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San Joaquin County is home to 15 school districts housing more than 200 school sites. Great strides have been made by school officials in recent years to make sure the information needed by parents to ensure their student is enrolled at the right school is easily available.

2901 Arch-Airport - San Joaquin County Office of Education / Superintendent of Schools

You can click on a link  below to visit a  school district's website. This is often the latest news and information about a particular school.

San Joaquin Public Schools

Click to Enlarge Banta Elementary School District - The Banta Elementary School consists of just one school location with a approximately 300 students. It's a K through 8 school with graduating students transferring to Tracy High. There are 13 teachers in the classrooms one Resource Specialist. The class size is reduced in grades K through 3. The country setting, ambiance and size of Banta School provides specialized attention to all of it's students
Collegeville Elementary School Collegeville School has a proud tradition of excellence and a dedicated and caring staff that serves 160 students in 7 classrooms in Kindergarten through fifth grade. The Collegeville community takes great pride in their school and they are the center of their community. Located at the intersection of Mariposa Rd and Jack Tone Rd, a school has occupied this location since the late 1800's when the Morris College began serving the west Stockton area
Click to Enlarge Escalon Unified School District The Escalon school district\'s mission is to provide a solid, well-rounded education that will help each and everyone of their students reach her or his potential, as a student and, ultimately, as a productive member of their community. They believe that this web site will help in achieving that mission by increasing the involvement of parents and community members alike in their public school system.
Farmington School - 25233 East  Highway 4, Farmington Ca - The Farmington Elementary School is committed to assisting all students in meeting or exceeding all district adopted content and performance standards. The school will develop and implement instructional strategies to promote critical thinking skills and enhance instruction for learning across the curriculum to meet the individual needs of all learners
Holt Union School District. Holt - Union School District - Chuck Holland, Superintendent, 1545 S. Holt Road, Stockton, CA 95206-9618, (209) 463-2590
Click to Enlarge Jefferson School District Located in south Tracy, the district has four schools with an enrollment of 2,400 Kindergarten through eighth-grade students. All four schoolsí students scored above 800 in the 2004-05 API report, an outstanding accomplishment and a reflection of the dedication and talent of their students and staff.
Lincoln Unified School District - Lincoln School District Education Center - 2010 West Swain Rd. Stockton, California and serves more than 8,500 students at 14 "learning centers" throughout the northwestern section of the city.
Click to Enlarge Linden Unified School District The district encompassed 160 square miles. When the district was formed there were 8 elementary schools serving 1370 students and one high school serving 477 students. Over the years Everett, Grant, Bellota and Chartville schools were closed. The others, along with the high school, have been modernized and expanded. Today the district has four elementary school serving 1610 students, one high school serving 670 students and a continuation high school serving 45 students.
Lodi Unified School District - 1305 East Vine Street, Lodi - The Lodi Unified School District (LUSD) is located in San Joaquin County, California. LUSD covers the north part of Stockton, all of LodiLockeford, Woodbridge and the northern rural part of San Joaquin County. Currently there are approximately 28,400 students.
Manteca Unified School District - 2271 West Louise Avenue - Manteca Unified School District (MUSD) is based in Manteca California. MUSD operates schools in Manteca, Lathrop, French Camp, and Stockton (Weston Ranch)
Ripon Unified School District - 304 North Acacia Avenue - It is their desire to open the doors of communication between school and home. Partnerships with families and their community are crucial to the success of their students. As you peruse this site they welcome your comments and ask you to share your ideas with them!
Stockton Unified School District  701 North Madison Street - (also known as S.U.S.D) is a school district with it's headquarters in Stockton, California. SUSD is one of four school districts along with Lincoln School District, Lodi School District and Manteca School District all operating within the city of Stockton.
San Joaquin County Office of Education 2901 Arch Airport Road - Bestows educational leadership, services and resources, to assist schools in Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Ripon, Manteca, Linden, including the rest of San Joaquin county. With its abundantly respected programs, inventive staff, and community collaborations; SJCOE ensures that each student throughout County is afforded the chance of a first-class education.
Tracy Unified School District - 1875 West Lowell Avenue - Is made up of of two all-inclusive high schools, an alternative education high school, a community school, a pair of middle schools, five K through 8 schools plus eight K through 5 elementary school locations. They provide education to more than 16,500 students. The instructional curriculum and staff enhancement opportunities are broadly known for their quality, originality, and efficacy in achieving educational excellence. Teachers within the Tracy district are a part the most committed professionals to be found anywhere inside of California. 
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Private Schools

