Lodi California, A Coveted Hometown Feeling Community

Lodi is an up-to-date contemporary city that still gives off a hometown feel

City of Lodi SealOne of those reasons is that it really is a hometown community. The residents are celebrated and remembered for their contributions, which causes Lodi to remain a coveted community. It is this legacy of pride and doing is why Lodi persists in in being an envious place for people to live and watch their families grow. Lodi continues to improve upon that sense of community and provide for the requirements of its residents without giving up the small town life quality we all have come appreciate - simply, it's called "Lodi-Style."

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Lodi has been honored with remarkable residents and stays special because of them. These are people with great foresight and vision that have strived to maintain a life quality unmatched in any other Central Valley community. Besides being a "just perfect" location snuggled in the big valley between ocean and mountains,

Take a short drive past the heart of revitalized historic downtown Lodi, and becomes plain to will see and feel the very reason Lodi, California is a very special place. From the shaded streets that are filled with children laughing and playing in the community parks and riding bicycles in secure and protected neighborhoods where people still know and interact with their neighbors.

The city of Lodi is a still small community that hasn't become an isolationist bedroom community of progressive urbanization. There is a deep seated sense of community running through residents who work and live in concert. Lodi is ethnically diverse, which allows the community opportunities to enjoy their abounding cultural heritages.

More than 50 years ago, the Lodi community went door-to-door to raise funds to open a hospital for the community that today still magnificently serves the community.

This is a community which resurrected an old high school destroyed by fire, by a single fundraiser after another. One single pledged personal gift at a time constructed a community center that that takes no back seat to any other throughout the Central Valley. This facility, called Hutchins Street Square, is an epicenter for galleries, the performing arts, a 789-seat theater, plus also provides youth services owing to Camp Hutchins and provides assistance to the senior population of the community. These daycare services are professionally operated, and provide a needed service to the citizens.

Lodi newcomers often describe a feeling of going back to a place and a point in time where community spirit and civic pride are still very personal, and this warmth is seen and felt in the peoples greetings. The community is enjoying this reawakening and this exhilaration is contagious Jan 18, 2011

Lodi in San Joaquin County California. Click image for larger view

The Lodi California Arch was built to commemorate this first event, the Arch still stands today.

Stockton Municipal Airport

Throughout the seasons, there's always something interesting and fun taking place in or around Lodi, that people of any background or age will enjoy. And if that's not satisfying enough, Lodi is an easy day trip drive from the Mother Lode and Gold Rush country, Sacramento, the San Joaquin Delta, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Monterey. and San Francisco and Almost hidden by sprawling expanses of vineyards plus miles of cherry, almond, and walnut orchards, this region summons tourists to stop for a closer look at Lodi and it's surrounding wine country




Lodi is served by Stockton Metropolitan Airport, located on county land just south of city limits. The airport has been approved as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and is primarliy employed by agricultural  and manufacturing organizations for shipping reasons. (FTZs) were originated in the U.S. to impart specialized customs practices to U.S. companies involved in international trade-related pursuits.

Since the deregulation of airlines, passenger service has been hit and miss a number of times. Most recently, domestic service resumed in June 2006 with service to Las Vegas by Allegiant Air, and the days of service/number of flights were expanded a few months later due to demand. Also in 2006, Aeromexico had planned to provide service to and from Guadalajara, Mexico, but the airport's plan to build a customs station at the airport was initially rejected by the customs service. However, the possibility of building this station is currently a continuing matter of negotiation between the airport and the customs service, and Aeromexico has indicated a continuing interest in eventually providing service. Ground transportation is available from Hertz, Enterprise, Yellow Cab and Aurora Limousine. Air service to Phoenix began in September 2007. - California International Airports: California Airports

Amtrak: Lodi Ca Amtrak Station Lodi is an unstaffed Amtrak station on the San Joaquin line in Lodi, California. The station is located at 24 South Sacramento Street. Lodi station consists of one platform which serves a single track. A station house with a ticket vending machine is adjacent to the platform. An unattended parking lot is available for passengers at the station. (Route)

Area: The amount of land area in Lodi is 27.456 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Lodi is 12 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0.275 sq kilometers.
The distance from Lodi to Washington DC is 2512 miles. The distance to the California state capital is 28 miles. (as the crow flies) Lodi is positioned 38.12 degrees north of the equator and 121.29 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Arts & Entertainment: Hutchins Square

