Famous Stocktonians

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Pioneers of San Joaquin
- Ross Sargent, John Gratten, John White, Amos Globe, William White, Jonathan Dodge, M.P. Henderson, B.F. Sanders, William McKee Carson, Sylvester Tredway, L.U. Shippee
Ace Andres - Singer/Songwriter/Lead Guitarist
• Ace Andres was born June, 22th 1958 in Stockton California. He was born in the same hospital the same week as Chris Isaak. It was in 1971 at the age of 15 when he bought his first guitar music book. The Sound track from Jimi Hendrix live at the Monterey Pop festival would play 24/7 at the Andres apartment. His brother had been trained in guitar so Ace had access to guitars whenever his brother was around.

A Tumultuous Childhood

Ace joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 17. Ace enlisted towards the close of the Vietnam war. He was directly involved with the evacuation of Saigon in April 1975 and relocation efforts of those in South Vietnam. He recieved medals and letters of Commendation from Admiral of the 7th fleet for his work above and beyond the call of duty. In the Winter of 1975 Ace was assigned independent duty as the "Doc" aboard the U.S.S. Lang FF1060.

The Early Years

In the late 70's; Ace played with as many San Francisco Bay Area Bands as he could. The most common lineup of band mates was Claude Kramer on Drums and Mark Johnson on Bass, and sometimes Wayne Litz on Bass, Mark Bias and Richard Brehem on rhythm Guitar. In 1978, Ace would record his first single "Still Waiting/I can't love you no more" Both were premature attempts at songwriting and producing. Never the less He would go to LA with demo in brief case. Lesson #1, The music business is 90 percent business and 10 percent music. In 1981, Ace would recieve his business degree and was offered a sales job and a "blue sky" income. This would become a neccesity as Ace's first child would be born on June 26th 1981. The same night Ace would be playing in front of a crowd of 500 people. Family life sucked Ace further and further into the day job; while sucking the life out of his musical career. In 1985 his 2nd child would be born. It would be another 8 years before Ace would perform again.

Life begins after your 1st Divorce

Not surprising; but following a long and painful 17 year marriage,(and an even more painful divorce) Ace found his 2nd wind. He found an old love (and Passion)"Music" and a new love whom he married in 2001. With a fresh outlook on life, as was playing again on a nightly basis with an all African American band headed by singer/guitarist "Dave Young". And although the experience with Dave Youg was brief (6 months) it gave Ace the drive and determination to become a musician again. At one of Ace's low points in life, He found himself working in a music store. The best part about it was being around quality guitars for 9 hours a day. The bad part about it was making minimum wage and trying to support 2 teenagers. But this gave Ace time to reflect on what was truly important. He had sent Kenny Loggins an email a few years earlier, then in 2000 he asked Kenny what he should do? Explaining his passion and masterful skill of the guitar, yet being in a position of responsibility with kids. Kenny's response was prophetic. He said:"What are you teaching your kids if you don't follow your dreams?" 2001 brought a new band with constant performing, a meeting with Neil Young, and 2002 brought Ace's 1st Solo Album "Cowboy Hat Blues".

The Recording Years

In 2002 Ace had left his band with the outstanding songwriter/Singer "Page Jackson" to record his own music. Having become a better songwriter since 1978, He wrote a blues album about painful divorces and living single again. Although sales were modest, Ace played solid throughout 2002 and 2003 gaining rapid notariety. After promoting Cowboy Hat, Ace and his new Wife bought a house in the North West and relocated to Washington State. They lived in a house that was big enough for a recording studio. Ace invested in his own recording equipment and record his 2nd and 3rd albums at "Aceland" studios in Vancouver. The 2nd Album was a Rockabilly tribute called "Hunka Gyrations". This album has 17 great Billy standards from Elvis' Viva Las Vegas to Roy's Crying. Unfortunately, Ace couldn't afford to release Hunka commercially so it sits in seclusion. The original material that came out of the Hunka sessions, led to Ace's 2nd commercial album, "American Infidel". Infidel tackled the insane issues of 2005 like the murder of Terri Schiavo and the need for a beer with tequila. Infidel recieved "rave" reviews from the Wave magazine and Ace was referred to publically as the Los Altos "Guitar god".

