Stockton in Vintage Photos - Five

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Main Street

Stockton owes its existence to the efforts of Captain Charles Weber who was born near Homburg. Germany, on February 16. 1814. He had come to America in 1836 when he was twenty-two years old. He settled first in New Orleans. then went to Texas for five years.  However, he suffered a severe illness and his doctors advised a change of climate. Weber decided to visit his uncle who lived in Illinois but he was destined never to arrive there. En route in 1841, he stopped off at St. Louis. There he found the Bidwell-Bartleson Party preparing for their trek to California.

In 1842 Weber passed through the present site of Stockton on his way to San .Jose, While en-route, his eye was caught by the general region.' where Stockton stands. At that time it was called EI de los Franceses, after the French Canadians from the Hudson Bay Company who trapped otter and beaver near the site of what is now French Camp. he saw grass as high as his his horse's head, magnificent shady oaks and numerous water courses, and he realized that it would make excellent cattle country. He then became associated in San Jose with Wiliam Gulnac, a Mexican citizen by marriage and naturalization, in several businesses and persuaded Gulnac to apply for a land grant. In 1843 Guillermo William Gulnac petitioned the government for a grant of eleven square leagues of land lying east of the San Joaquin River Weber joined Gulnac in an effort to occupy the land and ended up buying him out for about $60,00, Gulnac was afraid of the Indians, but Weber never had any Indian problems

In 1847, Weber erected the first structure upon the present site of Stockton, It was a log cabin store, located at what is now the corner of Center Street and Weber Avenue

The photos on this page are a collection of photos from the past

East Main Street from 00 Center Street
See Center Street
Click to Enlarge Main & Center - Northeast corner. 1890's Black's Family Grocery Store - Operated by Alexander and Houston Black. The family later operated grocery stores all over the Central Valley including five stores in Stockton. - The entire 00 block of East Main listed below was demolished in the West End Redevelopment
Click to Enlarge From the 1937, 1940 Polk Directories;
Joseph Gundari Shoe Repair 23 E. Main,
JJ Fetzer (associated with Snow White Bakery) 25 E. Main,
Joseph Mangini Jewler 27 E. Main, New England Rooms 29 12/ E. Main -
Click to Enlarge 28 E. Main - Jury Brothers Saloon
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Main Street looking East from El Dorado - Right Photo posted by Kevin Shawver
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Main and El Dorado Streets. Left photo - Snow in Stockton, 1920s. Right photo, Holden Drug Store 1886
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Main & El Dorado Freight wagon and trailer headed to the waterfront for supplies - 1860's - Left photo - Holden Drugs
Click to Enlarge 106 East Main - Hollywood Hotel / Eagle Hotel - Another tavern to bid for the patronage of that day was the Eagle Hotel, a two-story adobe building covered with mission tiles, situated "on Main Street on the second block from the intersection of Center." Surviving the great fire of May 4, 1851, encircled at one time by the flames, it was later converted into a store. Then it was used for an icehouse, and a few years ago the building was torn down to make way for an iron works.
Click to Enlarge Jones & Hewlett 1860s.Main & Hunter -  Importers and dealers of farm implements. They sold the celebrated chisel cultivators, hand and horsepower seed sewers, fanning mills, hay and straw cutters, corn shellers and road scrapers.
Click to Enlarge Main & Hunter - 1868 First National Gold Bank of Stockton - Next to the J.H. Condit and Company clipper and mower business. Also shown is the Perkins Brothers Grocery business. The First National Gold Bank of Stockton was founded by Henry H. Hewlett in 1872. Hewlett was a founder of the Stockton Savings and Loan Society in 1867, and owned one-fourth of its capital just one year later. He likewise owned most of the stock in the First National Gold Bank, and was elected cashier and manager of the bank. - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Main & Hunter SE corner - Stockton Oddfellows - The next building is 26-28 South Hunter Street - minus the bell tower - SFD Engine Company 2 and Hook & Ladder Company 1. It was erected in 1868 for the joint use of the "Hooks" and "Eurekas" of the Volunteer Department.  - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 132 E. Main & Hunter SW Corner - McKee Block - Stockton Savings & Loan Society - The bank was started in 1867 and initially located at the SW corner of Main & Hunter. They later became the Bank of Stockton, the second bank chartered and the second oldest California bank operating under its original charter. Stockton Savings & Loan Society (Bank of Stockton) occupied this building from 1875 until they built their "skyscraper" on Main & San Joaquin in 1908. The Sterling Women and Children's Clothing store occupied this building from 1908 in to the1960's. The store was four stories and included an elevator.   - Demolished