Biographies: The fictional GI Joe character Flash was born in Lodi.,  A & W Root Beer was first concocted in Lodi by druggist Roy Allen in 1919.,  the home town of The Girls Next Door co-star Bridget Marquardt,  Home of Eric "DJ Rascal" Hernandez


• Lodi, Images of America - From its start in 1859 as a small pioneer village to its progression into a modern agricultural and industrial city The City of Lodi has been promoted for years as an enviable place to raise a family. The rich soil on the southern Mokelumne River bank has benefited several generations proud of this city located at the uniting of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys

• Jessie's Grove - Joseph, Jessie’s father settled in the Lodi area during the 1860’s search for land. He found a spot on a ranch of 320 acres in the center of the appellation of Lodi where oak trees were growing the tallest. Jessie, who had become a natural environmentalist in the 1800’s, acquired her father’s appreciate of nature along with his love for those priceless oak trees growing on the family ranch

Chamber: The Chamber of Commerce in Lodi thinks Chamber membership should be seen as an investment, and not an expense. Many rewards for your membership in the Chamber can be expected on your money an in increase your company's' bottom line. Due to each business being unique, the source for those returns may differ,  Click to are some of the benefits of a Lodi Chamber membership.

Churches: Lodi Churches Lodi California Church Guide, Places to worship in Lodi California & Surrounding Areas with addresses, service times, email addresses

City: City of Lodi Official Web Site

City Facts:  City Data

Climate: Lodi is weather is temperate, with warm dry days and cool nights in the summer. Winter is usually mild with rare freezing temperatures. Some light rain falls during the winter months. The weather in Lodi is mild winters and warm summers. 
Lodi average annual rainfall is 13.95 inches per year
Lodi average annual precipitation is 13.95 inches per year.
Lodi average temperature is 63 degrees F.
The average winter temperature is 45.2 degrees F.
The average spring temperature is 59.0 degrees F.
The average summer temperature is 78.0 degrees F.
The average fall temperature is 64.6 degrees F.

Colleges: Nearby Stockton is home to several well known higher educational institutions including the University of the Pacific California State University Stanislaus-StocktonSan Joaquin Delta Community CollegeHumphreys College and School of Law, as well as a variety of private and vocational schools. • California Colleges • USA Colleges

Community:  Lodi Ca Community • Community Profile

Current Events: Lodi News Headlines

Economy: Agriculture: Vegetables, fruits and nuts, dairy products, cattle, nursery stock, grapes. • Industry: Electronic components and equipment, aerospace, film production, food processing, petroleum, computers and computer software, tourism.

Editorial: Vdare

Elevation: 51 feet above sea level.


January: Delicato Vineyards Annual Arts Show - Phone 209.824.3503 - Lodi
Late March/Early April: Spring Wine Show - (held in late March/early April, so as not to coincide with Easter every year), showcases the area's 50-plus award-winning wineries.
Lodi Appellation
May: Zinfest Wine Festival, Lodi - Phone 209.367.4727
June: Wine and Sausage Festival: Lodi - Phone 209.369.8052
September: Lodi Grape Festival: Lodi is well known for the towns production of grapes and wine. Lodi is referred to as the Grape-Wine capital of California. The Lodi Grape Festival includes rides, food, and wine tasting.
October: Lodi Street Fair- Phone 209.367.7840 - Lodi
November: Sandhill Crane Festival, Lodi - Phone 209.367.7840

Lodi California, was known as Mokelumne Station and established in 1869. How Lodi got its name is a mystery. It has been said it was named after a popular racehorse.

In the early 1900's Tokay grapes were introduced into the area, and the town was able to grow and prosper. In 1907 the first Tokay Carnival was held to promote this particular grape. The Lodi California Arch was built to commemorate this first event, the Arch still stands today.

Facts: Lodi Quick Facts: • Population, Education, Housing Units, Ownership Rate, Households, Median Income, Land Area

Flag: Lodi City Flag


Founded: 1906

Government: Lodi Municipal Code • Community Calendar • Lodi Fire Department • Lodi Police Department

Healthcare: Lodi Health Care - There is a wide range of health care facilities in Lodi, with excellent coverage for any and all who may need this kind of service.

