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Downtown Stockton offers much to build upon. Excellent highway access and visibility; the availability of vacant waterfront sites and large parcels to accommodate new development; and an impressive historic building stock, including the landmark Hotel Stockton, are just some of the physical assets the panel identified immediately. In addition, downtown Stockton has a concentration of government jobs, financial institutions, and public and private city leadership interested in the downtown.

The photos on this page are a collection of past and present.

Click to Enlarge 335 N. Sutter St. - M.A.C. Investment Company Building

Click to Enlarge 347 N. Sutter St - Former California Water Service / Delta Title Company

440 N. Sutter - B&M Realty - Demolished - Now a vacant lot. 442 N. Sutter - Parkside Apartments - Now a vacant lot

Click to Enlarge 520 N. Sutter - Graylings Automotive

529 N. Sutter - Lim's Video
529 N. Sutter - Julie's Styles
541 N. Sutter - S.P. Market

South Sutter Street

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Click to Enlarge 21 S. Sutter. Former Hippodrome - Vaudeville - The marquee leaves little doubt that vaudeville was playing at the Hippodrome, one of the 10 names for the theatre at 21 N. Sutter that opened in 1904 as The Unique. The "Hip" also played stock musicals, including the popular Roy "Hiram" Clare. Recalling a previous theatre name, the barbershop at the left is named the Garrick

26 S. Sutter - Former Gold Rush Restaurant (1950) / Former Hotel Arlington Cafeteria (1913-1925?)

24-32 S. Sutter - Former Hotel Arlington (1925) - Looking North from Market Street - 20s - Kevin Shawver

Click to Enlarge 24 South Sutter Rialto Theatre - On the right - Originally at 24 S. Sutter, then 210-220 East Main Street - The Rialto Theatre dates back to at least 1922 when a Robert-Morton organ was installed. It was renovated in 1949, to the plans of architect William Glenn Balch. The Rialto Theatre was demolished January 1950 to make room for a department store addition and latter the Jury assembly room

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 29-31 S. Sutter St. - Parking lot / Former Mail Building - 1920s - After the Mail ceased publication, the Stockton Independent was published in this building during the 20s. In later years the ground floor became Ziegler's Billiard Parlor. the upper two stories were removed in the 50s. the remainder of the building was torn down in the 70s for a parking lot.

Click to Enlarge 32 S. Sutter St. - 24-32 S. Sutter - Former Hotel Arlington  / Later it became The Hotel Sherman - about a year before its demolition in 1987. Photos courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. - Now American Savings building

42 S. Sutter. Former The Tavern - Demolished to build the American Savings building

S Sutter St - Market Street Intersects

Click for Market Street

Click to Enlarge 111 S. Sutter St. in The Masonic Building. Mexican Heritage Center. An exhibition gallery where visitors can enjoy the Mexican culture through dance, art, and music. The Mexican Heritage Center proudly showcases local artists' work and hosts many events like the Día de los Muertos and Las Posadas which invite the community to learn about Mexican traditions. The Center also offers traditional Mexican art like pottery, and figurines and jewelry that visitors can purchase. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 12:00pm-6:00pm.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 114 S. Sutter - Former Clark Hotel - Built in 1911 - it was later converted to inexpensive living quarters for senior citizens. The Clark burned beyond repair in 1984 and was demolished. Today a parking garage.

119 S. Sutter St - Henery Apartments  - A French Second Empire style brick and terra cotta building featuring a Mansard roof, arched windows, decorative surrounds, cornices with medallions, and decorative brackets. Designed by Glen Allen, whose firm is also known for Goold and John's Tudor Flats (1924) at 938-944 North Sutter Street, Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium (1924), First Church of Christ Scientist (1928), and the Jewish Community Center (1928). The building was added to the city register by resolution number 86-0294 on May 19, 1986.The only building in the elaborate French second Empire style in Stockton, and is one of the more dominant facades in the city. The Henery Apartments was built by the Clark and Henery Construction Company, a prominent local firm at the time. Clark and Henery built many buildings in Stockton, including the Clark Hotel and garage, across the street from the Henery. The building is one of the larger apartment buildings in downtown Stockton, and certainly one of the most elegant. The Henery had approximately 30 separate tenants throughout the 1910s and '20s. By the 1970s, the Henery was used for low-rent senior citizen housing, and has been vacant for several years. There appears to be construction going on on the inside. In 1935 Glenn Allen was listed as a resident