In the center photo: from 1961, this time looking westerly along Main toward El Dorado. The Sterling is on the left edge. On the north side of Main are Asher Bros. Shoe store at the corner of Main and Hunter and at the other corner at El Dorado the former Holden Drug Store. The building with the windows that look like lower case "m's" is the Penial Chapel. posted

Click to Enlarge 132 E. Main & Hunter SW Corner looking south  - Stockton Grand Triumphal Arch with bases of twenty feet and a tower on both sides topped with golden eagles. On the arch itself was the words "1776 E Pluribus Unum 1876". Donated to the city by J.D. Peters - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 173-175 East Main Street - J. Pilcher Spooner - Photograph Parlor - 1878 / Stockton Trunk Factory - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 192 East Main Street - 1889 Horse drawn Stockton Street Car heading north on El Dorado from Main Street. Part of the Holden Drug store is on the right.  - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Main & Hunter looking West - From 1961, looking westerly along Main toward El Dorado. The Sterling is on the left edge. On the north side of Main are Asher Bros. Shoe store at the corner of Main and Hunter and at the other corner at El Dorado the former Holden Drug Store. The building with the windows that look like lower case "m's" is the Penial Chapel.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

202 E. Main St. Dunlaps Stockton Dry Goods / Levy Brothers Department Store. Built in 1921, demolished in 1978 for another government building

Click to Enlarge Another photo of 202 E. Main - Dunlaps
Click to Enlarge 210 E. Main St. - I.O.O.F Building - 1920s
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 214 E. Main - 1928 - Rialto Theatre with the Fox Theatre in the background
216 E. Main - Emma's Fountain (1976) / Palace Candy Store / Palace Restaurant
218 E. Main - Jeffery Brothers Shoes (1957-1976)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 220 E. Main - Eldridge Building - Yost Brothers Clothing. Originally at 24 South Sutter -  210-220 East Main Street - The Rialto Theatre dates back to at least 1922 when a Robert-Morton organ was installed. It was renovated in 1949, to the plans of architect William Glenn Balch. The Rialto Theatre was demolished January 1950 to make room for a department store addition and latter the Jury assembly room - left photo - Mike Whirlow
Click to Enlarge 230 E. Main St. - Adjacent to the Stockton Theatre - Appearing on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn maps. Though it appears to be related, Sanborn maps indicate that 230 E. Main was never physically connected to the Fox Theater next door. The Stockton City Directories shows the first listing for 230 East Main in 1930, at which time the Brownbilt Shoe Store was in this building. By 1940, the shop had changed to Adam Biasotti Liquors. In 1945, the City Directory lists the Denver Rooms and Gladys Hamilton. By 1950, The Mecca restaurant occupied the ground floor of the building and subsequently Cameron's Tavern. Vacant at the time of this photo in 2013
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 232-240 E. Main St. - Fox California - Built in 1930 on the former T & D Theatre site, a truly ornate mission revival Fox California with its unique tower and vaudeville Marquee reigned as Stockton’s premier movie palace. The baroque interior boasts of magnificent columns, exquisite chandeliers and extensive ornamentation. The theatre presented both movie and stage productions. The Fox is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. #1979000540
240 E. Main - La Maison's Womens Clothes
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 242 E. Main St. T&D Theatre
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 246 E. Main St - David Levinson's Women's Clothes / Bank of America (1935)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 200 Block E. Main & San Joaquin -Left photo - 1900s - 1925 - From Left Yosemite Theatre - Bank of Stockton - Smith & Lang Building - California Building - Built in 1917 for the former Farmers and Merchants Bank. (11 S. Sutter Address) - Fox Theatre
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Shown from the left on the postcard are the Stockton Saving & Loan (Bank of Stockton), Hale Brothers Dry Goods, Rosenbaum Building, Crawford Building. Both were demolished to build the Farmers and Merchants Bank. The last building is the T&D Theater, demolished to build the Fox California Theatre.
Click to Enlarge Main & San Joaquin - First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette School NE Corner of San Joaquin & Market , H.O. Mathews Grocer, J.P. Wilkins Justice of the Peace, Main Street Livery - 1850-1890. The school was opened January 10, 1865, with four teachers in charge.
Click to Enlarge 301-311 E. Main St. - Stockton Savings & Loan Building. A Classic Revival style building, designed by San Francisco architects Myers and Ward, and featured Stockton's first revolving door as well as a marble interior. Known as 'Stockton's first skyscraper,' this was the third building to serve as headquarters for Stockton Savings & Loan (now Bank of Stockton). The top two floors have always been home to the Yosemite Club, the oldest private club in California. The building is #78000764 on the National Register of Historic Places and was added in 1978. The building was added to the city register by resolution number 34,630 on November 7, 1977. The building is currently vacant. - 1928 -311 Wilhoit Building
300-310 E. Main - Smith & Lang was Stockton, Calif.'s oldest department store, established in 1899 by Alfred B. Lang and John H. Smith. Alfred B. Lang (b.1874), a founding partner, first worked at the Alexander Chalmers Dry Goods Store where he met another clerk, John H. Smith, with whom he opened a store at 124 E. Main. Read more about Smith&Lang

