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Stockton's Thornton Road

Informational page only, our practice is Residential Real Estate.

The commercial portion of Thornton Road begins at Pacific Avenue for only a block and then becomes residential, then jumps to Davis Road and extends to Stanfield Road where it becomes residential again.

Hammer Lane Intersects"

Click to Enlarge Pacific Avenue, Thornton road, Lower Sacramento Road and Hammer Lane Triangle - Former Ottos Place at the top center. The Service Station on the left is still standing

Click to Enlarge 7810 Thornton Rd. - Starbucks / Former Bank of The West

Click to EnlargePapa Murphy's / Former Only Burger / former Run Burger Run
Former Otto's Night Club, December 1940 - Pacific Avenue, Lower Sacramento Road and Thornton Road Triangle - 7824 Thornton Road -

7827 - Former El Camino Hardware 7911 - Ted & Jerry's Texaco / Wallace Texaco

De Vinici's Delicatessen & Catering - 7925 Thornton Rd - NW corner of Hammer Lane
De Vinici's Delicatessen & Catering Website - Former Manny's Drive Inn / Sno White Drive Inn (1959)

Click to Enlarge 7931 Thornton Rd. - Robby's Bicycles

7931 - Hair Obsession / Former Village Appliance (1959) Ken's TV

7931b - Former California Auto Supply

7931d - Former Joe Lents

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 7931 Thornton Rd. - Former Circus Room / Former Mase's Pizza & Beer

Davis Road Intersects

8605 - Marcie's Inn - Demolished for Thornton Storage

Click to Enlarge 8606 Thornton Rd - 76 Food Mart / Huey's Sport Center / Huey's Market

Click to Enlarge 8610 Thornton Rd - Kelly's Car Wash

Click to Enlarge Thornton Storage - 8627 Thornton Rd - Thornton Road Self Storage has a variety of sizes to choose from to meet your personal or business storage needs. We pride ourselves in providing the cleanest, brightest, most secure storage facility in Stockton

8700 - Former Frontier Service Station / Home Supply Tool Rental

Click to Enlarge 8700 Thornton Rd - C&C Auto Repair

Click to Enlarge Quality Glass Co. - 8714 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge 8800 Thornton Road - Twin Oaks Community Church / Carpet Store / Former Prairie Market - left photo - 2009, right photo - 2014

8807 Thornton Rd. Allstate

Click to Enlarge 8807 Thornton Rd - Thornton Village / Kirk's Lumber

Click to Enlarge Romancing The Stone - 8807 Thornton Rd. - Romancing The Stone is a family owned kitchen and bath design gallery. They are a one stop retail showroom offering a magnificent variety of tiles, solid surface materials, hardwood flooring, natural stone products and more.

Click to Enlarge Styles Unlimited - 8807 Thornton Rd

8825 - Former Dreyer's Gun Shop

Click to Enlarge State Farm - Jeff Kroll - 8855 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge 8900 Thornton Rd - BPO Elks Club / The Ranch

Click to Enlarge 8909 Thornton Rd - Subway

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 8909 Thornton Rd - Former Dance Extreme

Click to Enlarge 8909 Thornton Rd - Black Widow Rock On -

Click to Enlarge Gypsy Lantern Tatto Shop - 8909 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Hacienda Plaza - 8909 Thornton Rd.

Closed - 8909 Thornton Rd - Chef Chu's Chinese Cusine

Click to Enlarge K&L Liquors - 8909 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge 8909 Thornton Rd No 6 - International Christian Evangelistic Assembly of God

Click to Enlarge Maria's Taqueria - 8909 Thornton Rd.
Enjoy delicious authentic Mexican food at Maria’s Taqueria & Meat Market! Their tacos and nachos are legendary!

Click to Enlarge Tropical Island Tan - 8909 Thornton Rd #3

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge South Bear Creek and Hacienda Drive

8958 Thornton Rd - Bear Creek Vet

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 8968 Thornton Rd - Kingdom Hall - Left photo, 2012. Right photos, 2014

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 9008 Thornton Rd - Hayes Chiropractic Offices

Click to Enlarge 9015 Thormton Rd. Victoria Square - Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Former West Coast Motors / Former California Tomato Growers - 9036 Thornton Rd The California Tomato Growers Association (CTGA) was formed in 1947 by Isaac Newton Robinson Jr. as a service association for growers of processing tomatoes. Its primary functions were to recruit field labor for tomato growers, set price rates for workers and hire attorneys to advise growers on the Bracero farm worker program. Isaac Newton Robinson Jr. (1897-2002) lived and farmed on Roberts Island for an entire century. He headed a farming operation that involved forty square miles of San Joaquin County land and consisted of vine farms and four corporations, including a feed company, a land leveling business and a duck club. Robinson was active in farmer organizations such as the Roberts-Union Farm Center, the Woods-Robinson-Vasquez Irrigation District, the California Tomato Growers Association and the San Joaquin County Farm Bureau.