Senator Thomas J. Keyes House 130 S. Sutter Born in Ohio in 1803, several years later he came to Stockton and worked at his trade of blacksmith. He soon had a shop of his own for eighteen years. He then went into the freighting business in the summer, and farmed during the winter. In 1855 he was a member of the State Assembly and again in 1863. In 1872 and 1874 he was elected to the State Senate. In 1884 he became a steward at the Stockton State Insane Asylum.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 146 S. Sutter St & 417 E. Washington - Former Gan Chy Chinese Restaurant / Former Greyhound Interstate Restaurant (1950)

Click to Enlarge Sutter looking North from Washington - Starting clockwise from the bottom left:
121 S. Sutter St - Henery Apartments
111 S. Sutter St. - The Masonic Building.
29-31 S. Sutter St. - Mail Building
343 E. Main St - Commercial & Savings Bank
403 E. Main - Kut Price Drug Store
114 S. Sutter - Former Clark Hotel

200 Block S. Sutter St is now the Crosstown Freeway

S Sutter St - Lafayette Street Intersects

301 S. Sutter St - Former Ernest Pollrick Restaurant (1940) - Demolished - a vacant lot

306 S. Sutter St. - Fernandez Norwalk Service - 1958

Click to Enlarge 315 S. Sutter St. - Louis Apartments / Gardella Apartments (1940)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 333 S. Sutter St. - On Lock Sam - Chinese. In operation for more than 100 years, this esteemed restaurant has obviously mastered the secret to success. Of course, it's a simple recipe: plenty of good food, stylish surroundings, and an accommodating staff. Still, there's that intangible ingredient that renders them so popular. While you muse over it, loosen your belt and tuck into spicy prawns, pressed peanut duck, black bean sauce spareribs, and Szechwan pressed pork. Set dinners are also available, along with plenty of noodle, vegetable, and rice dishes. Lunch specials are a great deal too.

The original On Lock Sam was located at 125 East Washington Street between Hunter and El Dorado. It was started by an unknown person in 1898. Wong Sai Chun and two partners bought the existing business in 1920. Wong Sai Chun was from the K wangtung Province of China. He chose Stockton, the "third city. " over the other cities in Central California.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1248 Sutter & Clay - NE Corner - Former Scovill's Ice Cream (Wilsie Scoval)

Click to Enlarge 1601 S. Sutter Former Marks Grocery (1967)

Union Street

Click to Enlarge 22 N. Union Street - ILWU Local 54 Longshoremen Union Hall

307 N. - Mazerra's Produce Company

Click to Enlarge 400 N. Union - Constitution Park

400 N. Union - Constitution Park

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 425 N. Union - Former Union Ice Company - Burned to the ground September 6, 2013

520 N. Union - Center State Pipe & Supply

535 N. Union - Ferrero Electric

640 N. Union Street Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

640 N. Union, corner of Oak - Foremost Foods (1957) / Golden State Dairy Products Co (1941) 646 N. Union - Letter Graphics of California

706 N. Union - Fernandez Building Materials

721 N. Union - Craig & Hamilton Meat Co. / Former Fireproof Storage and Transfer Company (1935)

Click to Enlarge 820 N. Union - Stockton Engine

826 N. Union - Sign Systems Inc.

Click to Enlarge 850 N. Union - Harbor Signs

1000 N. Union - E.F. Mitchler Building Materials

1040 N. Union - Courtesy Ambulance Service

1111 N. Union - Mid Cal Body / Former Allied Farm Equipment Inc.

1120 N. Union - Rendon Signs / Former Channel Air Conditioning

1128 N. Union - Modern Engineering & Construction

1146 N. Union - West Stockton Automotive

1152 N. Union - Appliance Parts & Equipment Distributor

1207 N. Union - Stockton Sign

1215 N. Union - Casco Inc.

Click to Enlarge 1220 N. Union - Stockton Typewriter

1225 N. Union - Albert Paper Co.

1235 N. Union - Recycle Center

1258 N. Union - Environmental Mechanical Services - Pamco Aire

Union Street  - Harding Way Intersects

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Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 306 S. Union St - Cavor Hotel - The building stands today

East Washington Street from 00 Center Street

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East Weber Avenue

Weber Avenue

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Sonora Street from 00 Center Street

Click to Enlarge 38 W. Sonora - Snow Cleaners - From the 300 block of S. Center St.

