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Pacific Avenue

Stockton's economic growth is best shown through the transformation of Pacific Avenue. The changes began when the College of the Pacific came to Stockton in 1924. Until that year Pacific Avenue was only a dirt road, but by 1939 it had become very commercial. In the area between Castle and Harding Street nearly every form of business had successfully developed. It was so popular that within an eighteen hour period, 17,000 cars would pass through any given point.
Pacific Avenue 1500 Block - Harding Intersects
See Harding Way Page
1525 Pacific Avenue - El Dorado School - A wooden building built in 1898 at 1325 North El Dorado, corner of Vine which replaced a one story structure was called the "El Dorado" It was replaced in 1916 by the new El Dorado School at Pacific & Harding.
1540-1546 Pacific Avenue - Goodyear Tire Store / Former Pop Shop/ Big O Tires / Gulf Station in the 60s - Left photo courtesy of Kevin Shawvner - Next to left - Ron Chapman Photo
1600 Block - Elm Intersects
1612 Pacific Ave -Manny's California Fresh / The Red Top is an early 1970’s postcard. Manny's California Fresh Cafe acquired the restaurant in the mid 1970’s and did extensive remodeling Foster's Freeze
1632 Pacific Ave - Luu's Chicken Bowl - Since 1994, Luu’s Chicken Bowl has been cooking up and dishing out great food at a great price. They are a healthy choice for fast food you can trust. They have three convenient locations, where they serve the best teriyaki chicken in town, and their preparation adds no MSG. Pay them a visit today. Choose teriyaki chicken bowls and more! - Luus Chicken Bowl Website / Former KFC / Texaco Station
1641 Pacific Ave - Former San Rafiel Market in the 1970s - Now a parking lot
1700 Block - Pacific Avenue
1700 Block Pacific Ave - 1940s
1700 Pacific Ave - Pacific & Walnut - Discovery Martial Arts - The Brown House - In the mid 1980's, Leatherby's Family Creamery was located there. After Leatherby's closed, it became The Fabulous Fifties Cafe. More recently it was a Blockbuster Video Store, Stockton Cycles. Bike Shop & currently a karate class.
Pacific Avenue -1800 Block
1810 Pacific Ave -AT&T / Former Fidelity Savings - The largest provider of mobile telephony and largest fixed telephony provider in the United States, and is also a provider of broadband subscription television services. As of 2010, AT&T is the 7th largest company in the United States by total revenue, as well as the 4th largest non-oil company in the US (behind Walmart, General Electric, and Bank of America). It is the 3rd largest company in Texas by total revenue (behind ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips) and the largest non-oil company in Texas. - Building owned by Wilks Farm Ltd Ptp - AT&T Website / The Hair salon was Tandy Leather. Left photo, 1960's parade
1816 Pacific Ave - Former Coopers Donuts
1805 Pacific Ave - Former Phillips 66 / Del Lloyd Flying A service station (1957) / Now part of the Promenade building
1825 Pacific - Promenade Building - The Promenade is a mixed use destination. combining the elements of retail, dining, services, and entertainment within which the new Stockton Empire Theatre is an anchor feature. Business’s include, coffee house, cafe, bistro, dessert, bar, interiors, spa and cinema/live theatre.

1825 Pacific Ave - Stockton Empire Theatre -
Back in 1945 the theatre was simply called “The Stockton”. It was the seventh theatre to carry the city’s name. Constructed at a cost of $150.000, it was the first theatre built away from thriving Downtown and quickly drew masses - turning it into an icon of Pacific Avenue’s “Miracle Mile”. Feb 6, 1945 marked the Opening Night of The Stockton with a Hollywood premiere - sneak preview. In the mid 1970’s the theatre was expanded into a four-plex. Three modern cinemas were added to compliment the 1000-seat grand cinema. It then became “The Stockton Royal”. - Stockton Empire Theatre Website

Through the next thirty years, the theatre changed hands several times, and while successive owners attempted to breathe new life into the complex, the Royal ultimately, gave way to the emergence of the megaplex, and ironically closed as a result of Downtown's City Center Cinemas' long anticipated opening. Under new ownership in 2005, a major updating  brought new life to the now renamed Stockton Empire Theatre. Today the Stockton Empire Theatre houses not only film screenings, but live performing arts as well. The Empire Theatre has been showcasing local theatrical companies and various stage performers. Additionally The Empire continues to make its auditorium available for independent and classic film screenings, art showings, jazz performances, musicals, dance, opera, ballet, lectures, banquets; and additionally serve as a studio for local independent film makers.