California on my Mind

In 2006 Rhonda Byrnes released an "underground Movie" called "The Secret". This came just at the right time as Ace was reading self help literature at an olympic pace. In April of 2007 Ace and Wife reconciled and moved into a beautiful house in the Monterey hills. This house was built for recording. In early 2008, Ace met a Law of Attraction mentor/blogger named Paul Pitriowski. Paul and Ace became friends. Paul eventually talked Ace into recording music that supported the Movie "The Secret". Paul complained that almost ALL of the new age music was boring Harps and flutes. Why couldn't somebody make some really good pop music that you could sing along with that got you to think about "Intention Manifestation".

7 Secret Vibrations

On July 10th 2008 Ace started recording the first track of "7 Secret Vibrations". The album was completed on September 19th 2008.

SleepWalk Video by Ace Andres and The X-15s

The X-15s 2004 cover of the Santos and Johnny classic "Sleep Walk". All of the photos in this video were taken by Ace Andres along the Monterey Peninsula.
Entire comments lifted from from Ace Andres Website
Ace Andres Official Site
Larry and Maria Arroyo winning a 1965 Mustang
Frank Shackleford Boggs
Sketch of John Brown (called Juan Flaco by the Americans)
delivering the message of the Los Angles Revolt to Commodore Stockton. In 1846 during the Conquest of California by the American forces under the command of Commodore Robert Stockton as military governor, a revolt occurred in the Los Angeles Area and the small American detachment was surrounded and besieged by the Mexicans. Captain Gillespie, in charge asked for a volunteer to break through the lines and take word of the result to Commodore Stockton who had returned to the San Francisco Bay with his fleet. John Brown carried the message and in four and  one-half days after wearing out many horses delivered the message to Commodore Stockton. In later years, John Brown came to Stockton where he died in 1858. He lies buried somewhere on Union Street in the old cemetery. A bronze plaque was erected for this hero in 1969 at the corner of Union Street and Weber Avenue
Pianist and composer Dave Brubeck
Dave Brubeck musician, Concord Pianist and composer Dave Brubeck led a jazz quartet that produced the pop hit "Take Five" and achieved acclaim during the 1950s and 1960s. Hall, a veteran radio broadcaster, writes a fan's account of Brubeck's personal journey from boyhood up through international celebrity. Through interviews with Brubeck and others, we hear tales of "life on the road," meet Bru's peers, and learn something about his music, mostly about his later orchestral works. Questions about Brubeck's entire musical corpus and its place in jazz are better answered in Ilse Storb's Dave Brubeck: Improvisations and Compositions (Peter Lang, 1994). Hall's discography lists American-issued recordings but excludes the many European releases and reissues. Appropriate for general audiences.?Paul Baker, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. • Dave Brubeck Website • Dave Brubeck Discography • Dave Brubeck Books (attended University of the Pacific)
James Budd
James H. Budd Governor of California  (May 18, 1851 – July 30, 1908) was an American lawyer and Democratic politician. Involved in federal and state politics, Budd was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for the 2nd California district from 1883 to 1885, and later elected as the 19th Governor of California from 1895 until 1899.

James Budd was born on May 18, 1851 in Janesville, Wisconsin. At the age of seven, Budd's family immigrated to the West, settling in Stockton, California in 1858. Making Stockton his adoptive city, Budd attended local grammar and high schools before attending the University of California, Berkeley, where he was admitted to the Zeta Psi fraternity, graduating in 1873. Following his graduation, Budd returned to Stockton to study law, being admitted to the California Bar the following year. His public career in the courts began after being appointed the San Joaquin County deputy district attorney.

During the 1884 elections, the Democratic Party nominated Budd as its candidate for the 2nd California district in the U.S. House of Representatives. His campaign for the House was based on fighting railroad corruption, going as far as to refuse any travel on railroads altogether during the campaign, earning Budd the nickname "Buckboard Jim." Budd successfully won the election, becoming the first Democrat to win the district since the Civil War.