212 North San Joaquin Street - Catholic Schools of the Diocese of StocktonCatholic Schools - 212 North San Joaquin Street - Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Stockton website. They currently serve approximately 5,000 students from preschool through 12th grade in eight preschools, twelve elementary schools and two high schools, mostly in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties. Annunciation Elementary School
Former Centromart - Now a Church 2222 Lever BlvdApostolic Christian Academy - 2222 Lever Blvd - Former Centromart store
Carden School of Stockton 1200 West Hammer Lane - They are saddened to inform you that after 43 years of watching their youngsters grow, learn, and succeed in the community, Carden School of Stockton is closing its doors and suspending operations.
Childrens Home of Stockton 430 North Pilgrim Street - Organized in 1882 solely for the express purpose of "providing charitable assistance to the residents of City of Stockton", the Ladies Aid Society of Stockton subsequently created when open-minded residents recognized the imperative need for a shelter for children, as the city nor the state of California provided services and assistance for neglected dependent children. The initial fee for membership was just five dollars, and at that the membership was excruciatingly tiny. Eleven local women residents created the Home Sewing Circle, in 1901 and raised funds which were given to the Children's Home
  • Craigmart Academy - 5361 North Pershing #H
Merryhill Schools at Brookside - 4811 Riverbrook Drive - Students are prepared to be academically successful, capable of transferring their knowledge and skills to new challenges, and confident in their ability to succeed. They offer a challenging and well-rounded academic curriculum, and they integrate subjects together so that students can understand how they apply to everyday life.Merryhill School is part of the Nobel Learning Communities group of schools, a professional development affiliate of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Montessori Children's House - 2448 Country Club Blvd
New Harvest Christian FellowshipNew Harvest Christian - 1950 Cherokee Rd. - New Harvest Christian School is an extension of the ministry of New Harvest Christian Fellowship. On August 2008 New Harvest entered their 15th year as an Educational Facility. Because of the fine Christian men and women who gave themselves to this ministry of Christian education, they are also beginning their 8th year as a Private Christian School. The facility includes 1st grade through High School
  • New World Montessori - 2367 Waudman
  • Oakbrooke Private School - 5 West Swain Road
Presentation Elementary School - 6715 Leesburg Place - Presentation School is a family-oriented community that supports and advances the goodness of every student, teacher, parent, and faculty They recognize and rejoice the request to be custodians of their God provided endowments. They are dedicated to extending their affiliation with Christ and promote Gospel values inside an assistance oriented, decency reflective atmosphere that arouses a passion for knowledge.
  • Rainbow School - 1801 Bristol Avenue
  • Samuel N. Hancock Christian School - 1610 East Main Street
  • Sierra Christian Elementary School - 4368 North Sutter Street
St George Parish School - 144 West 5th Street St. George Parish School provides a comprehensive academic program enhanced with opportunities for enrichment. Core curriculum is aligned with the California Common Core Curriculum standards. Student progress is monitored weekly through iReady, an adaptive diagnostic tool, and annually through STAR testing, a standardized assessment.
St Gertrude Catholic School - 1701 East Main Street
St Lukes Catholic Elementary School - 4005 N. Sutter Street - St. Luke's Catholic Elementary School is a culturally diverse community of learners united in faith beliefs. The School, founded in 1961, serves Transition Kinder through Eighth Grade. They are blessed with the presence of the Sacro Costato Missionary Sisters of Rome as well as a credentialed lay staff. Please give the Office a call for more information, (209) 464-0801.
Saint Marys High School - 5648 North El Dorado Street - St. Mary's is proud of their Catholic heritage, their own traditions, and their Stockton community history Because they have faith that people are the zenith of God's earth creations, St. Mary's strives to advance the entire person - intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially, They understand that they must persist in being distinctive and up to date, with a dedication to improving students who have the necessary competence for years to come and who make decisions which reveal Christian values. Their mutual goal as a society is to emphasize value-rooted instruction and scholarly excellence  