314 E. Main - 1928 - Smith & Lang Building

The company was incorporated in 1910 and six years later John Smith died leaving Alfred Lang President for over thirty-five years. The partners took over the Hale Brothers building at Main and San Joaquin Street (1915) and, in 1939, expanded this structure by an additional 7,700 feet.

In July 1945 Smith & Lang was sold to J. Wesley Hearne, a veteran buyer and merchandise manager in California and New York, and Alfred Lang retired, but Walter Sampson continued as manager and the name "Smith and Lang" was retained by the new owner. In February 1946 C. M. Dicker of Redding bought J W Hearne's interest in Smith & Lang and Dicker became the general manager. By 1950 the company employed 125. On July 22, 1958 Smith & Lang burned to the ground in a fire called the "worst national mercantile fire of 1958." Insurance claims totaled $3,000,000. Plans were soon made to rebuild the store and, on August 25, 1959, it reopened in a building designed by Welton, Beckett and Associates of Los Angeles. In February 1963 Weinstock-Lubin purchased Smith & Lang and the company ceased doing business.
Click to Enlarge 317 East Main Street -1890 Stockton Street Car - Henderson's Carriage Factory  - Demolished
320 E. Main - Yost Brothers
Click to Enlarge 321-323 E. Main St - Former State Theatre - The Yosemite Theatre was opened around 1893. It was remodeled by architects Weeks & Day in 1920 and re-named Loew's State Theatre. Listed in the 1941 & 1943 editions of Film Daily Yearbook as the Fox State Theatre with a seating capacity given as 1,510. In the 1950 & 1952 editions it is the State Theatre with a slightly reduced seating capacity to 1482 seats. Following the closure in 1954 of the Esquire Theatre, the name was transferred to this theatre. - Demolished for a parking garage
Click to Enlarge 323 E. Main - Former Second Esquire Theatre / Former State Theatre - Demolished for a parking garage
Click to Enlarge 327 E. Main St. - Former Union Safe Deposit - The site was a hotel prior to the construction of the Union Safe Deposit Bank building. By 1930, the Union Safe Deposit Bank shared its building with Shirk's Malted Milk Shop and Brooks Clothing Company. In 1935, the bank was the sole occupant, but by 1940 shared the space with Tom Gleason's Drug Store. In 1945, the Stockton City Directory lists H .• W. Cassidy Luggage and Maurice's Shoes along with the bank. In 1950, the Fowler shoe store was noted as vacant, but the luggage store remained. The building is currently vacant. The Union Safe Deposit Bank was founded in Stockton, California, United States in April 1897. It was purchased in 2004 by the Bank of the West, and all its branches were converted to BOTW on January 24, 2005
1928 - 333 East Main - Union Safe
Click to Enlarge 333 E. Main St - Brooks Clothing Company (1935)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 337 E. Main - The Yosemite House / 1928 City Drug Co. was thought to be Stockton's finest hotel before 1900. It had several horse drawn ommni buses to take guests to and from the railroad depot. Built in 1869 for $40,000 with 200 rooms. The dining room seated 110 people. it later became a rooming house and burned down in the early 1920s. At the time it was erected one of the best in the state. The building, had a frontage of 102 feet on Main Street, with two wings having having a depth of 60 feet and a central depth of 100 feet. It was completed in July, 1869, by Hodgkins & Hall, at a cost of $40,000. The first story contained a reading room and office, together with a barber shop and bathrooms, a saloon, kitchen and dining-room capable of seating at party tables 110 persons. The second floor comprised of a public parlor and ten private parlors or suites of rooms with oak, rosewood and walnut furniture, marble washbowls and Brussels carpets. The sleeping rooms were all well-ventilated and were equipped with gas; running water and call bells. Speaking tubes in each hallway communicated with the main office. The bedrooms at the time commanded an extensive view of the city and county. The hotel was formally opened July 5, 1869, by Alexander McBean.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 340-348 E. Main St. Shown above - Main Street Mini Mart - 1928, The Wonder - Being remodeled for a school
