer, a hope, and finally a reality. On March 19, 1899, Father William B. O'Connor and the people of Stockton gathered to celebrate the official setting of the cornerstone for St. Joseph's Home and Hospital." - Cards courtesy of Terry Gust - The building stands today
Street Car BarnStreet Car Barn2850 N. California St - Street Car Barns and Offices - Built in 1907 The first Stockton built 10 horsepower electric streetcars were introduced in 1892 to replace horse and mule drawn trolleys used since 1875. The Stockton Electric Railroad Co. built the Streetcar Barns and Office Complex in 1907 and utilized this facility until 1941 after which gasoline powered motor coaches served as the primary mode of public transportation The building was added to the city register by resolution number 85-0307 on May 13, 1985. The building stands today as a grocery store
18 S. California St18 S. California St, just south of Main, late 1930s. visible are Berg's Clothiers, the Fan Club & Cigar Store, Wale's Candy and Ice Cream, Stockton Printing, and Peffer Music and Home Furnishings. The tower on the roof is the broadcast antenna for KDGM. Photo courtesy of Kevin Shawver - The building stands today although heavily remodeled.
21 S. California St21 S. California - Scott's Stationary - Demolished
California and Market - Keyes House
222 S. California - 1910222 S. California - 1918220-222 S. California - Torsean- Body Works
Claremont Apartments247 S. California - Claremont Apartments - 1920s - Demolished for Crosstown Freeway
1420 S. California1420 S. California - Former Lucky's Milk and Ice Cream - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Center Street
Colemans Center and El Dorado 1930sCenter & El Dorado - Colemans - 1930s
Liberty Hotel13 North Center - Leland House / Leland Rooms - Demolished in West End Redevelopment - Ron Chapman photo
Center & Levee Center & LeveeCenter & Levee - Russ House - Left photo - Ron Chapman - right photo - Kevin Shawver
Holiday Inn 1962205 - Weber Point showing The Holiday Inn, Holiday Gulf Station - all Demolished
Holiday Inn 1962 Holiday Inn 1962221 N. Center - Holiday Inn - Demolished - Left photo, Scott Herring
 235 N. Center235 N. Center235 N. Center - Chili Pepper Restaurant  - Behind the Holiday Inn
Stockton Memorial Civic AuditoriumStockton Memorial Civic Auditorium525 N. Center St - Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium - Built 1924-1925. A classic revival style building designed by local architects Glenn Allen, Ivan C. Satterlee and W. J. Wright features sculpted panels over the seven front entrances. A floor of California marble and an art glass skylight in the center of the flat dome. Stocktonians conducted bond drives to fund construction of the memorial auditorium to honor those who gave their lives while serving in the armed forces in World War I.
1200 N. Center St1200 N. Center St - Odd Fellows IOOF Hall, built in 1935. It was originally constructed as the office for the California Department of Public Works Highway Division. In the 50's & 60's it was the AAA auto club office. The building still stands.
