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El Dorado - Madison

Stockton owes its existence to the efforts of Captain Charles Weber who was born near Homburg. Germany, on February 16. 1814. He had come to America in 1836 when he was twenty-two years old. He settled first in New Orleans. then went to Texas for five years.  However, he suffered a severe illness and his doctors advised a change of climate. Weber decided to visit his uncle who lived in Illinois but he was destined never to arrive there. En route in 1841, he stopped off at St. Louis. There he found the Bidwell-Bartleson Party preparing for their trek to California.

In 1842 Weber passed through the present site of Stockton on his way to San .Jose, While en-route, his eye was caught by the general region.' where Stockton stands. At that time it was called EI de los Franceses, after the French Canadians from the Hudson Bay Company who trapped otter and beaver near the site of what is now French Camp. he saw grass as high as his his horse's head, magnificent shady oaks and numerous water courses, and he realized that it would make excellent cattle country. He then became associated in San Jose with Wiliam Gulnac, a Mexican citizen by marriage and naturalization, in several businesses and persuaded Gulnac to apply for a land grant. In 1843 Guillermo William Gulnac petitioned the government for a grant of eleven square leagues of land lying east of the San Joaquin River Weber joined Gulnac in an effort to occupy the land and ended up buying him out for about $60,00, Gulnac was afraid of the Indians, but Weber never had any Indian problems

In 1847, Weber erected the first structure upon the present site of Stockton, It was a log cabin store, located at what is now the corner of Center Street and Weber Avenue

The photos on this page are a collection of photos from the past.

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El Dorado Street
Click to Enlarge El Dorado and Main looking east - 1940s - Terry Gust photo
Click to Enlarge Main & El Dorado - Car Number 12 - after 1892
Click to Enlarge 11 North El Dorado - St Francis Hotel (1931) - Demolished in West End Redevelopment
21 1/2 North El Dorado
- Hayward Rooms / El Dorado Hardware (1931) - Demolished in West End Redevelopment
23 N. El Dorado - Forty Niner Inn Tavern (57)
25 N. El Dorado - River Boat Inn (1931)
25 1/2 N. El Dorado - Violet Rooms (57)
31 North El Dorado - El Dorado Meat Market - Demolished in West End Redevelopment
33 N. El Dorado - Central Poultry Company (1931)
47 N. El Dorado - Standard Station (57)
Click to Enlarge El Dorado & Weber - 1880s
Click to Enlarge 101 N. El Dorado St - Civic Center Parking (57)
120 N. El Dorado St - Lucas Taylors (57)
120 N. El Dorado St - Vacant (57)
130 N. El Dorado St - Goodyear Service Stores (57)
141 N. El Dorado St - Traverso Brothers Gas Station (57) - Now head of the Channel and Decarli Square
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 134 N. El Dorado - Masonic Temple. The First permanent Masonic Lodge Hall was begun in 1883, and completed on May 23,1884, at a cost of $98,000.00. The opening included an author’s carnival and art loan exhibition. The third floor housed two lodge rooms, commandery hall, armory and livery, as well as a banquet hall and lavatory. The attic held the kitchen. The second floor housed the Masonic Music hall of 66 x 88 feet and 14 meeting rooms. The first floor contained four stores and two offices, plus the Post Office. The Masonic building was destroyed by fire in the early 1900′s and at it’s original location. Atwood Printing location in 1920s. Demolished
Click to Enlarge 201 N. El Dorado - Waterfront Inn Tavern fire
(1962 Covello Photo)- Demolished
201 N. El Dorado - Harry Boaz Brake Repair (57)
Click to Enlarge 221-223 N. El Dorado - National Tire Stores / Coleman's Brake Service (1931)
Click to Enlarge 248 N. El Dorado at Miner - Miner Inn (59)
Click to Enlarge 301 N. El Dorado - Blacks market / Greenspot Food Store (1957) Reo Motorcar Company - Demolished - Now part of Wells Fargo Bank Location
Click to Enlarge 312-332 N. El Dorado St. John H. Eagle Storage (57)- CM Menzies Chevrolet / Mallet & Tucker - Demolished - Photo Courtesy of Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge St. John's, former Episcopal Church, now St. John's Anglican Church - 316 N. El Dorado St
Click to Enlarge 400-408 N. El Dorado - Firestone Store (57)/ In 1930 it was the Patterson A H Company Oakland and Pontiac Motor Cars. By 1957 it was a Firestone Store / Carter Tire Company (1931)
422 N El Dorado St. - United Crusade (57)
Click to Enlarge 425 N El Dorado St.- City Hall. It houses the offices of the Mayor, the City Manager, the Council chambers, and the city administrative offices, the stone and marble Grecian-Iconic style building was first occupied in 1926. The lobby in the building offers a coffered ceiling along with decorative bronze electroliers. The structure was added by resolution No. 39,656 to the city historic register, March 14, 1983. - City Hall is a classical revival style building built in the spirit of the City Beautiful movement. The building represents a fine example of 1920s construction technique and design. It was designed by a collaboration of local and San Francisco architects including Davis Holler Pearce, Peter Sa/a, Losekinn and Clowdsley, and John Clowdsley. Important to the building are the surrounding grounds, cut-stone paving blocks, and a tall wooden flag pole.
Click to Enlarge El Dorado - Mc Leod Lake - Kevin Shavwer
Click to Enlarge 600 N. El Dorado St. Crossroads Auto Supply / Dick Peterson Boat Builders (57) / Safeway - 1940-1950 / A.H. Patterson Autos (1931) / Hansel & Ortman (1925) - 604 N. El Dorado - E.A. Test Truck Department
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Left photo courtesy of Ron Chapman. looking across Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. plaza to the future site of the Cesar Chavez Library on Oak St. The house in the center was built for Henry H. Hewlett, president of the First National Bank of Stockton, and treasurer of the California Navigation and Improvement Co.