348 - Samuel Author Cigars
300 Block of E Main looking West - Stockton Collegiate International School / 1930s showing Gensler Lee, the Wonder, Donovans
E. Main St - 400 Block Sutter Intersects
See Sutter Street
Click to Enlarge Main & Sutter - Wells Fargo and Co. Express Banking House and T. Robinson Bours and Co., built 1853. Taken 1860
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 400 E. Main - Lerner Shops - Demolished - Middle photo by Ron Chapman, right photo by Rhondda Nunes
Click to Enlarge 400 Block E. Main St. - 1937 - 400 Block Looking west - State theatre in the next block on right
Click to Enlarge Main & Sutter looking West - Looks like 1920s
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 400 Block E. Main St. - Photos courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. I think Floyd Perry Jr took over where Leonard Covello left off - He has had a way of capturing these historic moments. How many photos have you seen with an American Savings Box Car on top of the former Bank of America Building, which is now the Cort Tower. Disco Azteca is gone and the Nehmes sign now has the letters "DOWNTOWN" on it
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 415 E. Main St - Pacific States Savings and Loan / Leeds Shoes / 415 East Main - Left photo: American Legion Parade, 1942 - Right photo: Tuly's - 1920s - Postcard courtesy of Terry Gust
Click to Enlarge 414-422 E. Main St. - A 1918 photo of a new franchise operation which opened in 1914 the F.W. Woolworth -. Local business began feeling competition from these new upstarts which also included J.C. Penny and Owl Drugs. (sounds familiar) - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
425-431 E. Main St. - Commercial Hotel - Built in 1874 - Early photographs indicate the building has been remodeled. This is one of the older buildings in downtown Stockton . The 1912 Stockton City Directory listed this building as the Commercial Hotel, a title it retains still. By 1930, Millers Bootery occupied a store on the ground floor. Charles Haas and Sons, Jewelers, had a store here by 1930 and through 1950. Suntag Drug Stores took over the bootery by 1940, and occupied the space until at least 1950. Once Called McAlister Hotel -
425 E. Main St - Charles Haas & Son Jewelers
427 E. Main St Karl's Shoe Store
431 E. Main St - Commercial Hotel - 1891 and 1902
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 435 E. Main St. - Zukors - By 1930, H.J. Kuechler & Son, Opened their Jewelry Store
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 426 E. Main St. - Ritz Theater - The Ritz Theater opened in 1937. The Ritz Theater was still listed in 1955 with 926 seats. - Left Photos courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr., right photo courtesy of Denise Armstrong - Demolished for the American Savings Building. A&W was here from 1976-1987.
Click to Enlarge 434 E Main & Sutter SW Corner - Sierra Lunch - 1949 - Moss Stores Women's Clothes - 434 East Main - The American Savings building wiped out the entire 400 block on the South side of the street - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 434 E Main St - Corner of Sutter - Dr Layne, Moss, Sees Candy - 1930s - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 500 E. Main at California - Stockton Dry Goods in the 20s before they moved to 601 E. Main - Later it was Penny's - See below / Katten & Marengo (1957) - “Constructed in 1882 this building reveals a Classic Revival architecture. The three story building was once the Avon Theater with a seating capacity of 1,200 and reportedly excellent acoustics. The seats were arranged in an amphitheater format with a gallery on the third floor. Businesses were housed on the first floor. In the 1890s, with the opening of other local theaters, the Avon ‘s popularity declined. At one time it was converted to J.C. Penney, then later a Mode O’Day and Katten Marengo Department Stores. Recently renovated with a new façade, the current ground floor tenant is the San Joaquin County Treasurer/Tax Collector. Built prior to 1895, it is one of Stockton’s oldest downtown buildings.“
