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Lower Sacramento Road

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Lower Sacramento Road begins at Pacific Avenue and Hammer Lane and runs North through Lodi and Galt to Sacramento. this page also includes stores and business located on or near Lower Sacramento Road.>

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Hammer Lane

Pacific Avenue, Thornton road, Lower Sacramento Road and Hammer Lane Triangle - Ottos Place at the top center. The Service Station on the left is still standing

Pacific Avenue, Thornton Road, Lower Sacramento Road, Hammer Lane

7730 Lower Sacramento Rd - RTD / Former Hollywood Video / Kinney's Shoes - left Photos -Ron Chapman

7910 Lower Sacramento Road NE Corner of Hammer Lane - Game Stop - Hammer Lane / Shell Service Station was on this corner
7920 Lower Sacramento Rd - Former Tio Pepi's / Viking Hus Restaurant - Demolished - Photo by Floyd Perry Jr.
7920 Lower Sacramento Rd - Former CentroMart / Food Fair Market (demolished) -  Today a Food-4-Less is on this location.  - Floyd Perry
7920a Lower Sacramento Rd - Former Hide-A-Way-Inn - Demolished
7920c Lower Sacramento Rd - Former Roddy Discount Auto Store - Demolished
7920g Lower Sacramento Rd - Former Dave's Liquors - Demolished

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 7929 Lower Sacramento Rd - Walgreens / Former Taco Bell - Demolished - Floyd Perry Jr. Photo
Click to Enlarge 8020 Lower Sacramento Rd. - McDonalds
Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Road at Ponce De Leon - Former Oranges Airport
Click to Enlarge Pho Queen Restaurant - 8620 Lower Sacramento Rd.
Click to Enlarge 8626 Lower Sacramento road - Stonewood Shopping Center
Click to Enlarge Super King Food Center - 8626 Lower Sacramento Rd. / Former Don Quick Market
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 9850 Lower Sacramento Rd. - Alpine Meats Click to Enlarge 9951 Lower Sacramento Rd. Dance Connection / Syd Mardon's Swim School

Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento underpass under construction
Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Plaza
Click to Enlarge 10102 Lower Sacramento Rd. - Teachers World
Click to Enlarge 10114 Lower Sacramento Rd. Paradise Nightclub
Click to Enlarge 10126 Lower Sacramento Rd. - Absolute Fitness
Click to Enlarge 10132 Lower Sacramento Rd. - Central Valley Appliance
Click to Enlarge 10138 Lower Sacramento Rd. Discovery Shutters
Click to Enlarge 10144 Lower Sacramento Rd.- Bear Creek Glass
Click to EnlargeSac EMCEE Hersey Farms"> EMCEE Jersey Farm - Lower Sacramento Rd. and Eight Mile Rd.
Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Rd and Armstrong Rd.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Road and Harney Lane - Former Happy Holme Farms
Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Road and Armstrong Road - Midway Drive-In Theatre - Photo by James McKellips

- Comments from Cimema Treasures - The 350-car Midway Drive-In opened on April 14, 1949 and was described as being 3 miles south of Lodi at Lower Sacramento Road at Armstrong Junction. The owners were William D. Bascom of Palo Alto and Walter A. Lawrence of Modesto. The Lodi News-Sentinel described them as being graduate engineers, who handled the construction of the theater, which had the room to expand to 550 cars.

Manager John L. Adams said there was a definite reason for locating the theater midway between Stockton, as there was a potential market for 125,000 persons. The theater would play nothing but first-run films and had a working agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and newsreels would be flown in from New York everyday of the week.

On June 1, 1949, the Midway Drive-In received competition when the 99 Drive-In opened in Stockton. In June of 1950, apparently in an ownership change, the Midway Drive-In was renamed the Tokay Drive-In and reverted to second-run films.

On December 14, 1954, their advertisement read “Closed for repairs. Watch for reopening date". Evidently those who watched for the reopening date never saw it again. According to the News-Sentinel, the screen later blew over in a windstorm.

Lower Sacramento Road and Armstrong Road - Tommy's Bar
Lower Sacramento Road - Kettleman Lane Intersects
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Lower Sacramento Road - Lodi Avenue Intersects
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Lower Sacramento Road - Turner Road Intersects
Click here for Woodbridge
Lower Sacramento Road North of Woodbridge
Click to Enlarge Glenn Stepp, June Most and Orsan Laam Sr. in front of KCVR, Lodi. Photo Courtesy of Elmer (Smokey Silver) & Phyllis Gunkel) - 1950s

Built in 1931. Western Pacific Underpass & Lower Sacramento Rd. The original 1913–1927 Central Valley Route of Lincoln Highway departed Sacramento southbound on Stockton Blvd to Rt 99, then southbound on 99 to Galt, then south on Lower Sacramento Rd through Woodbridge to Pacific Ave and El Dorado St into downtown Stockton

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