Right photo, The street in the foreground, where the Stockton Archive lettering is, is Tuleberg Levee. Now gone and covered by MLK Plaza, it ran diagonally from Fremont and Center to Eldorado and Oak. The photographer would have been standing on Tuleberg Levee and El Dorado, pointing the camera NW across the gas station property towards Oak. The house in the background is the Hewlett house which was demolished to make way for the Chavez library

Click to Enlarge 605 N. El Dorado St - Cesar Estrada Chavez Central Library. Opened August 24, 1964
Click to Enlarge 640 N. El Dorado St - WILD HORSES Four Wheel Drive - A one-stop source for all Off-Road and other 4X4 needs . They began operations in 1989 by parting out a few wrecked early Broncos, expanded into new replacement parts and then started designing improved parts to replace the parts that kept breaking out on the trail. Former Gabbard Lincoln - Mercury - Honda / Stockton Motors (57) / Lloyd E. Test and Co. Dodge, Plymouth, Nash and Rio Dealership
Click to Enlarge 705 N. El Dorado - Emily Grohman House - Built in 1909 - Demolished for a Car Wash which has never been constructed.
Click to Enlarge 713 N. El Dorado - Kill-Pest Inc (1976)(1959) / Delta Sign Company (57) - Demolished - Stockton PD photo
Click to Enlarge 725 N. El Dorado - Podesto Teen Impact Center / Former El Dorado Bowl Eldorado Bowl Fountain - Cedar Room - 1940-1957 / Miniature Golf Course (1931)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 847 N. El Dorado - Former Delta Pontiac - 843/847 - Elder Motor used Cars (57
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

901 N. El Dorado at Poplar - J.M. Welsh Mansion completed in 1891 Welsh a flour mill manager and also the first president of the Stockton Land, Loan & Building association. The lath around the trees at the curb protected trees from gnawing horses,/ In 1931, J.S. Godeau Funeral Directors Demolished in 1935 to make room for a gas station. - today a parking lot for 907 N. El Dorado. In 1950-57, John's Service gas station.