Click to Enlarge At one time it was converted into a J. C. Penney Store, and later a Mode O'Day Department store. The 1895 map notes this three story building as the Avon Theater, with a gallery on the. third floor. By 1917, it was no longer noted as a theater. Stockton City Directories, unfortunately, show no listing for this building until 1930, at. which point it was F & W. Grand Inc. By 1935, it had been converted into a J. C.· Penny Co. store, and remained as such through at/east 1950. The facade has been removed to expose the brick and plaster walls underneath. Built prior to 1895, it is one of Stockton's oldest downtown buildings.
 alt= Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 501 E. Main St. - This building was constructed in 1917 as the Owl Rexal Drug Store. The exterior of the building was painted orange as was typical of the Owl stores. At the time of construction it was thought that a drug store would give new importance to the downtown area. Drug stores of the time typically had a soda fountain in the store. The Owl Drug Store was one of the first chain states to engage in retail business in the Stockton area. Middle photo, 1958. The drug store closed in 1959. The building has since been used for small businesses. Today it's the Sky Lounge
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 517-529 E. Main St. - Ruhl Building - Constructed in 1903, this building was funded by F.A. Ruhl, a local business person. Centered on the street facing façade is a gable shaped parapet with the words ’1903 RUHL BLDG.’ The building replaced the Ruhl Stove and Hardware Store that existed on the site since 1897. The construction of this building was funded by F. A. Ruhl, a local business person. The building replaced the Ruhl Stove and Hardware Store that existed on the site since 1897. Originally, the upper floors were used by the Druids, a men's club, as a meeting hall, while the lower floors were used by the Stockton paint Company, a clothing store, and a retail grocery store. Appearing on the 1917 and 1950 Sanborn maps, with shops along the street and space noted as lodge hall in the rear. According to Stockton City Directories, by 1930, the Druids Hall, Eagles Club, several union offices, Winter Garden dance studio, a luggage shop, beauty shop, Peckler & Giovanessi Shoes, and Mead's Red Cherry Bakers and Restaurant were all located here. By 1935, Mead's had been replaced by Vourakis ·& Sherfey Restaurant, and the beauty shop by a millinery company. By 1940, Dill's Cafe was located here, and a women's clothier also occupied retail space, along with the former tenants. There was little change through 1950, with the exception of the Church of Divine Light occupying part of the upper floors, and a fabric store replacing the luggage shop.
523 - Peckler's Shoe Store
525 - Curtain Shop
527 - Seymour's Jewelery
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 520-522-526 E. Main S. - Next to Penny's - The Sierra Theatre was operating prior to 1941, and continued until closing in 1953. It was operated by Blumenfeld Theatres chain which also erected the Esquire& - 650 seats. After the Sierra closed its doors, it was remodeled into Ardens (a women's clothing store, and Pecklers Shoes (1928) / then Roe's Shoes). The Sierra Theatre building is still standing today as Solorio's Furniture Store and Solorio's Jewelers.
Click to Enlarge 528-532 E. Main St. - This building's construction was funded by John Quinn, a local businessman. The site was originally used as Mr. Quinn's wallpaper and paint business. He tore down the original building on the site, moved the business across the street and constructed the present structure. Used as a residence and apartment complex, the building was first called the Quinn Apartments and then the Quinn House. Later it was named the Queen Rooms.