Ron Chapman
Ron Chapman - Left - Record photo by Clifford Oto
Dr. Asa Clark
Jurist Carol Ann Corrigan
Carol Corrigan - Jurist Carol Ann Corrigan (born August 16, 1948, in Stockton, California) is a Justice of the California Supreme Court. Corrigan, the daughter of a newspaperman, grew up in the San Joaquin Valley city of Stockton. She attended the then women-only Catholic Holy Names College in Oakland. After a brief stint in a graduate program in psychology, Corrigan attended the University of California Hastings College of the Law, receiving the degree of Juris Doctor in 1975. She was admitted to the California bar in December of the same year. At UC Hastings, she also served as Notes and Comments Editor of the Hastings Law Journal.

Corrigan worked as a prosecutor in Alameda County, California from 1975 until 1987, at which time she was appointed to the since-abolished Municipal Court. She became a judge of the California Superior Court (the state's principal trial court) and in 1994 a justice of the California Court of Appeal. There, she gained a reputation for legal acumen, serving on a commission that overhauled the state's court rules.

Corrigan remained unmarried and has resided in and around Oakland, California for most of her adult life.

Franklin Crosetti - With the New York Yankees 37 years
Franklin Crosetti - With the New York Yankees 37 years
Sherriff Thomas Cunningham
Dr. J.D. Dameron
Nick Diaz
- Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and UFC Welterweight Fighter Nicholas Robert Diaz (born August 2, 1983) is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter. He is a former WEC and IFC Welterweight champion. He has also competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride Fighting Championships, and Elite Xtreme Combat before it ceased operations. Diaz was promoted to black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Cesar Gracie on May 8, 2007.

Diaz was born in Stockton, California. He went to Tokay High School in Lodi for one year before dropping out. While a freshman, he was a member of the swimming team. Diaz has stated in the past that he is thankful his mother got him into swimming classes because swimming is one of the main reasons why his cardio is so impressive during his fights. Diaz has also said on multiple occasions that he had a hard childhood and grew up without his biological father.

Diaz originally started training in martial arts because he was being bullied by other teenagers who were bigger than he was. He then watched the UFC for the first time and soon wanted to be able to fight in the organization. He has a younger brother named Nathan, who is also a professional MMA fighter and the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 5. Nick also regularly competes in triathlons as part of his training. • Nick Diaz Books

Leonard Gardner
Leonard Gardner - Author of the novel Fat City, which was later made into a film directed by John Huston Leonard Gardner (born 1933) is an American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter. His writing has appeared in The Paris Review, Esquire, The Southwest Review, and other publications, and he has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. He was born in Stockton, California, and lives in Marin County in northern California.

Gardner's 1969 novel Fat City is an American classic whose stature has increased over the years. His screen adaptation of Fat City was made into an acclaimed 1972 film of the same title, directed by John Huston. The book and movie are set in and around Stockton and concern the struggles of third-rate pro boxers who only dimly comprehend that none of them will ever make the big time. Devoid of the usual "sweet science" cliches, the book roils with dark pessimism as the characters eke out a gritty existence. It is considered an underappreciated classic of early 1970s cinema. In their memoirs, producer Ray Stark and director John Huston both cited it as among their finest achievements.

Gardner adapted his short story "Jesus Christ Has Returned to Earth and Appears Here Nightly" into the screenplay for the low-budget 1989 film Valentino Returns. He has a small part in the film, playing a character named Lyle.

Gardner has made a couple of other acting appearances, most notably in Francis Ford Coppola's 1988 film Tucker: The Man and His Dream. Gardner appears in a handful of scenes as a character known only as the Gas Station Owner.

Fat City - Billy Tully and Ernie Munger are two young men living in the Northern California delta town of Stockton. Their world is the violent one of boxing, but their struggles for survival are more universal than just any conventional story about men battling professionally in the squared circle. You do not have to be a fight fan to appreciate this arresting work.