Click to Enlarge 924 N. El Dorado - Eden Square Park - Right photo, looking SE
Click to Enlarge 929 N. El Dorado - Former American Auto Association
931 N. El Dorado - Eden Square Office Building
933 N. El Dorado - Eden Square Garage (57) - left photo - Kevin Shavner
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 945 N. El Dorado St. - Eden Square Apartments. Built by Senator Frank S. Boggs who was also involved with Union Safe Bank, instrumental in the construction of the Masonic Lodge at California and Market, Boggs Tract and owned many other buildings in Stockton - Eden Square Apartments. Possibly 919 N. El Dorado to the left and 901 N. El Dorado at Poplar - J.M Welsh Mansion - Right photo - Eden Sq fire - Lisa Dorman
Click to Enlarge 30 E. Acacia - Frank Woods, Grocer / Eden Square Market (1940)/ Former Piggley Wiggley
Click to Enlarge 1045 N. El Dorado Street - Delmark Building (1976)/ Former E Allen Test Dodge Dealer - 1931 / Thomas M. Lucas Plymouth/DeSoto Dealership - 1949
Click to Enlarge 1045 N. El Dorado St - Former Packard Dealership
Click to Enlarge 1045 N. El Dorado St - Thomas M. Lucas Plymouth/DeSoto Dealership - 1949 / C.J. Harrison Autos (1931)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1147-1149 N. El Dorado Street. Bel Air Building (1976)/ Dean DeCarli was hired by Happyholme Dairy as a salesman and delivery route driver. In 1940, he became a partner in the Happyholme distributing business and opened Stockton's first drive-in restaurant Bobb Inn - Demolished
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1236 N. El Dorado Street. - Cam's Drive Inn - 1957 Right photo posted by Terry Gust. Floyd Perry Jr. Photo on the left. It was Cams in the 1955 phone book, 1957-1976 Polk Directories / N.B. Hall Gas Station in (1950)
Click to Enlarge 1308 N. El Dorado. O&D Market (57) / Former Piggly Wiggly Market El Dorado and Vine - A 1933 Photo of the Piggly Wiggly store at El Dorado and Vine Streets. They called it Store 600 - Many of the old Safeway stores around were former Piggly Wiggly Stores
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1325 N. El Dorado - North School - 1898 wooden building at the NW corner of Vine which replaced a one story structure It was called the "El Dorado" It was replaced in 1916 by the new El Dorado School at Pacific & Harding. The Presbyterian Church sits on the First North School site today
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge SW Corner of El Dorado & Harding - Left photo - Former Hillman Mansion - 1891/1902 - known as the Hillman/Rindge house and was at the southwest corner of North Street, (now Harding Way), and El Dorado Street - Center photo 4 W. Harding Way - Harding Way Drive Inn Market - Opened by Massamiliano Orsi in 1932.
Click to Enlarge 1501 N. El Dorado - Texaco Service Station - also a 45 E. Harding Way address
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 9 S. El  Dorado - Former Farmers Service Center / Former location of Nine Eleven Club, 11 1/2 South El Dorado - St James Hotel , 25 South El Dorado - Hotel McKinley, 33 South El Dorado - Stockton Ice & Fuel, 41 South El Dorado - Hotel Mitchell
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 17 S. El Dorado - Stockton Theatre - Southeast corner of Main. Built in 1853. The 500 seat theatre burned to the ground on July 4, 1890. There were no less than eight theatres with the name "Stockton" in them. It all began in 1850 when the assembly room of the pioneer Stockton House at El Dorado and Channel was converted into a makeshift theatre for the entertainment of pioneer merchants and miners. The Stockton House Theatre lasted only three month, however the Historic Stockton Theatre was erected at Main and El Dorado three years later. Although frequently in disrepair, the Stockton played the best in theatre - Laura Keane, Modjeska, Lotta Crabtree, George Marion and James O'Neil. However the once most handsomely decorated hall of amusement in California" was damaged beyond repair by a mysterious fire on Fourth of July eve, 1890
Click to Enlarge 19 S. Eldorado St - Imperial Theatre - The Imperial Theatre was operating prior to 1941. It was screening Spanish language films from 1943, and continued until at least 1952.- Demolished
Click to Enlarge 28 S. El Dorado - The Lincoln Theatre was listed as an African-American theatre in the period 1930-1932. It was still open in 1952. - Demolished - Photo courtesy of Kevin Shawver
Click to Enlarge S. El Dorado and 104 E. Market - 1965 - Left photo - El Dorado & Market Today - Kings Chinese Restaurant. Right photo, Leonard Covello, 1965
Click to Enlarge 102 S. Eldorado St. Tabuchi's, 108 Roma Lunch, 110 Hollywood Bath House, 112 El Dorado Lodgings, 116 Lincoln Pharmacy and 120 Hotel Collins- Lincoln
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 111 S. El Dorado St - Golden Gate Department Store
115 S. Eldorado - Golden Gate Club
117 S. Eldorado - Golden Gate Inn Tavern
119 S. Eldorado - Golden Gate Grill
Hotel San Miguel in the left background - Center photo - 1960 Fire
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