1831 Pacific Ave - Casa Flores - Casa Flores Mexican Restaurants are family owned and operated establishments which offer a warm and friendly atmosphere to those who visit each location. The atmosphere at each location reflects their family morals and values, which you will grow to rely on their excellent service. They currently operate several individually owned locations which serve the food and catering needs of numerous communities in the Central Valley of California. - Casa Flores Website / Former Peachtree / La Paloma Restaurant
1832 Pacific Ave at Maple - Former Aldridge Standard Gas Station
1861 Pacific - Safeway - 1940-1955 (See 1859 Pacific above)
1900 Block -Pacific Avenue
1900 Pacific Ave - Former Skaggs Safeway (See 1902 Pacific Below)
1901 Pacific Avenue
1950s Parade 2100 Block of Pacific Avenue 1902 Pacific Ave - Stockton Art league- The Stockton Art League is an enthusiastic group of people who are interested in and enjoy the world of art. S.A.L. had its beginnings in 1936 as a critique session, and later as a sketching group. The membership includes professional, semi-professional, and amateur artists, and people who just enjoy our programs and exhibitions. Purchased by Stockton Art League in 2000 - Stockton Art league Website - Former Woodbridge Realty - / Burroughs Corporation / Ben Franklin Store (1950) / Scaggs Safeway #288 (1931)
1904 Pacific Ave - Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant - FB / Former Shimizu Japanese Restaurant (1976)/ Sea food Grotto / Tuxedo Pastry Shoppe (1928-1959+)
1910 Pacific Ave - Former Piggly Wiggly / Former Oris's Bakery (1942)
1924 Pacific Ave - Whirlow's - Former Hollywood video - A quick serve restaurant serving the very best grilled chicken, smoked tri-tip, baby back ribs, tender pulled pork, and of course our signature oven roasted turkey and exceptional entrée salads. Owners: Michael and Lisa Whirlow - Former Rose Pharmacy / Delta Ice Cream Building. Vacant lot at 1906 Pacific owned by Whirlows
2000 Block - Wyandotte
1950's - Pacific & Bedford
2006 Pacific - Pacific Liquors (1955)
2018 Pacific - Lucchesi's Delicatessen (1957)
2024 Pacific - Former Avenue Hardware (1955)
2041 Pacific - Costanza's Cafe
2047 Pacific - Borelli Jewelers (1955)
2049 Pacific - R Dee Shoppe
2105 Pacific - Former Ernie Reed Clothiers
2111 Pacific - K&M Town & Country
2001 Pacific Ave - La Rosa Floral / Former San Francisco Floral / Stockton Office Products (1976).

