Former Beckman Family Home. Photo by Gene Wright

Lodi Kettleman Lane

In 1902 Lodi was a thriving town of 1600 inhabitants. Located on the Southern Pacific Railroad fourteen miles north of Stockton. It was the second town in size and business in San Joaquin County. There were two wineries and a cannery, enabling the farmers to find a ready market for their fruits and Vegetables. There were five churches, public and high schools, bank, wells Fargo Express office and telegraph and telephone offices.

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East Kettleman Lane
Kettleman and 1411 S. Stockton - Discount Pet

201 E. Kettleman - California Glass Company

205 E. Kettleman - SnoWhite Restaurant (68)

207 E. Kettleman - Frontline Auto Sales

209 E. Kettleman - Anchor's Away Tattoo

210 E. Kettleman - United Equipment Rentals

211 E. Kettleman - Star Auto Brokers

213 E. Kettleman - Luna's Carpet Cleaning

219 E. Kettleman - On Line Printing

222 E. Kettleman - Lodi Park and Sell

225 E. Kettleman - Les Appliance

235 E. Kettleman - Ron's window Tinting

Click to Enlarge 245 E. Kettleman - Wanda's Tax Service
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 317 E. Kettleman - Pietro's Italian Restaurant
325 E. Kettleman - Valley Auto Repair Center

335 E. Kettleman - Midas

350 E. Kettleman - Kelly Moore Paints

400 E. Kettleman - Casa Flores #5

420 E. Kettleman - Subway

430 - Pinnell's Floring

488 E. Kettleman - Enterprise

500 E. Kettleman - Jiffy Lube

East Kettleman Lane - Cherokee Lane Intersects
Click here for Cherokee Lane
Click to Enlarge 601 E. Kettleman - Chevron Station
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 612 E. Kettleman - Former Carrows Restaurant
Click to Enlarge 701 E. Kettleman - Denney's
Click to Enlarge 800 E. Kettleman - Arco AM/PM
Click to Enlarge 801 E. Kettleman - Wendy's / Herb's Texaco (68)
East Kettleman Lane - Highway 99 Intersects
Click here for Highway 99
Click to Enlarge 841 E. Kettleman - McDonalds
Click to Enlarge 1149 E. Kettleman - Geweke Real Estate - Starbucks
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1333 E. Kettleman Lane - Plummer Auto Mall - Buick - Cadillac - Plummer Automall closed its doors February 23, 2009 making it the second major auto dealer in Lodi to succumb to the souring economy and putting 59 people out of work. The dealership's president, Dennis Plummer, said "he had deep regret over closing the business and that he went to great lengths trying to re-negotiate the commitments with the General Motors Acceptance Corporation and Farmers and Merchants Bank but ultimately was unsuccessful.

He noted that in 2008 the company generated $975,000 in sales tax revenue for the city of Lodi and San Joaquin County. Plummer's closure follows that of Geweke Chrysler Jeep Dodge, which ceased operations earlier in the month. As with Geweke, rumors of Plummer's demise had been circulating throughout the city for weeks prior to the dealership's announcement. The auto industry were one of the hardest hit sectors of the economic downturn, and the industry's struggles can be seen as local dealerships close their doors.

Click to Enlarge 1337 E. Kettleman - Holiday Inn Express
Click to Enlarge 5946 E. Kettleman - The building appears to be an old store
Click to Enlarge 6021 E. Kettleman - Delta Packing Company
West Kettleman Lane
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Kettleman Lane & The Southern Pacific Rail Road looking East - Left photo, 1969, middle photo, 1960s right photo, 2013
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 200 W. Kettleman Lane - Former Sandys
Click to Enlarge 224 W. Kettleman Lane - Kentucky Fried Chicken
Click to Enlarge 280 W. Kettleman Lane - Halloween City
Click to Enlarge 320 W. Kettleman Lane - Rent-A-Center
Click to Enlarge 340 W. Kettleman Lane - 99 Cent Store / Former Payless Drugs
Click to Enlarge 340 W. Kettleman Lane - Ross / Former Albertsons (68)
301 W. Kettleman - Oil Stop - Prime Shine Car Wash