118-120 S. El Dorado - Lincoln Hotel - Built in 1919 by the Wong brothers on South El Dorado Street, was considered one of Stockton’s finest hotels of the time. It was located in what later became "skid row", the hotel eventually became a rooming house for gamblers and prostitutes. During it's last years it operated as a working mans hotel. it was demolished in 1963 - right photo - Ron Chapman

Click to Enlarge 100 Block of S. El Dorado St
124 S. Roma Inn, Tony's Photos,
142 S. El Dorado Drugs
Click to Enlarge 228 S. El Dorado - Former Hotel Fukoa / Quezon Hotel / Western Hotel
Click to Enlarge 238 S. El Dorado - Former Hotel American
Click to Enlarge S. El Dorado Street looking north from Lafayette in the 50s - This area was referred to as "Skid Row" - The Stag Inn was at 301 S. El Dorado, Jerry's Garage at 302 S. El Dorado, Nakashima Hotel at 231 South El Dorado 
South El Dorado - Lafayette Intersects
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 305 S. El Dorado - Satsuma Hotel / Fox Hotel - Left Photo - courtesy of Ron Chapman - Right Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge 308 S. El Dorado St. - Den's Auto Repair - Former Ah Ty Brothers - Gas and Garage - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge 315 S. El Dorado - Star Hotel
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 318 S. El Dorado - El Dorado Cafe - 1925
320 S. El Dorado - Acambaro Meat Market / Star Fish Market (1976) / Former Kiwajara Rooms - Photos by Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge 325 S. El Dorado - Lincoln Garage - 1920s - The banner across El Dorado is announcing the new Westcott 6 -  The Westcott was an automobile produced in Richmond, Indiana and Springfield, Ohio between 1912 and 1925. The car company was named for its founder, Burton J. Westcott. The Westcott was advertised as "The Car with the Longer Life". The Westcott was powered by a Continental Engine, and rode on at least two different wheel bases - At 315 South El Dorado was the Star Hotel and 305 South El Dorado, The Fox Hotel
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 348 S. El Dorado & Sonora - Liberty Hotel / Sanchez Mira Hotel / Nichi Bell Hotel - Left photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. Right photo courtesy of Ron Chapman - Demolished 10/2001
Click to Enlarge A portion of the nine block west end redevelopment in 1966 - It has almost become a city trademark
Click to Enlarge 400 Block S. El Dorado - Lafayette to Sonora Street - Ron Chapman photo
Click to Enlarge 402 S. El Dorado - Quon & Ah Ty Service Station - Denny Ah Ty photo
Click to Enlarge 1200 Block of S. El Dorado, bounded by Clay, El Dorado, Jackson and Center Streets - Former Stockton Lumber Co at 1201 S. El Dorado in the 1950s
Click to Enlarge 1562 S. El Dorado - Former Foster's Freeze / R.J. Murphy Restaurant in(1950)
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1700 S. El Dorado - Former El Dorado Motel. A complete rehabilitation of this historic motel and was converted into a 39 unit apartment house for low income seniors. Construction completed in 1992. Received Stockton City Planning Commission Award of Excellence in May 11, 1993.