Highways: Highway Road Conditions Map   California State Highway 99, State Highway 12  • J3 - West Lane • J10 - Lower Sacramento Road • Highway Markers • Sign Resource Manual

Historical Landmarks: Lodi Arch California State Historic Landmark 931 • Women's Club of Lodi • Hotel Lodi

History: Lodi Historical Society •   Lodi History Timeline & Photos • Lodi History
• Downtown Lodi

Home Builders: Lodi and San Joaquin Real Estate Developers

Hotels, Motels, Inns:Places to Stay in Lodi •

Incorporation Date: December 6,  1906

Lakes: Lodi Lake • Lodi Lake

Library: Lodi Ca Library

Location: Lodi location: in San Joaquin County about 12 miles North of Stockton in the California central valley, situated on Mokelumne River and State Highway 12 and State Highway 99. Lodi is approximately 35 miles south from Sacramento and 12 miles north from Stockton.

Map: Lodi Map

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 Motto: Livable, Lovable Lodi," may be the city's unofficial motto

Museums: Lodi Museums • Lodi Railroad Museum

Lodi Ca currently has two museums, the Hill House MuseumBuilt at the turn of the century, Hill House was the home of George Washington Hill, his wife Mary Hill and their children, Nellie and Maurice. Mrs. Hill's half-sister, Daisy, also lived at Hill House. The house was moved in 1948 from its original location on School Street, across from the Lodi Post Office, to its present location at 826 South Church - a distance of about six blocks. Because of the move, required changes were made to bring the house up to city code. Changes, however, were primarily in the plumbing, electrical and heating systems, although an upper room was added at the time. Today, The Hill House is operated under the auspices of the Lodi Historical Society and the Hill House Committee. Volunteers conduct tours most Sundays from 1-4 PM. Special tours may be arranged by calling (209) 369-6073., a restored Queen Anne Victorian built around 1906 for a wealthy Lodian, the museum has all of the house's original furniture. Also, the San Joaquin County Historical Museum is in Lodi (at the Micke Grove Regional Park), and traces the history of the area through many exhibits and interactive displays. It is the largest museum complex in the county.

A science museum, called the World of Wonders, is soon to take home in the Downtown Lodi parking structure. It will feature interactive science exhibits, classrooms, and a retail store. It will be modeled after the San Franisco Exploratorium.

Lodi is about a 2-hour drive to San Francisco, and about a 45-minute drive to Sacramento. The population of Lodi is around 59,926 and covers approximately 12 square miles.

Name: The origin of the city's name is unclear. Historians have not agreed whether Lodi was named after a winning racehorse, a bridge in Italy (site of a great Napoleonic battle), or a town in Illinois.


    Lodi Neighborhoods
    Aladdin Gardens, Almondwood Estates, Bangs Ranch, Beckman Ranch, Bridgetown, Capell Park, Century Meadows, Crescent Manor, Elmhaven, English Oaks Manor, Erich Park, Hutchins Addition, Hutchins Sunset Park, Johnson Ranch, Lakeshore Village, Lawrence Ranch, Legacy Estates, Lodi West, Millbridge, Noma Ranch, Park West, Rivergate, Royal Crest, Sun West, Sunny Side Estates, The Meadows, River Oaks, Tandy Ranch, Towne Ranch, Tuscan Villa, Wellswood Park, Whispering Oaks, Willow Glenn
Newspaper: Lodi News-Sentinel - Lodi Daily local newspaper. www.lodinews.com

• RecordNet - Stockton Official web site for The Record. www.recordnet.com • California Newspapers • National Newspapers

Nightspots: Lodi Area Night Spots Here's a list of local hot spots

Parks: The City's Parks & Recreation Department provides programs covering a variety of activities for youth and adults alike. Lodi is located just south of Sacramento and north of Stockton. To the west are the thousands of miles of waterways in the Sacramento River Delta, and to the east is the historic Gold Rush country of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The area enjoys mild winters and long, relatively rain-free summers, tempered by a 'Delta breeze' which comes in from the west, along the waterways, bringing welcome coolness from the Pacific Ocean. As a result, local residents and visitors enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities in which to participate, from fishing and boating to skydiving, bird watching, softball or soccer. Parks include:

    Pixley Park, Zupo Field, American Legion Park, Lodi Lake Park, Lodi Municipal Lake Park, Lodi Stadium, Westgate Park, Beckman Park, Maple Square.

Photos: Lodi Photo Gallery

Population: As of the 2009, Lodi California had a population of 69,411.

Property Taxes: California Real Estate Tax Questions and Information

Public Utilities: Switch Public Utilities - The City of Lodi owns and operates its own electric utility. Revenues from this utility help support the many services provided by the City.