In the 1920s it was known as the Antler Hotel, and remained so until the 1960s. The first floor was used for a variety of businesses, including a clothing store, a camera store, jewelers, and thrift store. Photo by Roy Perez
528 E. Main - Reimans Camera Shop
530 E. Main St. - Martin's Jewelers
532 E. Main St. - 1928 Antler Hotel

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 533-545 E. Main St. - Known as the Brown-Mahin and Hotel Terry Building. Built in 1912, the building was originally called the Hotel Rex. The hotel housed permanent and transient guests. It acquired its current name, Hate/Terry, between 1920 and 1925. The ground floor was originally used by the Katten Brothers Dry Goods. Other ground floor businesses over the years have included Goccino's Grocery, Katten Marengo Inc. Department Store, Hansen & Zinck Drugs, Kasper & Wilson Co., Jewelers, and Fashion Plate Shoes - 531 - Druids Hall / Eagles Club
Click to Enlarge 541 E. Main St. Temple of Economy From the 1902 Husted Directory. M. Katten Manager, dry goods, notions, milinery and gents furnishing goods. Tel Red 1721
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

546 E. Main St. From the left: Austin Brothers Hardware - 546 E Main St - Esquire Theatre - 1950 City Directory - The Esquire later moved to the former State Theatre Building at 323 E. Main - Top right photos - SPD Archives

540 -546 E. Main at American - Constructed in 1890, this historic building jointly functioned as two hardware stores, Austin Brothers and Hickenbotham Brothers Hardware & Steel. In the 20s it was Stockton Dry Goods. Later in the 1950's after renovation, it became J.C. Penney's Department Store. Later in the 1980's, American Savings Bank purchased the building and completely renovated it for office and bank use. Currently fully occupied as the new Family Law Courthouse for the Superior Courts of California