Click to Enlarge 1900 S. El Dorado St - Aretaga's Food Center / Former El Mercado / Ernie's Super Market / S&G Market / 88 Market - Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1945 S. El Dorado - Manny's / Former Sno White - right photo using camera lens against the glass - Photos by SPD Archives
Click to Enlarge 2000 Blk S. El Dorado St - Parrot Cafe
Click to Enlarge 2030 S. El Dorado St - Fiesta Mexicana / former Crab Pot / Ducky's Inn (1950)/ Heinzeman & Madden Restaurant
Click to Enlarge 2331 S. El Dorado St. - Former Greer's Liquors
Click to Enlarge 2411 S. Mckinley & Ninth Street (El Dorado) - McKinley School - Built in 1922 - Old building Demolished in 1974
Click to Enlarge It was May 12, 1873 when Weber Primary School on Flora Street was dedicated. Today it is is one of the finest remaining examples of a pioneer “brick” building in California. Famous architect Charles Beasley is credited for the design of this school that originally had four classrooms.
Fremont Street
Click to Enlarge 1563 E. Fremont St. - Angelina's Spaghetti House - In 1913, at the age of 18, Angelina, left her province of Genova and traveled to San Francisco. While there, she met Nick, a fellow Genovezan. They married, and in 1922 moved to the rural community of Linden where they began farming. It was during these years Angelina perfected her Genoveze cooking while cooking for the help on the ranch. The concept for the restaurant evolved over many years based on the fine Genovese cooking handed down by Angelina Angelina's first opened it's doors On December 27, 1976. / Former location Johnny Holms Continental Dining / Pezzi & Cicchoni Market (1957) / Also the location of the very first Gaines Market
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 48 W. Fremont - The Central Police and Fire Alarm building was designed by the architectural firm of Mayo, Bidwell and Cowell. Featuring simple classic details of Doric columns, pediments and frieze bands and constructed in 1925 by J.F. Shepherd. Center: 1920s photo.
Click to Enlarge Fremont Marina Office Towers - Demolished for parking lot - Kevin Shawver Collection
French Camp Turnpike
Click to Enlarge 1701 French Camp Turnpike - Dari Best - Ron Chapman photo
Click to Enlarge 308 N. Grant Street & 800 Blk Miner - Larry's Auto Repair / Former Derollo Mazda / Former Harold W. Thompson - Left Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge 1930 S. Grant St - Sikh Temple
Harding Way
Click to Enlarge 16 E. Harding - Richfield Station. one island, one service bay/ Lots of changes, Look at those old signal lights and white street signs. And everyone knows Atlantic acquired Richfield and the company was renamed ARCO - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman. Today Pacific ARCO
Click to Enlarge 240 E. Harding Way - Krien's Bakery / Jeff Webb Baker (1942) - Demolished - today a parking lot - Photo courtesy of Ken Piper
Click to Enlarge 540 E. Harding Way - City Fire Department - Engine Company No. 9
Click to Enlarge 911 E. Harding Way - Stockton Marine - Photo courtesy of Kevin Shawver
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge 925 E. Harding Way - Former Newby's Drive Inn (1935)