South Center - Mostly Demolished in the West End Redevelopment
Occidental Hotel (center) and Weber House (foreground), ca. 1875Occidental HotelSW Corner Center and Main Streets Occidental Hotel (center) and Weber House (foreground), ca. 1875
Center & Main - Looking at Main Street - 1880sCenter & Main - Looking at Main Street - 1880s
Occidental Hotel (center) and Weber House (foreground), ca. 1875Weber House - Center Street - 1860s7 S. Center Street - Hotel Weber / Weber House - SW Corner Center and Main Streets - The Weber House was Stockton's best and finest hotel for nearly twenty years. It was a three-story brick building with 150 rooms, erected in 1853 at a cost of $50,000 by Dr. R. K. Reid and J. M. Warner. On December 1st it was opened by W. W. Warner. A banquet was given that evening with Captain Weber as toastmaster, and a large company enjoyed the feast. The building was heavily mortgaged to John Dillon, and was soon in the sheriff's hands. On March 20, 1855, it was bid in by the mortgagee for $12,000. Colonel Manning leased the building in 1855, in 1858 Dillon & Gross conducted it, and in 1860 Gorham & Sperry took charge. The Occidental Hotel is the center building on the right photo. Demolished in West End Redevelopment
33-35 S. Center33-35 S. Center - Liberty Theatre / Royal Theatre
29 S. Center - Shueng Loy Cafe 27 S. Center - Zieglers / Panama Inn Tavern
25 S. Center - Hotel Los Angeles
All Demolished in West End Redevelopment Photo courtesy of Larry Arroyo
Zieglers27 S. Center St. - Zieglers / Panama Inn Tavern
33-35 S. Center33-35 S. Center - Liberty Theatre / Royal Theatre - Demolished in West End Redevelopment
100 Blk South Center - U.S. Hotel - Centromart103 S. Center - U.S. Hotel - 1964  - Demolished in West End Redevelopment- Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Centro-Mart - 111 South Center - DemolishedCentro-Mart - 111 South Center - Demolished111-117 South Center - Centro-Mart - Demolished - today, it's the Greyhound Bus Depot location
139 South Center - Mandarin Market - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman139 S. Center - Roley's Chevron / Mandarin Market - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman - Demolished in West End Redevelopment
Old Franklin School Center and WashingtonCenter and Washington - Franklin School - West side of Center between Washington and Lafayette - For a long time the board of education discussed the building of a schoolhouse and in August, 1858, they concluded that they had sufficient money and by a vote they selected a lot on Center and Washington streets as the location, and October 14 work was commenced. The building then constructed stood on the Franklin school lot, having been in constant use up to 1900. It was a substantial building of brick, two stories high and containing two large rooms as well as cloak rooms, a model building for that time. With the completion of the building, the public schools were housed beneath a roof of their own. The joy of the event was considered worthy of a public demonstration. On February 25, 1859, the change to the new building was made amid much rejoicing, the boys to whom the good fortune fell of occupying the new building, marched to their new home  - Demolished
Colombo Hotel228 S. Center - Colombo Hotel - Demolished in West End Redevelopment
Centro Hotel230 S. Center - Centro Hotel
324 S. Center Street - Arroyo's Cafe / Former Acme Auto Parts324 S. Center - Arroyo's Cafe / Former Acme Auto Parts - Left Photo Courtesy of Larry Arroyo. Right Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr
401 South Center - Stockton Rescue Mission / Nippon Hotel401 S. Center - Stockton Rescue Mission / Nippon Hotel - Demolished in West End Redevelopment
403 S. Center St.403 S. Center St. - San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum photo, Taken in front of Gaetano Alegretti's grocery and saloon at 403 S. Center Street. Alegretti opened his store in 1869 and was a gathering place for new immigrants. He was often asked to write letters home for those who couldn't write because he was fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Pictured at left is A.P. Giannini, founder of the Bank of Italy (now Bank of America).
410 S. Center St.410 S. Center St - Dayton Cyclery 1915 Dayton Motorcycle - This copy hangs in The Genova Bakery. I was told the the 3rd guy from the left is Angelo Rolleri, Genova Bakery founder
443 S. Center St443 S. Center St. -
Former Huck's Drive Inn & Huckins Mobile Gas (1959) Former Huck's Drive Inn & Huckins Mobile Gas (1959) Former Huck's Drive Inn & Huckins Mobile Gas (1959) 1203 S. Center St. - Former Huck's Drive Inn & Huckins Mobile Gas (1959) - Still in the 1976 Directory  / Hucks Frost Top Restaurant - Huckings Tourist Camp - Left photo - Nicola Mclachlin
1335 S. Center 1335 S. Center - C.A. Jensen's Shoe Repair - Late 1800s - Early 1900s
Edison High1425 S. Center - Thomas Alva Edison High School - Opened in 1941 at what is now the corner of Charter Way, now called Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, and Center Street. It is named after the American Inventor Thomas Edison. The campus has been expanded through the years, with the addition of major classroom buildings and a library in the 1970s. and new classroom additions for the 2013-14 school year.
Channel Street
State of California Office Building Cornethian Building31 E. Channel - State of California office building. (center and far right) Completed in 1964 on the site of the former Cornithian building. (Left) The Corinthian  was Stockton's second theatre - Charles Weber and Richard Hammond constructed this building in 1850 on the north shore between Center and El Dorado Streets. The building served as the town meeting hall, theatre and restaurant.