Click to Enlarge E. Main St. and 26 N Sutter - Empire Theatre - Today, a parking lot
E. Main St - 600 Block American Intersects
Click to Enlarge Main & American - Henderson Carriage Factory - 1800s
Click to Enlarge Looking West at Main & American - 1930s
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 600 E. Main St. - San Francisco Floral - Left photo Floyd Perry Jr, right photo Kevin Shawver
Click to Enlarge 601-611 E. Main St. - Stockton Dry Goods - 1930s - Lots to see here - K&M in the background - Billboards - "Morton Salt" and "I'd walk a mile for a Camel" - La Verta Hotel sign in the foreground - Notice thy were promoting locally owned and controlled. - Stockton Dry Goods started at Main and California in 1914 - The opened this building new in 1921. It has 65,000 square feet of space on 5 stories plus a basement and a mezzanine adding up to 7 floors in all. Owned by A.B Cohn and managed by K.H. Harvey  - Photo by Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge 601-611 E. Main St.  - Breuners when they were downtown - This was the former Stockton Dry goods building right in the heart of Stockton during the 1930s - By 1945 through at least 1960, John Bruener Co., a furniture store, occupied the building
Click to Enlarge 600-608 East Main Street - Southeast Corner Of Main & American Streets today. Former ROSENTHALS (SF Floral before that) - Hard to believe it's the same building. Awnings removed, colors toned down from previous photo - Now San Joaquin County Environmental Health Center - By 1912, H. L Laska, a tailor, had a shop here. By 1935, H. U. Okamoto had an art goods shop in this building. By 1945, R. L DuBois, women's clothier, was at this address. The large retail space is currently used by the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. The building appears to have been constructed c. 1912. This building has been heavily altered, impairing its individual integrity, - 1928 Stockton Hardware
606 E. Main St. - The Toy House
608 E. Main St. - Breuner's Appliance
634 E. Main St. - 1987 N. SWEET & SONS FURNITURE store between Rosenthal's Clothing (now San Joaquin EnvironmentalHealth Dept.) and the Hotel Bronx (now Main Street Manor). - Photo Courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 635-641 E. Main St. - This building first appears in Stockton City Directories in 1917 as the La Verta Hotel. The La Verta is listed in City Directories through 1950. By 1930, the City Directory listed the Art Barber Shop and McMurray Brothers in the ground floor retail spaces. The 1935 Directory shows that W. G. Cuthbert Photography had moved into a formerly vacant space. In 1940, all the retail spaces were noted as vacant, though the La. Verta remained. By 1945, J. H. Lucas Photographer and A B. Reynolds, barber, had businesses here. The 1950 Directory listed the Comarr's Men's Shop and Fresh Maid Dairy Lunch in the La Verta Hotel. Built in 1913. Still standing. although another hotel the city wants to demolish. Also at location were:
637 - Hobby Craft Shop
641 - Bamboo Fountain
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 701-715 E. Main St. at Stanislaus - The building also has addresses at 2-10 North Stanislaus. Cedar's Fountain - Ventura Hotel - This building is present on the 1895, 1917, and 1950 Sanborn Maps. By 1950, the map shows that an original projecting bay at the corner had been removed. The building has addresses on East Main and at 2-10 North Stanislaus. By 1925, the building was listed as the Ventura Rooms, and remained so through 1935. By 1930, the Busy Bee Market occupied a ground floor space, but its space was vacant by 1935. By 1940, individual residents were listed instead of the Ventura Rooms, and the Singer Sewing Machine Co. was listed in one other commercial spaces. By 1945, a billiards hall and cleaners were located here. The 1950 City Directory shows that the billiard hall was replaced by the Richmain Fountain Lunch.
701 Cedar's Fountain
705- Best Cleaners
709 - New York Cleaners
Click to Enlarge 711- Chuck's Inn
715- Harvard Book Store
Click to Enlarge 702-710 E. Main St. - Levy Building - This building was constructed in the early 1900s for a Stockton clothing dealer, Max Levy. The first floor of the building was utilized for retail space while the second floor served as a rooming house. Through the years the building has been used by various businesses, including a cafe, bible shop, and furniture store. Since the mid 1940s the building has been used as a retail paint store. The upper floors have housed the St. George and Burke Rooms
706 - M.P. Paint Company
710 - Stockton Electronics
712 -
Burke Rooms.
Click to Enlarge 721 E. Main St. - Seven Twenty One Club
723 1/2 E. Main St. - Mow Barber Shop / Jimmie Cafe