Click to Enlarge 9108 Thornton Rd - Heavenly Hair Salon

Click to Enlarge 9110 Thornton Rd - 7- Eleven

Click to Enlarge 9126 Thornton Rd - Cutting Edge Barber Shop

Click to Enlarge Thornton Market - 9160 Thornton Rd - Former Warehouse of Thornton House Furniture

Click to Enlarge Pro Smog Auto Repair - 9170 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge 9172 Thornton Rd - Ivy Motel / Ragsdale Richfield

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Former Trotting Horse Antiques - 9177 Thornton Rd<

Waudman Avenue Intersects

Click to Enlarge 9210 Thornton Rd - Katie's World / Kit Larson Real Estate -

Click to Enlarge Mandarin House Chinese Restaurant - 9238 Thornton Rd

9240 - Lucky Dragon Cafe  / Martini's Market (Demolished)

Click to Enlarge Thornton Bait & Tackle / Martini's Bait & Tackle /  9242 Thornton Rd.

Click to Enlarge Thornton Plaza - 9299 Thornton Rd.

Click to Enlarge DQ - Dairy Queen - 9299 Thornton Rd - Dairy Queen® (DQ®) s an American chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. International Dairy Queen, Inc., also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkornfranchisees  Dairy Queen Brazier Website

Click to Enlarge Martial Arts Kuk Sool Won - 9299 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Duchuan Multiservice Center - 9299 Thornton Rd #C

Click to Enlarge Grapevine Comics & Cards - 9299 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Former Arroyo's Cafe - 9303 Thornton Rd (Moved to 4136 N. El Dorado St)

Click to Enlarge Donut Appetit - 9303 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge  Lucky Money - 9303 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Herbst Discount Liquors - 9303 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge 9305 Thornton Rd - Best Lumpia, , Stockton Ca, 95209 - 209-952-8300 Best Lumpia is serving up a wide selection of lumpia, BBQ pork, pancit, lumpia, and so much more! If you've never tried Filipino food before, you are absolutely in for an authentic treat.

Click to Enlarge 9305 Thornton Rd, STE D - Kit Larson Real Estate and katie's World / Former Binh Minh Market

Click to Enlarge Captains Anchor Bar - 9305 Thornton Rd.

Click to Enlarge 9305 Thornton Rd. - Dantes Pizza - Each pizza is individually hand made to order. Therefore it takes time to prepare foods, so, relax, enjoy.

Dante’s banquet room seats up to 36 people comfortably. Their entire menu, plus more, is available in large portions for your party or event, either here or elsewhere.

Their goal is to provide an enjoyable atmosphere for all to dine in. Therefore, they reserve the right to limit alcohol consumption or simply refuse service to discourteous individuals.

They are closed on Monday and Tuesday Dante's Pizza & Cafe Website

Click to Enlarge Linda Hair & Nail - 9305 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Former Lite House - Now Bear Creek Veterinary Hospital - 9317 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Domino's Pizza - 9321 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Hot Basket Bake Shop - 9321 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Quick Stop - 9321 Thornton Rd.

Click to Enlarge Visual Changes Hair & Nails - 9321 Thornton Rd #B
Wagner Heights Intersects

Click to Enlarge Metro PCS / RV - Boat Storage - 9445 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Plaza Robles High School - 9434 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Pro Care Automotive - 9457 Thornton Rd

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Stockton Ballroom - 9650 Thornton Rd. - Situated on 10 Acres with Ample parking for Large Events, The Stockton Ballroom is an Outstanding Hall rented out Daily to Guests with all kinds of Events. The Ballroom offers a Large Wooden Dance Floor with a Large Stage and room for Seating, a Dining Room that is openly connected to a large Bar and a Kitchen.

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Bear Creek High School - 10555 Thornton Rd. Bear Creek High School opened as the third Lodi Unified School District high school in the fall of 1991 to serve the many LUSD high school students who reside in north Stockton. Beginning with just freshmen and sophomore classes, Bear Creek is now a large comprehensive high school with an estimated 2017-2018 student population of near 2,175

Click to Enlarge Suntec Financial - 9003 Davis Rd.

Click to Enlarge Moose Lodge - 9035 Davis Road. The Loyal Order of Moose is a private organization. All activities and events referred to on this Web site and in the Moose newsletter are available to active members and their qualified guests only. This Web site is for informational purposes with proprietary information intended for members only. General information is available to the public at large, but should not be construed to be a solicitation for membership

Click to Enlarge North Stockton Auto Service - 8709 Davis Rd

Click to Enlarge Wagner Heights Nursing & Rehab - 9289 Branstetter - Covenant Care was founded in 1994 by healthcare industry professionals who wanted to create a company that would exceed customer expectations through quality care. Through modest and focused growth, our "Family" has grown to include over 8,000 healthcare professionals in over 56 healthcare and rehabilitation centers. We care for over 4,000 residents and patients in our facilities. We take pride in the fact that we have sent over 8,000 patients home or to a more independent-living care setting over the last year.

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