401 W. Kettleman - USA Gasoline

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 410 W. Kettleman Lane - Golden Ox Restaurant Warren's Drive In (68)/ Former Popeye's location
420 W. Kettleman - Tokay Shell

501 W. Kettleman - Roach & Darnell Richfield

514 W. Kettleman - Former Boston Market - Started in 1985 in Massachusetts, by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores. The chain grew rapidly in the early and mid-1990s. Despite its apparent success, the company created much debt to finance its expansion. In 1998, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company was purchased by McDonald's in 2000 who initially purchased the company for its real estate holdings, but found the brand serviceable and continued to operate and expand the chain. In August 2007, McDonald's sold the chain to Sun Capital Partners.
530 W. Kettleman - Kohls

601 W. Kettleman - Lodi Bicycle Cafe

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Kettleman & 1340 S. Hutchins - Former Save Mart / Former Mar Val Food Store
610 W. Kettleman - Union Bank

616 W. Kettleman - Burger King

700 W. Kettleman - Bank of America

718 W. Kettleman - Fashion Focus Botique

730 W. Kettleman - Vineyard Shopping Center

820 W. Kettleman - Carl's Jr.

920 W. Kettleman - Alberto's

1000 W. Kettleman - CVS Pharmacy

1020 W. Kettleman - F&M Bank
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1150 W. Kettleman - Compass Bank - First built around 1887, the structure was the home of Stanlee Beckman, whose family settled much of Lodi in the late 1880s. The house and surrounding Vineyards were sold to a developer in 1979. In 1981, a group wanted to tear it down and build something more modern. Instead, it was decided it was worth preserving with a goal of maintaining the Victorian Era residential architecture, but make it more professionally useable as a bank. Currently, it is a branch of Compass Bank.
1230 W. Kettleman - Ihop

1300 W. Kettleman - Autozone

1301 W. Kettleman - Chevron

1345 W. Kettleman - PALS - Pet Adoption Center

1420 W. Kettleman - Wine Country Plaza

1510 W. Kettleman - Century 21 M&M

1530 W. Kettleman - Rio Valley Charter School

1610 W. Kettleman - BAC

1750 W. Kettleman - Eagle Credit Union

1812 W. Kettleman -

1901 W. Kettleman - Lodi Memorial Community Clinic

1901 W. Kettleman - Central Valley Community Bank

1949 W. Kettleman - Millsbridge Building

2100 W. Kettleman - Wright Insurance Agency

2122 W. Kettleman - Social Security Administration

2309 W. Kettleman - Payless Shoesource

2347 W. Kettleman - Coco's Bakery Restaurant

2350 W. Kettleman - Walmart

2350 W. Kettleman - McDonalds

2355 W. Kettleman - Target

2375 W. Kettleman - Starbucks

2380 W. Kettleman - Taco Bell

2411 W. Kettleman - Big 5 Sporting Goods

2414 W. Kettleman - Radio Shack

2415 W. Kettleman - Staples

W. Kettleman Chipotle Restaurant

2418 W. Kettleman -

2422 W. Kettleman - JC Penney

2425 W. Kettleman - Jack In The Box

2429 W. Kettleman - Marshall's

2430 W. Kettleman - Food 4 Less

2442 W. Kettleman - Applebee's

2445 W. Kettleman - Chase Bank

2448 W. Kettleman - Shell Gas

2449 W. Kettleman - Safeway

2449 W. Kettleman - Citibank

2533 W. Kettleman - Panera Bread

2625 W. Kettleman - Kettleman Lane - In N Out Burger

2715 W. Kettleman - Round Table

2745 W. Kettleman - Chili's

West Kettleman becomes Highway 12 at Lower Sacramento Road
Click here for Lower Sacramento Road
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 3012 Highway 12 - Martini's Bait & Tackle / Former Idlewood Inn
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Highway 12 & Devrees Road - These winery signs are so cool!
Lodi Avenue
Click here for Lodi Avenue
School Street
Click to Enlarge Click here for Lodi School Street
Downtown Lodi
Click here for Downtown Lodi

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