Click to Enlarge Harding Way and 1502 Palm Ave. - Stockton Box Fire - Marshall Ave
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1225 E. Harding Way - Gospel of Peace Assembly / Oromax Party Store / Graves Pharmacy (December 1940)- The left two photos are from Jim Graves - These photos are from December, 1940 when Graves Pharmacy was across the street from the Harding/Ophir Street as we knew it
Click to Enlarge 1246 E. Harding Way - Former Graves Pharmacy (1958) - Left photo by Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1301 E. Harding Way - Discount Grocery and Liquor / Former China Garden Smorgy Restaurant / Former Dick's Drive Inn
Click to Enlarge 1346 E. Harding Way - The Ballonery / Former Graves Drugs / Graves Pharmacy
Click to Enlarge 1440 E. Harding Way - O'Reilly Auto Parts / Former Frank's Flying A / Garabaldi Flying A
Click to Enlarge 1445 E. Harding Way - Demolished for new KFC
Click to Enlarge 1601 E. Harding Way - Lottie  Grunsky School
Lottie Grunsky Elementary School is at 1550 School St. today
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 15 W. Harding Way On the corner of Center St - Walgreens - Also a Center Street Address (former Safeway - Today a Walgreens Drug Store)- Before that it was a Shell Station / Photos at left courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr., right photos by Ron Chapman First Safeway listing (1958)
Click to Enlarge Harding and Commerce looking West - Photo by Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 120 W. Harding Way - Susy’s Mexican Restaurant / Former Happy Steak / Toppers - left photo - SPD Archives
Click to Enlarge 140 W Harding Way - Former Bradbury Shell/Enco/Yellow Submarine Sub Shop Today a Vacant Lot - Left photo - Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge Harding and Pacific looking East - photo by Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge 200 W. Harding Way - Property Management Experts / Former Seagale Travel / Former Charles Travel
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

503 W. Harding Way - Superior Printers / Ruhl's Bakery / Muzio Bakery
Harding Way & Lincoln St. / Washburn Tax Service & Real Estate
505 W. Harding - Former Hi & Bye / Segarini's Market - Left photos by Ron Chapman,  Right photos by Floyd Perry Jr.

Click to Enlarge Stockton Iron Works - Harrison & Lindsay
Click to Enlarge 1107 Hazelton - John Wilkes Payne Family Home
Click to Enlarge 500 Hospital Road - San Joaquin General Hospital - 1930s-40s
Highway 99
Click to Enlarge Highway 99 exit to Charter Way looking Southeast
Click to Enlarge Highway 99 under construction at the diverting canal - The Waterloo Road bridge is in the background
Click to Enlarge From the 1957 Polk Directory: Flagstone Manor Motel (JC and Helen Schroeder) - Telephones, TV, spaciously modern, free ice, clocks, radios, Air Conditioned, tile showers, swimming pool, 3 miles north of Stockton. 8009 N. Highway 99 - GRanite 7-0287 - The Knight's Inn  is at this location now.
Click to Enlarge 8103 N. Hwy 99 - Former Alberts Restaurant / Manor House Restaurant
Click to Enlarge Morada Hotel - Highway 99 and Morada Lane
Click to Enlarge 10038 N. Highway 99 - Aspire Vincent Shalvey Academy / Former Sibs Market  - Photo by Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 10464 N. Highway 99 - Former Pollardville - Like many of the old businesses that line the old Highway 99, the Pollardville Amusement Center was closed and demolished. The Pollardville Palace Saloon closed its doors in 2002, and the Chicken Restaurant was closed in 2007. Originally opened in 1944 as the Chicken Kitchen Restaurant, the restaurant moved in 1957 to its current location along Highway 99 between Stockton and Lodi which started the Pollardville complex. After a fire destroyed the original restaurant, the Polynesian-themed Islander Restaurant was moved from Pacific Avenue in Stockton to Pollardville in the mid-1980's. - Left photo by Mark Jeffries
Click to Enlarge 10464 N. Highway 99 - Pollardville Palace Showboat Dinner Theatre
Click to Enlarge Chicken Kitchen when it was on the West side of Highway 99
Click to Enlarge Highway 99-50 Lodi Exit - Joel Windmiller photo
Click to Enlarge Highway 99 - Exit to Highway 12 East - Joel Windmiller photo
Hunter Square
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1875-1910's Hunter Square - left photo - Broderick Crawford - All The Kings Men
Click to Enlarge