25 East Channel street25 East Channel street. The building was directed in 1863 for the use of the "Weber's" of the Volunteer Department. It was then joined on the west by the Corinthian Building, a three-story structure which, when it was erected in 1850, was the largest building in a State of California. It was owned by Weber & Hammond and in 1851 contained the post-office, the court-room (presided over by Justice of the Peace S. Dean) a church, a theater, a public assembly room where society gathered in the early days to "trip the light fantastic," the law offices of Terry & Perley and Van Buren & Root, and a number of private lodgings
Channel & Eldorado -31 E. Channel - Busalacchi Fish Market - (1947)
Channel & HunterChannel & Hunter - Kevin Shawver
1890s: Hunter St. and Bridge St.Channel & Hunter St. and Philadelphia House - 205 Bridge St. - Pioneer Coal - 315 North Hunter - 1880s
191-193 East Channel - Europa Hotel & Weber Fire Department - 1880s191-193 East Channel - Europa Hotel & Weber Fire Department - 1880s
Channel & San JoaquinChannel and San Joaquin Yo semite Cash Grocery
419 E. Channel - Stockton Auto Garage419 E. Channel - Stockton Auto Garage - 1909
Ambassador HotelAmbassador Hotel - Channel & Sutter looking NE- Building still stands - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Charter Way
147 E. Charter Way147 E. Charter Way147 E. Charter Way - Former Don's Drive Inn / J's Burgers / Mandy's Burgers - Second from right Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Fosters Freeze202 E. Charter Way - Former Foster's Old Fashion Freeze - Demolished to expand Bank of America
207 E. Charter Way   207 E. Charter Way - Site of Former Toppers Drive Inn - Middle and right photos above: SPD Archives - Today, just a parking lot (1957)
210 E. Charter - Bank of America - There was a Foster's Freeze on the corner. It was removed when the bank expanded. Left photo by Ron Chapman
230 E. Charter Way - El Jaliciense Meat Market / Former Bel-Air Market / Stetson's Market / Dicks Market  - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
 Charter Way and San JoaquinCharter Way and San Joaquin looking West - Photo Charter Way and San Joaquin looking east 1950s - courtesy of Kevin Shavwer
Former Safeway 349 East Charter WayFormer Safeway 349 East Charter Way348 E. Charter Way - Los Primos Market / Former Safeway - 1930-1950 - Tony G's Cocktail Lounge
350 E. Charter - Luna's Fashion / Meyer Paint Store
401 E. Charter Way - Gaby's Cafe /  Former John's Coffee Shop (1976) / Former Myrtle's Waffle Shop 
608 E. Charter Way608 E. Charter Way - Beto's Mexican Restaurant / Former Taco Bell
702 E. Charter Way700-702 E. Charter - Furniture Store / Former Donald Hillcock Dentist /

700 - Former Square Electric Co
702 Former Subway Tavern / Former Vlassie Constantino Liquors


Charter Way Underpass - 1937Charter Way Underpass looking East. 1937
1415 Airport WayCharter Way and 1409 S. Airport Way - Former Horse Shoe Club - left photo courtesy of Kevin Shawver
Holiday Inn 19621333 E. Charter Way - Stockton Motor Inn / Former Motel Lodge
Charter and Wilson Way - 1934Charter And Wilson Way looking East - 1934
Charter and Wilson Way - 1934Charter And Wilson Way looking West - 1934
Charter Way Detention CenterCharter Way Detention Center
Charter Way West
Center and Charter WayConstructed by Drs. Clark and Langdon on the southeast corner of the intersection of Center and South streets (now Charter Way) and originally named the Pacific Insane Asylum (also referred to as the Pacific Hospital), this institution cared for Nevada and Arizona patients as well as private individuals. It was opened in September, 1877. Today it is the site of the Edison Senior High School campus.
310 W. Charter Way310 W. Charter WayFormer Safeway / Centromart - Charter Way310 W. Charter - Former Safeway / Centro-Mart - Now a Dollar General Market
441 W. Charter Way530 W. Charter Way - Charter Way Friendship Inn

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