Left photo - Pacific & Bedford, 1910s

From the left - Pacific Ave
2007 - Covello Photography,
2011 - Konrad's Ice Cream (1976) / Steve's Ice Cream,
2013 - Nat Flor Building,
2019 - Knobby Shop / RP Bowe Real Estate (1959),
2021 - Cavagnero Shoe Repair (1959),
2041 - Costanza's Cafe,
2043 - Former Borelli Jewelers,
2049 - R Dee Shoppe,
2105 - Ernie Reed Clothiers
e 2007 Pacific Ave - Knitwitz Yarn Botique - Knitwitz Yarn Boutique Website / Covello Photography
2024 Pacific Ave - Moore's Martial Arts - Former Avenue Hardware (1955) Pacific Avenue Pet Shop / Avenue Hardware / Tuxedo Garage (1931)
2026 Pacific Ave - Hubba Hubba Antiques / Former Foote's Variety / Dentoni Variety (1950) / Blacks Wy- Knot Grocery / Burk's Grocery, 2034 Pacific, around 1925. By the 1930's the building was doubled in size consuming the adjacent vacant lot. Burk's Grocery became Valley Port Creamery, the addition (1926 Pacific) became Black's Grocery and Package Store. Left photo is the building from the parking lot in the back
2041 Pacific Ave - Seoul Soon Dubu Restaurant - A Taste of Korea in Stockton. Located in the center of Stockton's historic University Miracle Mile shopping district, they serve up Stockton's finest taste of Korea. At Seoul Soon Dubu, every dish is created using only the best ingredients, and your food is cooked to order. They specialize in clay pot tofu soups, along with other traditional Korean barbecue dishes, made from mild to spicy. They have a banquet room along with free Wi-fi Internet that makes this an ideal location to host your next business meeting, study group, or a special family occasion. Seoul Soon Dubu brings you a wonderful taste of Korea, right here in Stockton. / Former Taste of Brittany / Costanza's Cafe / Harvard Book Store (1931)
2100 Block - Pacific Avenue
2100 Block Pacific Ave, 1920s - looking south from Doris Pl/Cleveland St, 20's. When the area was first built, the Miracle Mile consisted mostly of homes, especially on the west side of the street. As the commercial area developed, some were demolished, but most were taken from their foundations and moved deeper in to the neighborhood. It appears there were sidewalks only in front of the houses in this and other photos I've seen from this era.
2103 Pacific Ave - Bead Dreams - You'll love their huge selection of Austrian crystals, glass beads, freshwater pearls, stones, Czech and Japanese seed beads of all sizes, and much, much more! / Former Bookmark (1950s) / Off Doris Place / House of Shaw (1976)
2105 Pacific Ave - Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi Bar - Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi Bar Website / Former Ernie Reed Clothiers / John Ball Mens Clothes /  Frank Steele Service station (1931)
2111 Pacific Avenue - Home Thyme / Former Bella's Bridal Shop / Wish List / Helen Williams Town & Country Clothing (1976) / Former J.A. Plecarpo Real Estate (1942) / K&M Town & Country - 1950s
2112 Pacific Ave -Gian's Deli - FB - Imported Cheese & Salami, Home made Ravioli, Fresh Sausages, Custom Sandwiches - Phone: (209) 469-0108 / Former Gaines Market / Blacks Grocery (1942) / Former Berg's Mens Room in the 70's and Gian's deli was Gluskin's Camera
2113 Pacific Ave - Mile Wine Company / Former Simply Charming
2125 Pacific Ave - Flashbacks - Flashbacks is a portrait and school photography studio. Their product lines and services include portraits of high school seniors (in the studio and on campus), high school dance photography and underclass photography. They also carry a line of frames, Christmas cards and invitations. In addition to photography, they operate a full time art department and lab that prints in sizes ranging from wallets to 11 x 14’s. A complete video production department shoots and edits High Definition Video delivered on DVD for Proms and winter formals. - Flashbacks Website
2125 Pacific Ave - Mood Swings -
2130 Pacific Ave -Time Honored -  The largest selection of discount luxury  watches including Rolex watches, Patek Philippe watches, Cartier watches, IWC watches, Breitling watches and more. The central valley's only Swiss Certified Watch Repair using Factory parts for Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piquet, Hamilton and more. Former Sees Candy - Owned by Eric Merlo - 2nd from left photo by Ron Chapman
2200 Block - Pine/Tuxedo Intersect
175 W. Pine St - Studio Six - Hair and Nail Salon 
221 Tuxedo Ct Ste A - Reed Robbins
221 Tuxedo Ct Suite C - Dr. Kulendu G. Vasavda Family Physician
Pacific & Tuxedo looking West
2200 Block - 1930s-40s - Pacific Avenue looking East on Pine Street. The Northcrest sign is where the old Sees Candy / Time Honored Store is today - Late 30's, early 40s - Left photos - 1910s
2200 Block - Pacific & Tuxedo 1910s - Right photo - 1930s
2232 Pacific Ave - Henry's Miracle Mile Styling / Former Covert Martin Studio
2300 Block - Adams Intersects
157 W. Adams Street - Bijou Theatre - The Bijou Theatre was opened as an independently operated adult cinema in 1974. It was taken over by the Pussycat Theatres chain in 1982, and they operated it until January 1993. The Pussycat theatre chain owned this theatre, which shown adult films. The theatre is now a bar named the Valley Brewing Company. Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
186 West Adams - Former Dot's Dogs / Vacant today
Pacific Avenue - 2300 Block
2300 Pacific Ave - Baskin Robbins - Now and Then Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts whose passion led to the creation of more than 1,000 ice cream flavors and a wide variety of delicious treats. Headquartered in Canton, Mass., Baskin-Robbins is part of the Dunkin' Brands Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: DNKN) family of companies. / Former Lundquist Realty / Former Vera's Clothing
2302 Pacific Ave - Former Vera's Womens Clothing / Bush Gas Station (1942)/ Service Station (1931) - Photo by Nancy Moore
2318 - Christian Science Reading Room / Former Evelyn's Maternity Fashions / La Fiesta Beauty Salon (1976) / Walter's Meat Market (1931)
2319 Pacific Ave - Midtown Creperie & Cafe - Mathew Grizzle, owner of Midtown Creperie & Cafe wanted to go a different route when he opened his creperie on the Mile with his wife, Melissa. “Most Creperies go French authentic. I’m not French,” Mathew Grizzle says. He wanted to be more authentic to himself than give in to the regular French theme. “I had issues with being something we’re not,” he says. / Former Tots & Teapots / Red Coach Antiques
2323 Pacific Ave - The Spa at Southern Exposure - The Spa at Southern /  Later it became the location of Bravo McKeegan (1976) / Yeager & Bovey Furniture 1950s
2363 Pacific Ave - Architectural Amenities - Bath, Kitchen, Tile and Lighting Showroom / Former Miracle Mile Flower Shop / Miracle Music - Far right - new faux stone
Castle Intersects
88 W. Castle Then and Now - Chandler's Hair Salon - / Former Lemon Tree. Comparing this photo with the one from Nancy Moore, you can see the house is the same, with additions to either side. Miracle Cleaners is to the left.
2520 Beverly Pl. - Jon Fetters & Associates
2400 Block - Pacific Avenue