Stanislaus Street

Click to Enlarge 10 N. Stanislaus - Former James Hotel - This sign was on the Stanislaus side of the - Ventura Hotel at 701-715 East Main Street

Click to Enlarge N. Stanislaus - Former Montgomery Wards, Stanislaus Entrance - Photo by Cyndy Bard Riker

Click to Enlarge 44 N. Stanislaus - Former McHugh Tires

Click to Enlarge 123 N. Stanislaus - Stockton Silvercrest - Stockton Silvercrest in Stockton, California is covered under Project Rental Assistance Contracts for the Section 202 Program. This housing is intended for low income, elderly persons. To qualify, you must verify that your annual income is below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and that you are over the age of 62.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 132 N. Stanislaus - Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church - Appearing on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn map. The Ebenezer A.M.E. church was founded around 1800 by Richard Allen, a freed slave. The Stockton branch was organized ih 1810 by Father Greene. Captain Charles W. Weber, Stockton's founder, incorporated the church and granted Father Green and the Trustees a site at 221 S. Commerce Street. In the 1910s, the Grace Methodist Church, at 702 East Channel, built a new church on Pacific Avenue. Ebenezer A. M. E., in need of a new space after the City planned to redevelop their original neighborhood, purchased Grace's former building in 1955, and has been there since.

Click to Enlarge Stanislaus & Lindsay

Click to Enlarge Stanislaus & Miner

North Sutter Street

Click to Enlarge 1 N. Sutter - Stockton Collegiate International Elementary and Secondary Schools / former Portobellos restaurant in the late 70's early 80's - subsidized by State/American S &L

4 N. Sutter - Cooper's Donuts (1976)
6 N. Sutter - Pat's Classic Shoes (1976)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 17 N. Sutter - Former Philson Hotel - In 1923, a fire destroyed the Hotel Philson along this side of the original structure and also damaged some of the upper stories of the Commercial Savings Bank 

Click to Enlarge 19 N. Sutter - Former J.C. Penny Company - In the mid 20's

Click to Enlarge 21 N. Sutter - Former Aliskey theatre - Opened on June 10, 1907 (former Empire and Unique, became the Forrest and in 1909, the Garrick) - Replaced by The Commercial & Savings Bank building in 1915.

24 N. Sutter - American Trust - 1937 - Demolished - Now a vacant Lot

26 N. Sutter-  Idle Hour Theatre - in 1914 The Empire Theater. The Empire was razed in 1919 for a dress shop, loan institution and finally a parking lot

Click to Enlarge 25 N. Sutter - Wilmont Jewelers
27 N. Sutter - Tiny's Waffle Shop (1959)
33 N. Sutter - Felix's Fine Foods (1968)
37 N. Sutter Inamasu Jewelers
43. N. Sutter - Grey's Men's Clothing

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 31 N. Sutter - Raggio Building (1928-1957) - Attached to Court Building

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

42 N. Sutter St - Elks Building - 36-48 North Sutter Street - Built in 1908 the (1900-24) Chicago style by Architects Salfield & Kohlberg, a five-story structure which featured a massive stained glass skylight dome originally proposed for the Elks Hall in San Francisco, however after the earthquake of 1906 was switched to Stockton.. The Elks Benevolent Protective Order held their meetings until 1976 upon the top floor. The dome was later taken away and sold. (Now installed in The Hard Rock Cafe in Sand Diego) In 1980 The upper floors received fire damage, however the lobby still features the original Elks motif mosaic floor The structure is #80004606 on the National Historic Places.  The building has had various occupants since it was constructed. Stockton's first pharmacy, the Holden Drug Company, occupied the ground floor from 1908 through 1927. In 1930, Stockton City Directories listed Burnham Furniture, an insurance company, an attorney, an architect, and a physician as tenants In the Elks Building. Other businesses located here have included the R.E. Doan Company, United Paint Company and the Economy Shoe Store.

