Former Sunset Theater. Photo by Gene Wright

Lodi Avenue

Lodi Avenue

In 1902 Lodi was a thriving town of 1600 inhabitants. Located on the Southern Pacific Railroad fourteen miles north of Stockton. It was the second town in size and business in San Joaquin County. There were two wineries and a cannery, enabling the farmers to find a ready market for their fruits and Vegetables. There were five churches, public and high schools, bank, wells Fargo Express office and telegraph and telephone offices.

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E. Lodi Avenue
Looking north up the Southern Pacific Tracks from Lodi Avenue 
2 E. Lodi Avenue - Former Lodi Fire Department

17 E. Lodi Avenue - Central California Traction Co (68)

20 E. Lodi Avenue - C&A Beacon Service (68)
101 E. Lodi Avenue 101 E. Lodi Ave - Robinsons Feed - Established in 1906 by William Robinson. Furnishing hay and grain to local farmers, wood and coal were soon added to the inventory. They moved to the Lodi & Main St location in 1915. William's son Willard took over in the mid-1930's adding a truck scale and a line of animal and poultry supplies for their customers. In 1946, Willard's son-in-law Ed Olson (married to Evelyn Robinson), son Emory Robinson, and nephew Leroy Weaver, all back from WW2 service, acquired the business from Willard. In the next decade Ed and Evelyn Olson bought out the two other partners and expanded the business, opening stores in Galt and Lockeford. Evelyn's forte was music, and two music stores were added to their operation, one in Lodi and another in Stockton. Both operated by Evelyn and son Jeff Olson. Ed and Evelyn's son Rex took over the feed business during the early seventies. In 2002, they grew out of their original facility on Lodi Avenue and moved the operation to 1150 East Victor Road where they offer a full service feed, pet supply, and western wear business.
104 E. Lodi Avenue - Round House Tavern / Former Tiny's Bar (1968) / Former Piemonte Hotel

122 - Banik Willis Gas Station

125 - Lodi Shell Gas Station

200 - Brown Apartments

200 Block of Lodi Ave. at Washington - L.H Luekens Hudson

215 E. Lodi Avenue - Smart & Final/ Former Safeway Grocery Outlet / Safeway

“Better Days” bus station covering built from steel, 215 E. Lodi Ave. By Jerrod Mays. Dedicated November 2009. 

216 E. Lodi Avenue - A&W - Left photo, Dave Sherman, second from left, 1955.

221 E. Lodi Day Care Center

221 E. Pennant Cleaners (68)

301 E. Douglas Gas Station (68)

314 E. Home and Party Crafts (68)

316 E.Lodi Ave. - Clayton Beauty Shop Seegers Beauty Salon (68)

320 E. Mel's Neon Sign Repair (68)

324 E. Al's Barber Shop (68)

325 E. Lodi Avenue - Jacobsen Barber Shop / Tip Top Barber Shop (68)

355 E. Lodi Avenue - Owl Liquor Store (68) / Former H.J. Pearson Furniture
357 E. Lodi Avenue - Rudy's Barber Shop (68) /Former C.W. Hanselman Real Estate
359 E. Lodi Avenue - Lodi House Thrift Store
360 E. Lodi Avenue at Central - Moleajete - Toaky Coin Cleaners (68) / Walters Market - 1950s
400 E. Lodi Avenue - El Camino Tires & Wheels / Former Rhodes Gas Station 
401 E. Lodi Avenue - Barrera Income Tax / The Wash House (68) /Former Burch Gas Station 
444 E. Lodi Avenue - Medical Center Building

534 E. Lodi Avenue - Seaside Oil

705 E. Lodi Avenue - Lodi Fire Department 
Cherokee Lane Intersects
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W. Lodi Avenue
4 W. Lodi Ave - PH Stirm Tires / Daniger Furniture (68)
21 W. Lodi Ave - Pizza Hut / Lodi Gulf Station (68) 
26 W. Lodi Ave - Sherwin Williams (68)