Quick Facts: Lodi Facts Population, Education, Housing Units, Ownership Rate, Households, Median Income, Land Area

Radio & TV: Strongest Radio and TV Stations near Lodi

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Recreation: Golf Page • Lodi Parachute Center • Micke Grove Golf Links - 11401 North Micke Grove Rd, Lodi, 209-359-4410
A links-style golf course that is snuggled in the midst of Lodi's grape vineyards. The course has eight small lakes that are in play on several holes. The distinctive hole is #14, a 179-yard, par 3, that requies a tee shot over one of these lakes to a green with railroad ties framing the front.


County: District 4 Map
US Congressional District 11 Map • Jerry McNerney Representative

Restaurants: Lodi Ca Restaurants

Rivers, Creeks, & Streams: Mokelumne River

San Joaquin County: San Joaquin County The residents of San Joaquin County are offered a unique mix of life style prospects. Having an, affordable and comfortable style of life , excellent educational opportunities, abundant recreational facilities, and varied cultural wherewithal, San Joaquin County presents the conveniences of urban living without the overcrowding, congestion, and expenses.

San Joaquin County Government:

Schools: Lodi Unified Schools • School Report - The Lodi Unified School District provided education at all levels. There are 25 elementary schools, six middle schools and three high schools within the District. Special education programs, as well as classes for adults are also available.

Seal: City of Lodi Seal

Seniors: Hutchins Square

Shopping: Lodi / San Joaquin Shopping

Square Miles: 13:

Transportation: Lodi Intercity Bus • Lodi Transit Lodi recently established a city bus service. Greyhound also provides bus service. Amtrack provides rail service. Airport service is located in Sacramento north of Lodi, with limited air service available at the Stockton Airport, 14 miles south of Lodi. • Greyhound • San Joaquin County Transportation

Trivia: Lodi Trivia'

  • Originally named Mokelumne, Lodi town was too often confused with nearby Mokelumne Hill and Mokelumne City.
  • The fictional GI Joe character Flash was born in Lodi.
  • Author Stephen King has mentioned Lodi in four of his books, including The Stand.
  • A & W Root Beer was first concocted in Lodi by druggist Roy Allen in 1919.
  • The first bottled wine cooler, known as the California Cooler, was invented in Lodi by Michael Crete and Stewart Bewley. Crete and Bewley later sold the company for $55 million.
  • In May 2006 inhabitant Curtis Gokey attempted to sue the city of Lodi for damage to his car caused by a municipal dump truck. It emerged in court that he worked for the city of Lodi and was driving the dump truck at the time of the impact with his own car - the case was promptly thrown out. The story featured in a local newspaper, The Drudge Report, and BBC Radio Two's It's Been a Bad Week program.
  • The small yet popular Lodi Ca Airport is home to the invention of skysurfing, as well as being the first test location of the Single Human Hover Platform
  • "Lodi" is the title of a track from Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1969 album Green River. The refrain says, "Oh, Lord, I'm stuck in Lodi again." Although songwriter John Fogerty wrote the song about being trapped in Lodi, California, about 75 miles from his hometown of El Cerrito, he has admitted in interviews that he had never actually been there, and picked its name for the song's title merely because it sounded like the name of a small town and but instead named the song after Lodi, Ohio, where Fogerty had visited in his youth. (according to John Fogerty's DVD he was stuck in Lodi). This (at first) raised the ire of some residents; the Lodi Chamber of Commerce, however, later capitalized upon this by producing car bumper stickers which read "This Bumper Got Stuck In Lodi."

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Wineries: Lodi is best recognized as the Zinfandel world Capital, although these varieties have customarily been less esteemed over those found in Napa and Sonoma counties. However, the Lodi appellation In recent years has become increasingly renowned for Zinfandel wine and it's other eclectic wines. A famed Robert Mondavi winery is located in adjoining Woodbridge community, Mondavi Woodbridge. Lodi is situated in a rather agricultural area, and wine grapes are a primary crop. There are numerous wineries and tasting rooms in Lodi to allow tourists to sample these local wines.

Zip Codes: 95240 • 95242

Zoo:  • Sacramento Zoo The Sacramento Zoo: Conprises a superb assortment of endangered and rare animals nestled among hundred -year-old majestic oaks trees and distinctive gardens - a breathtaking spot to consume an afternoon!

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