A quote from Peter D. Morelli, Principal, St. Mary's High School - October 24, 2009

"Pope Benedict XVI recently announced that the church is celebrating the Year for Priests. Although recent stories have focused on abuse by some priests, my personal life experience has been blessed with priests who preach the word from the Bible, celebrate the sacraments and by their own example are kind, loving and charitable men.

As a very young boy, I can still remember my mother's joy and affection for our parish priests at St. Gertrude, Father Edward Noonan, who would tease the women after Mass by taking their hats and putting them on his head.

My association continued in grammar school at Annunciation with Monsignor William Burke. He visited classrooms, handed out report cards, and when one received a positive comment from him, it was special. Father Donald Cefalu, a priest at Annunciation, would frequent the playground and join the boys in a game of basketball. It was extraordinary when a priest was with us.

Stockton became a diocese in 1962, and Annunciation Church became the Cathedral. I was assigned to be the personal Mass server for Stockton's first bishop, Bishop Hugh Donohue, at his home on Harding Way. It was a privilege to serve Mass for the bishop and Monsignor James E. Cain. After Mass, there were perks - a visit with the bishop, breakfast served by Mrs. Risso (the housekeeper), and being late for school. What a treat!

Then I spent four years at St. Mary's High School - two years with Franciscan priests and two years with diocesan priests. The two principals at St. Mary's were Fr. Barnabus Hughes, Franciscan Friar, and Monsignor James deGroot, a diocesan priest - both wonderful men. Monsignor Robert Silva, who is still in the Stockton Diocese, was our sophomore religion teacher.

However, in my 26 years at St. Mary's as a teacher and administrator, I have had a close relationship with the religious order of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales who have been associated with St. Mary's for 40 years. I have worked closely with Father John Fallon, president, and have been fortunate to be mentored by him in my role as principal. Father Fallon is one of the most generous men I have ever met. He never says no to anyone who asks him for a favor. In addition to administering a high school, he celebrates Mass on weekends at O'Connnor Woods and in parishes throughout Stockton. Father Fallon has been asked frequently to perform weddings, baptisms, and funerals. He also presided over my father's anointing of the sick and his funeral.

Father Clark Kelley, a former Spanish teacher at St. Mary's and current chaplain has been an adviser in teaching me about the common-sense spirituality of St. Francis de Sales. Father Kelley, like Father Fallon, works five days a week at St. Mary's and on weekends works in a parish. Over the years he has celebrated Mass at St. Bernard's, Tracy, St. Bernadette's, and currently at St. Luke's, both in Stockton. Father was there for my mother in her last hours. Over the years, I have been closely associated with the Oblates, and have found them to be gentle and kind in spirit and generous to all. It is hard to describe how much these men mean to me.

Another special remembrance of kindness from a priest was from Father Mike Kelly. Our son, Matthew, while in kindergarten at Annunciation, suffered a seizure and was sent to St. Joseph's Hospital on Christmas Eve. Father made that visit and others to see how Matthew was during his stay.

Priests are often criticized, as are many in positions of leadership, but I think they are really unsung heroes. We need to be grateful for our priests, as Pope Benedict has strongly suggested to all Catholics throughout the world.

The Lord said, "I have come to serve and not to be served." This statement reflects the role of the priest.

Giving thanks and being grateful is the call from Pope Benedict in celebrating the Year for Priests. Grateful people have a profound sense of trust: trust in God and trust in others.