Hunter & Main - 1925 Odd Fellows

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 106 N. Hunter St. - Originally Mansion House, this building was constructed in 1873. The Mansion House was well known in early Stockton, both architecturally and within the business community. Located directly across the street from the county courthouse and one block east of the Channel, the building held a central location in the city. Before major alterations, the building was a strong example of ltalianate style- commercial building. It had a comer bay, an ornamented bell cap with cresting, a roof balustrade, and ornamental hoods over the windows. In 1947 the building was extensively altered and expanded to its present configuration. This new facade covers two distinct buildings, as the owners bought the building to the east and incorporated the two into one. This remodel irreversibly impaired the historic integrity of this building. The Mansion House has been significantly altered and does not individually meet the criteria of the· National California Registers. / Windsor Apartments - 1930 photo
Click to Enlarge Hunter and Bridge Street - Hansel Store - 1890 - Manson House at the bottom of photo
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 125-145 N. Hunter St. - Former Stockton Garage / PG&E Substation - This building appears to have been constructed in the late 1920s. The 1950 Map shows that the 125-127 storefront was occupied by a restaurant while the other storefronts were stores. The 1930 City Directory indicates that 127, 131, and 135 N. Hunter were vacant while 133 housed the Quality Print Shop. Then In 1935 the City Directory indicated that 127, 131, 133 N. Hunter were vacant. By 1940, 127 housed R. E. Barker's Refrigerator Service, as well as D. L Garden's sheet metal works while 141 housed R. E. Doan's Refrigerator Service. In 1945, the building was vacant according to City Directories. Then in 1950, 129 housed Iloilo Circle Club, 131 housed Frank Reyes Restaurant, 135 was the Clark Rooms and 141 was the Lee Grocery.  / Charles Travel Service
Click to Enlarge 155 N. Hunter - Orlando's Market & Deli / Former Social Security Office
Click to Enlarge 250 N. Hunter - Avenue Inn 
246 N. Hunter - Western Union
244 N. Hunter - Continental Trailways
240 N. Hunter St - J. E. Donaldson Auto & Tire Service
Right photo by Floyd Perry Jr. - Left photo, Bob Davis collection - Fanks Tire around 1921 at Channel and Hunter. Owned by James Francis (Frank) Donaldson, The present JF Donaldson and Son opened at 240 N. Hunter in 1940 and is operated by Franks grandson Jim and great-grandson Rob.
Click to Enlarge 205 N. Hunter - Stockton Bowl - Demolished
299 N. Hunter St. - Former Stockton Milk Company - Both demolished for theatre
Click to Enlarge N. Hunter & Lindsay - First Baptist Church  - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 415 N. Hunter - Former Continental Trailways - Photo by Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge
517 N. Hunter St. - Bekin's Van & Storage / Former Pacific Tannery - Each of these panels were a former business
501 N. Hunter - Mercantile Acceptance
505 N. Hunter - Herbie's Coffee Shop / Hoefler's Coffee Shop / PA. Frances Restaurant
507 N. Hunter - San Joaquin Realty
515 N. Hunter - D Jarnett Wholesale Radio Parts
523 N. Hunter - Furniture Land
Click to Enlarge 540 N. Hunter - Former Braley Dodge
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 601 N. Hunter - Brannon Tire / Branstadt & Doherty Tire / Lloyd Test Auto Dealership (1950-60) today a vacant lot
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 624 N. Hunter - Canepa's Car Wash
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 642 N. Hunter - Canepa's Car Wash - Looking past the Lloyd Test auto dealership at Eldorado & Park, was The First Church Of The Nazarene at 644 N Hunter in 1950. Demolished for Canepa's Carwash. / Former First Congregational Church (1916)
Click to Enlarge 26-28 South Hunter Street - Stationed here were Engine Company 2 and Hook & Ladder Company 1. It was erected in 1868 for the joint use of the "Hooks" and "Eurekas" of the Volunteer Department. During Chief Carroll's first term a room was partitioned off for an office in the rear end of the building and it has since been known as headquarters. The Hazelton Free Library adjoined on the south. The corporation yard was in the rear, and a blind alley running from Market Street serves as a convenient rear entrance. Also Engine Company No 3 (Demolished in the 1960s)