111 W. Lodi Ave - Ralph Lewis Realtor (68)

121 W. Lodi Ave - F&M Bank - Lodi's first drive-through bank 
100 W. Lodi Avenue - CVS Pharmacy / Former Long Drugs
118 W. Lodi Avenue - Former Baker's Nursery (68) 
Lodi and Church - April, 1957. It rained 1.3 inches in under 3 hours that day. CVS Pharmacy is now on that corner where Baker's Nursery was located 
Lodi Avenue and Church Street - Looking West 
200 W. Lodi Avenue - McDonalds / Former Sell-Rite Market 
205 W. Lodi Ave - J&J Enco Station (68)

209-211 W. Lodi Avenue - Pickering Apartments

219 W. Lodi Avenue - Church of God

305 W. Lodi Ave - Bender's Richfield Station (68)

400 W. Lodi Ave - Hunnell's Pharmacy (68)

408 W. Lodi Avenue - Former Rice Bowl

420 W. Lodi Avenue O'Reilly Auto Parts / Former Purity Food Store. Purity was established in the San Francisco area in 1929, and also had stores in Lodi, as far south as Fresno and as far north as Fort Bragg, although most of its stores were along the coast, many of them in small towns. The Niven family, liquidated the chain in 1972 and now operate a Nothern California winery.
500 W. Lodi Avenue - Pfieffer Gas Station / Tate's Douglas Gas (68)
Lodi & Hutchins - Phillips 66 Station - 1970s, Photo courtesy of Tom Hoegerman 
Lodi & Hutchins - Frank's Chevron Station - Karen Brown Anderson Collection 
Looking West on Lodi Avenue from Hutchins. 1950's - Everything in the photo has changed. Sunset theatre in the background 
501 W. Lodi Avenue -
State Farm Insurance
Mary Gillespi Photography
Edward Jones / Ray's Phillips 66 (68) 
502 W. Lodi Avenue - Fritz Rott Baker
504 W. Lodi Avenue - Hollywood Video / Steele's Florist & Gifts 
506 W. Lodi Avenue - Avenue Grill
515 W. Lodi Avenue - Sunset Grooming 
520 W. Lodi Avenue - Rite Aid Pharmacy / Former PayLess / Value Giant. 
600 W. Lodi Ave - Bank of America (68)

608 W. Lodi Avenue - Taco Bell

704 W. Lodi Avenue - Pizza Garden 
714 W. Lodi Avenue - Posey's hearing Aid Center

728 W. Lodi Avenue - Lodi Jewelry & Repairs

820 W. Lodi Avenue - KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken 
840 W. Lodi Avenue - Ming Sing Chinese Restaurant

836 W. Lodi Avenue - J.G. Mainland Nursery

910 W. Lodi Avenue - Chop Chop

914 W. Lodi Avenue - Pizza Guys / Former D.C. Turnage

1100 W. Lodi Avenue - Alexander's Bakery / Once upon a time Sunset Market....then became Alexander's Market / Former Christ Rott Restaurant 
1000 W. Lodi Avenue - Lodi Avenue Liquors
1110 W. Lodi Avenue - Sunset Theatre. On November 1, 1948, construction of the Sunset Theater began at 1110 W. Lodi Ave., next to the parking lot of Sunset Market, a sister store to Turnage Market located Downtown at Pine and Church streets. The theater was built to be “one of the finest in the San Joaquin Valley,” according to the Jan. 13, 1950 Lodi News-Sentinel. It had 1,000 comfortable seats. The interior of the theater was treated with acoustic plaster to enhance the sound.

The projection room featured E7 Simplex equipment, Altex Lansin Simplex Mirrophonic sound and high intensity arc lamps. The theater cost $150,000 to build.

Its opening day attracted 2,000 people, a Marine color guard, high school marching band, extra police and congratulatory telegrams from John Wayne, Forrest Tucker and other actors.

Today, however, the once grand theater’s peeling paint and lonely, neglected appearance are telling signs of the building’s sad emptiness for the past 18 years. Closed in 1998, 63 years after its grand opening.

Lodi Avenue & Ham Lane, 1969
Lower Sacramento Road
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School Street
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Downtown Lodi
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