Pope Benedict has called us to be grateful people for the work of priests and to celebrate the loving and charitable men who serve the faithful, who, with their priests, serve God, the church and the kingdom of heaven. "

  • Saint Michaels Preschool - No website
  • - 5882 North Ashley Lane
  • Stockton Accelerated institute - 116 West Willow Street
Stockton Baptist Church Stockton Baptist School - 5480 North Highway 99 - Stockton Baptist Church provides a far reaching array of programs and services in addition to college and Christian school courses offered by way of Pacific Baptist Bible College .
Stockton SDA School - 2929 South B Street - Seventh-day Adventist school located in Stockton, CA. The staff are committed to providing quality education in a Christ-filled environment. You are invited to find out more about the school. This school is part of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist school network. The Seventh-day Adventist educational system includes elementary and high schools, colleges and universities in countries around the globe.
Lutheran Preschool. - 444 N. American Street and 603 E. Lindsay Trinity Lutheran Preschool - 444 N. American Street and 603 E. Lindsay - Godís family of children tested and prepared by Godís words to get in touch with all the entire community by teaching, worshipping, and serving through the love of Christ.  
  • Twin Oaks Academy - 8800 Thornton Road
  • United Christian Schools - 2111 Quail Lakes Drive
  • Write Start Learning Center - 4453 Precessi Lane


CSU Stanislaus - 612 East Magnolia Street - Cal State University Stanislaus-Stockton Center is situated in University Park . University Park is the 100 plus acre location of the former Stockton Developmental Center located in Stockton's central historical Magnolia District.

Cal State University Stanislaus-Stockton Center Cal State University Stanislaus-Stockton Center Cal State University Stanislaus-Stockton Center

Heald College - 1605 East March Lane - Heald's Campus in Stockton builds upon a teaching legacy that started in 1906. Ever since its founding, Heald Stockton has develop into a leading vocation college that presents a variety of curriculum in technology ,business, and health care. As the Stockton region emerges as a large market for new careers, they persist in the education of students to become completely qualified for satisfying careers with the best employers
Humphreys CollegeHumpreys University - 6650 Inglewood Avenue - Humphreys University is an independent California institution of higher education devoted to providing effective instruction and related learning experiences, with campuses in Stockton and Modesto. Certificates, associate, baccalaureate, and juris doctor degrees are awarded in a number of fields within three broad academic areas: law, business, human services and liberal arts
Click to Enlarge Kaplan College - 722 West March Lane - Kaplan College shares your vision for a brighter future. They want to work with you to make this dream possible. they understand that in order to seek a new career or gain advancement in your current profession, you need the knowledge and skills that will set you apart. They can provide a real-world education that can help create promising opportunities - Formerly Maric College
MTI Business College - 6006 North El Dorado Street - Stockton MTI Business College was founded in 1968 to offer technical, business, and medical training and education to meet the prerequisites of employers and residents of the region. The College moved to it's present campus in 1978
National University - 3520 Brookside Road - National University is a private, non-profit college, the second largest in California and also the first choice for students transferring from a community college. They have registration year-round, online degrees, flexible programs, and unique single-course-per-month formats are matched to fit your hectic lifestyle
San Joaquin Delta College - 5151 Pacific Avenue - Situated in North Stockton, California, The San Joaquin Delta College (SJDC) two-year college sits on around 165 acres of prime land directly across the street from two major shopping malls. Virtually 19,000 students attend the college which offers associate degree programs (AA) and additionally provides certificate programs featuring 139 major study areas. Jan 13, 2011
UEI College - 4994 Claremont
UOP. Univerity of Pacific - 3601 Pacific Avenue - A private university located in Stockton, California, University of the Pacific (UOP) was in the beginning associated by means of the United Methodist Church. On the tenth of July 1851, UOP was chartered in Santa Clara California using the moniker "California Wesleyan College." By 1858, the college founded the first school of medicine on the entire Western Coast. This school of medicine went on to became a part of Stanford University and today is the California Pacific Medical Center. Formerly called "COP" and later "UOP," now the school is principally recognized by the pet name of "Pacific" to steer clear of any association with the University of Phoenix. Feb 9, 2011

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