Click to Enlarge 725-729 E. Main St. - This building was originally called the Sutter Hotel. In the 1940s it became known as. the Hotel Milner and then in the 1960 the Hotel Earle. The ground floor has had various business since the building was constructed, including clothing stores, tailors, a shoe shine shop, a cigar store, a liquor store,  Gorham bicycle shop, a gift sh5p, and a book store. the building burned beyond repair in 2014 and was demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 739 E. Main St. Stockton Bicycle
Click to Enlarge 800 E. Main St - Yellow Cab Service area - SPD Archives photo
Click to Enlarge 901-915 E. Main St. - Former Hotel Granada - demolished - The building appears on the 1950 Sanborn map, but not on the 1917 map. The Stockton City Directory for 1925 lists this building as the Hotel Granada. The 1930 Directory listed the Du Bois Cigar Store, Service Pharmacy and Colonial Restaurant as businesses at the ground floor storefronts. In 1935, all businesses were listed as vacant except the hotel, but by 1940, Carmen Delorenzo's restaurant, Samuel Pointer Shoe Shiner, W. L. Pope Barber, and George Kerkens' restaurant had opened here. By 1945, businesses included the Aurora Cigar Store, H. C. Gorton Shoe Shiner, and the Kerkens Restaurant. In 1950, the Directory listed the Aurora Cigar Store, Aurora Cafe, L & L Barber Shop and M. W. Dotson, clothing cleaner.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 904 E. Main St - Bay Alarm offices - Formerly The Imperial Hotel - Appearing on the 1917 and 1950 Stockton Sanborn ·Maps and was once the four-story Imperial Hotel, built in 1896. The elaborate hotel had a tower, dormers, and balconies. The building was designed by Charles Beasley, a well-know architect in the area. It was a very prestigious establishment, hosting all of the officials and celebrities who stayed in Stockton. The hotel boasted of its hot and cold running water, electric bells. to communicate with the front desk, an electric elevator and an elaborate fire alarm system. The hotel was a huge success until the Hotel Stockton opened in 1910, which offered a more convenient location to the busy shipping channels and Stockton's. downtown. Having lost. the upper three floors in a fire in about 1920, the building maintains little of its original architectural style and grandeur. The remaining ground floor has recently been converted into offices and monitoring facilities for Bay Alarm.
Click to Enlarge 273-275 W. Main St. The 1893 City Directory lists 273-275 Main as the address for John T. Hickinbotham, importer of Carriage and Wagon materials.  It must have been W. Main as E. Main is where the Courthouse stands.
Click to Enlarge 1962 E. Main St - Corner of B street - Manuel's Liquor Store (57) / Trachiotis Liquors (50) / Terra Grocery (1931) / CF Oranges Grocery / Villa Grocery Store late 1800s, early 1900s
Click to Enlarge 2065 E. Main St. Central Grocery - Photo courtesy of Kevin Shawvner / Hobart Dayton Scales (57) - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Fair Oaks School - 2145 East Lafayette - The original school opened in 1899 and renovated in 1921. Post WWII photo of the totally renovated School Razed in 1971 after the opening of the Martin Luther King School five blocks to the east at 2640 E. Lafayette St.
Click to Enlarge 2370 E. Main St - Second Fair Oaks Library (Closed) in 2010 / Former Douglas Station
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 2466 E. Main St - Former J&P's drive-Inn / Jackie's Drive-Inn (57) - El Camino Tire Center next door is using the property to store tires. Left photo - Ron Chapman, Right photo -Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

2481 E. Main St and Filbert Streets. Super Mercado / Former Don Quick / Safeway (57) / Consumers Discount / Grand Save and others - All bottom row photos Floyd Perry Jr.

Click to Enlarge 3310 E. Main St - Closed Save-Mart - Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge 3539 E. Main St - Roosevelt School - 1921 date on the photo but construction did not start until August 1922. The school was not o pened until 1923 and demolished in 1977. The new address is 776 South Broadway Ave - This addition was built in 1948.
Highway 99 Intersects
Click to Enlarge 3827 E. Main St - Delta Valley Realty - Demolished / Gordon Verner Lumber (50)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 4232 E. Main St - Former Centro-Mart - Now a Dollar General Market - Left photo by Ron Chapman
West Main Street
Click to Enlarge NE Corner of Main & Commerce - Globe iron Works (1909 Directory)
Click to Enlarge Main & Commerce - Columbo Hotel
Click to Enlarge Main & Commerce - Department of Employment - Farm Labor Office
Click to Enlarge Main & Commerce - Thomas & Buell - Stockton Planing Mill

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