2520 Pacific Ave - Little Caesars Pizza - Owned by Richard and Connie Duncan / Pacific Stereo (1976) / Former Miracle Drive-In - Right Photo by Nancy Moore

First Unitarian Universalist Church - 2737 Pacific Ave - 209-466-7743 - Service: 10:30 a.m. Sun. - e-mail:; Web:
3215 Pacific Ave - Lucky Stores
3228 Pacific Avenue 3228-3236 Pacific Ave - Former Webbs Bakery / Jacob Fetzer Baker (1950) - Left photo (1956)
3601 Pacific Ave. - Morris Chapel, University of the Pacific - Morris Chapel is a church of non-denomination with gothic architecture, fantastic acoustics and photogenic backdrops calls the campus home
4515 Pacific Ave - Mc Donald's - Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
5757 Pacific Avenue - Sherwood Plaza Shopping Center - All Demolished - Former
Happy Steak, Cinema Theatre, Pecks Jewlery, K-mart, Farmer's Market, Swensen's Ice Cream Shoppe, Swanson's Cleaners, Yukon Jack's Restaurant - All Replaced by Stone Creek Village - Photo Courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
5940 Pacific Avenue at Swain - Eco Chic / Former Sonny's Arco -
6002 - Pacific Avenue - Finnegans - New location where the Two Seventy Six Club used to be at 6002 Pacific & Swain - Finnegans Pub and Grill Website
Showers Park-In /b>- 6111 Pacific Avenue - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Donut King - 6323 Pacific Avenue / Former Winchell's Donut House
6385 Pacific Avenue / Former Wright Realtors

6623 Pacific Ave -Hop Louie built The islander on a grandiose scale. He hired architect Warren Wong to design a building to resemble a shipwreck on an island of sand. Builder Tony Meath starting working on the project in March of 1963 The price tag was a huge $70,000 dollars. In May of ’63, AD-Art installed the the tall Islander sign And in June, a mezzanine was constructed to house diners upstairs, overlooking the sunken dining room. Oceanic Arts decorated the interior with thatching, matting, float lamps, tiles, and of course, tikis. The Otagiri Company supplied the tiki mugs and bowls imprinted with the restaurant’s name

6527 pacific Avenue - Lincoln Center Old Photos

104 Lincoln Center -  Podesto's Market & Deli - 951-0234 - Owned by Bernie & Debbie Morgenstern - Family owned and operated with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff for 30 years. Competitively priced supermarket, purveyor of thousands of special, organic, and natural imported items in all depths. Full-service over-the-counter meat, delicatessen and bakery departments. Famous for fresh deli sandwiches everyday and our outdoor BBQ with ribs, tri-tip roasts and sandwiches. The valley's holiday headquarters and special occasion premier destination! - Former Gaines Market / Black's Market Location - Center photo Floyd Perry Jr
995 Lincoln Center - Silveria's Flowers & Gifts - 477-4408 - Owned by Jim Silveria - They are a full-service florist shop offering the best in floral arrangements as well as unique gift items for every occasion. They offer a variety of indoor and outdoor plants, flowers and European garden arrangements. They are proud to be awarded “Best of San Joaquin” for numerous years! - Former Dutch Pride Dairy location
The Carson House (formerly Lower Sacramento Rd), which sat on the old Carson Ranch near the present corner of Pacific Avenue and Ben Holt Drive
7575 Pacific Avenue - Animal Clinic / Former Five Mile Market - Photo courtesy of March Fox
7575 Pacific Avenue  Former Oak Drive Inn / Tastee Freeze
Shadows and later Shadowoaks Steakhouse #155
Pacific Avenue, Thornton road, Lower Sacramento Road and Hammer Lane Triangle - Ottos Place at the top center. The Service Station on the left is still standing

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