38 N. Sutter St - King of Cuts
40 N. Sutter - Downtown Cafe / Former Cafe Luna Spaghetteria

43 - Damons Imports, Indian Gift Shop

N Sutter St - Weber Avenue Intersects

Click here for Weber Avenue

Click to Enlarge Sutter Street looking north from Weber - Nicola McLachlin

Click to Enlarge Sutter Street - RTD

Click to Enlarge RTD
Former 110 N. Sutter - Former Dickerson's Religious Goods (1976)
Former 112 N. Sutter - Former Sutter hearing Aid Center

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 115 N. Sutter at Weber - Sutter Building / Former Stockton College of Commerce (J.R. Humphreys) - The building still stands today with ugly aluminum siding and is called The Metro. Metro Building - 115 N. Sutter

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

1. Former California Bank / First Western Bank - 124-130 N. Sutter - Courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. 2. Roxy Theater - 124-130 N. Sutter
3. National Theater - 124-130 N. Sutter
4. Lyric Theater - 124-130 N. Sutter

124-130 N. Sutter - Former Lyric Theatre - 124 N Sutter. it later became the National, Studio, Roxy. Torn down to build the United California Bank / First Western Bank - Then demolished for the RTD Center. Right Photo by Floyd Perry Jr.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Sutter and Weber Looking South West

125 N. Sutter - Costanza's Cafe 1950)

N Sutter St - Channel Street Intersects

Western States Gas Plant - 203 N. Sutter Street

Click to Enlarge 208 N. Sutter - Former Ambassador Hotel / Royal Eight Inn Motel (1976 - 1967) - right photo, Ron Chapman - 1974, Midtown Parking (1957), Rishwain Auto Park (1950), L.E. Happel Drugs (1943), 1937 Signal Gas Station

219 N. Sutter - San Joaquin First Federal Parking Lot (1976)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 218-222 N. Sutter St. - S. T. Johnson Company Oil Burners - Also known as Torino's Bar and Restaurant - Appearing on the 1950 Sanborn map, but not the 1917 map. Stockton City Directories first list this building in 1930, when it was occupied by S. T. Johnson Co. Oil Burners. By 1935, F. W. Glick Auto Repair had taken over the space. In 1940, City Directories listed Fritz Brow's restaurant, and Leon Happel Drugs as occupants of the building. The drug store remained through at least 1950. By 1945, Ruth Cunningham Corsetiere was located here. In 1950, Pump Room Liquors replaced the former restaurant. The building has since been converted into a single tenant space for a restaurant and bar. Flamingo Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge (1976) - Pump Room, (1967-1950), Fritz Brau Restaurant (1943-1937)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 232 N. Sutter St. - Sutter Building - Sutter Hearing Services - Appearing on the 1917. The lot associated with this building was occupied by the Miner Slough, which Sutter Street crossed via a wooden bridge. By 1924, the property owner was Hudson & Smith, who applied tor a building permit to install an electric sign, suggesting that the building was open for occupancy. By 1927, Edward Lowe Motors Co. and the Standard Auto Service Corporation were the tenants of 230 N. Sutter. This early automobile service function of the building indicates why the northeast comer of the building was designed to accommodate automobile storage. The 1930 City Directory indicates that the tenants of the Sutter Building was the National Cash Register Company and Thompson-Hoff Insurance Agency. National Cash Register remained through at least 1950. By 1940, several insurance brokers, and the National Auto Club were located here as well, and stayed through 1950. The building has been used as offices since its construction. 228 - Brower's Coin Shop (1976)

234, 236, 238 N. Sutter, the ground floor retail space of the Medici Dental Building 236 Beltone Hearing Service (1976), 240 - Medico Dental Drug

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

242 N. Sutter St - Medico-Dental Building - Designed and built over a three year period by famous Stockton architects Howard Bissell, AIA, and Frank V. Mayo, FAIA. 1n 1927, The structure is an excellent example of a commercial Gothic Style skyscraper. The steel-framed building features a terraced façade most typical of eastern urban designs. The exterior finish is “Coat of Joseph” face brick, trimmed in sandstone colored terra cotta which came from Lincoln, California. Decorative detail of the terra cotta above the entrance to the building. Frank Mayo, a native of Sacramento, was the designer of other Stockton buildings such as the Bank of Stockton, the State Savings and Loan building, and several private residences. Mr. Mayo is listed in Who's Who as a leader of the American Institute of Architects for organizing chapters In Northern California and Nevada. Construction for the Medico-Dental Building was begun in 1926 for an estimated cost of $650,000, and the building was open for occupancy about May of 1927. The builder was Steel Palm Iron & Bridge Works/Fredrickson Bros. of Stockton Bricks. Stockton's Medico-Dental Building a gothic gem

242 N. Sutter St - Cornelia Hotel - Demolished to build the medico Dental building

238 N. Sutter - H.M. Packard, Thompson-Hoff Insurance Agency Inc., National Cash Register Company, Service Garage - Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library

N Sutter St - Miner Avenue Intersects

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Stockton Sutter - Union Streets . Stockton Sutter - Union Streets