Click to Enlarge Hunter and Market Streets - NE Corner- 1863 Jail - Built in 1863
Click to Enlarge 123 S. Hunter St. - Hunter Street Stables - Kevin Shawver
Click to Enlarge Hunter and Washington looking North
Click to Enlarge 325 S. Hunter St. - La Peria Rooms (1976) / Wool Grower's Hotel & Restaurant - Building still stands, although stuccoed over / Theresa Marones Furnished Rooms (1940), Trinity Presbyterian Church
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 125 Jamestown - Former Segarini's Liquors / Former Blue Chip Stamp Redemption Center
Lafayette Street from 00 Center Street
Click to Enlarge24 E. Lafayette - Macarthur Hotel -Photo courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr. - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 50 E. Lafayette - Lafayette Lunch Counter   - Demolished - Photo by Dawn Bohulano Mabalon
Click to Enlarge 119 E. Lafayette - Former Manila Gas Station (Manila Service) - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 232 E. Lafayette - P.D. Lazaro Tailoring - Demolished
Click to Enlarge 318 E. Lafayette - F.H. Saunders Warehouse - Photo courtesy of Saunders Family
Click to Enlarge Crosstown Freeway ending at Stanislaus
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge 1335 S. Lincoln - Former Waki's Fish Market - Photos 1974 - Ron Chapman
Click to Enlarge 601 E. Lindsay
Click to Enlarge 1235 E. Lindsay St. - New Method Laundry
Click to Enlarge 2222 Lever Blvd. - Former Centromart - Photo courtesy of Ron Chapman
Lower Sacramento Road
Click to Enlarge 7920 Lower Sacramento Rd - Former Tio Pepi's / Viking Hus Restaurant - Demolished - Photo by Floyd Perry Jr.
Click to Enlarge 7920 Lower Sacramento Rd - Former CentroMart / Food Fair Market (demolished) - Today a Food-4-Less is on this location.  - Floyd Perry
Click to Enlarge 7929 Lower Sacramento Rd - Walgreens / Former Taco Bell - Demolished - Floyd Perry Jr. Photo
Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Road at Ponce De Leon - Former Oranges Airport
Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Road and Armstrong Road - Former Happy Holme Farms
Click to Enlarge Lower Sacramento Road and Armstrong Road - Midway Drive-In Theatre - Photo by James McKellips - Comments from Cinema Treasures - The 350-car Midway Drive-In opened on April 14, 1949 and was described as being 3 miles south of Lodi at Lower Sacramento Road at Armstrong Junction. The owners were William D. Bascom of Palo Alto and Walter A. Lawrence of Modesto. The Lodi News-Sentinel described them as being graduate engineers, who handled the construction of the theater, which had the room to expand to 550 cars.

Manager John L. Adams said there was a definite reason for locating the theater midway between Stockton, as there was a potential market for 125,000 persons. The theater would play nothing but first-run films and had a working agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and newsreels would be flown in from New York everyday of the week.

On June 1, 1949, the Midway Drive-In received competition when the 99 Drive-In opened in Stockton. In June of 1950, apparently in an ownership change, the Midway Drive-In was renamed the Tokay Drive-In and reverted to second-run films.

On December 14, 1954, their advertisement read “Closed for repairs. Watch for reopening date". Evidently those who watched for the reopening date never saw it again. According to the News-Sentinel, the screen later blew over in a windstorm.

Click to Enlarge Jewish Community Center - 1337 North Madison Street. Designed by Allen and Young, who are also known for the Henery Apartments (1913), Goold and John's Tudor Flats (1924) at 938-944 North Sutter Street, Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium (1924), and the First Church of Christ Scientist (1928). The building was added to the city register by resolution number 36,741 on November 13, 1979. Complete Rehabilitation of a historic structure (Jewish Community Center) into 24 apartments for low income elderly. Complete in 1987. Received Stockton City Planning Commission Award of Excellence in October 25, 1990

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