Daniel Goleman
- Psychologist Daniel Goleman (born March 7, 1946) is an author, psychologist, and science journalist. For twelve years, he wrote for The New York Times, specializing in psychology and brain sciences. Goleman appeared on CSPAN Booktv in April 2009 to discuss his book, "Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything". His parents were college professors in Stockton, California, where his father taught world literature at what is now San Joaquin Delta College, while his mother taught in the sociology department of the University of the Pacific. Goleman received his Ph.D. from Harvard, where he has also been a visiting lecturer. Daniel Goleman currently resides in the Berkshires. He is a co-chairman of The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, based in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University, which recommends best practices for developing emotional intelligence abilities, and promotes rigorous research on the contribution of emotional intelligence to workplace effectiveness. With this, Goleman went to enhance his education at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

In addition, Goleman was a co-founder of at the Yale University Child Studies Center (now at the University of Illinois at Chicago) which has a mission to help schools introduce emotional literacy courses. Thousands of schools around the world have begun to implement such programs. Goleman is also a member of the board of directors of the Mind and Life Institute, which fosters dialogues between scientists and contemplatives. • Daniel Goleman Books

José Moreno Hernández
José Moreno Hernández is an American engineer and a former NASA astronaut. Hernández was born in French Camp, California, but calls Stockton, California, his hometown
Erastus S "Doc" Holden
Erastus S "Doc" Holden
Benjamin Holt
Benjamin Holt - Inventor (January 1 1849, Concord, New Hampshire – December 5 1920, Stockton, California) was an American inventor who developed David Roberts' design for one of the first practical continuous tracks for use in tractors. The continuous type track is used to spread the weight of heavy agricultural and engineering vehicles out over a large area to prevent the vehicle from sinking into the mud. He acquired the patent from Richard Hornsby & Sons of Grantham in 1914. He was the youngest of four brothers with his family owning a sawmill. His older brothers moved to San Francisco in 1864 to form a timber company. Benjamin stayed in Concord to help run the business from there. The Stockton Wheel Co. was formed and Benjamin moved to California in 1883.

Sinking into the mud was a common problem on farmland surrounding Stockton, California where Holt made his residence. Continuous tracks allowed practical cultivation on an industrial scale on the rich farmland. Holt's tractors had a conventional wheel on the front which was used to steer and crawler-type wheels on the back, and looked very similar to traction engines. Hornsby's design incorporated a steering clutch that varied the speed of each set of wheels.

Holt formed The Holt Manufacturing Company in the early 20th century. Continuous tracked tractors were credited as providing some inspiration for the invention of the tank. Later, after Benjamin Holt's death in 1920, the Holt Manufacturing Company of Stockton, California, merged with C.L. Best Tractor Co. of San Leandro, California, to form the Caterpillar Tractor Co., which is now Caterpillar Inc. of Peoria, Illinois, USA. The Holt tractor was constructed under the Caterpillar banner as the Caterpillar 60. • Benjamin Holt Books

Christopher Joseph "Chris" Isaak
Christopher Joseph "Chris" Isaak (born June 26, 1956) ) is an American rock and roots rock musician and occasional actor. Isaak was born in Stockton, California, the son of Dorothy (née Vignolo), a potato chip factory worker, and Joe Isaak, a forklift driver. Isaak's mother is Italian American, originating from Genoa. Chris has two older brothers, Nick and Jeff.

Isaak signed a contract to Warner Bros. Records in 1984 for his first album Silvertone. The tracks "Gone Ridin'" and "Livin' for Your Lover", from this album, were featured in David Lynch's cult classic Blue Velvet. Isaak's second self-titled album Chris Isaak was photographed by fashion photographer Bruce Weber. Isaak's contract was renewed in 1988 when Warner Bros. moved him to their Reprise Records label.

Chris Isaak onstage in Berkeley, California - 1986. His best-known song is "Wicked Game". Though released on the 1989 album Heart Shaped World, an instrumental version of the song was later featured in the 1990 David Lynch film Wild at Heart. Lee Chesnut, an Atlanta radio station music director who was obsessed with Lynch films, began playing the vocal version and it quickly became the station's most-requested song. Chesnut spread the word to other radio stations around the country and the single became a national Top 10 hit in February 1991. . • Chris Isaak Website • Chris Isaak Discography

Jet Red - 1988
Jet Red - 1988
Jim Keating
Maxine Hong Kingston
- Author Maxine Hong Kingston (Chinese: ; born October 27, 1940) is a Chinese American author and Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, where she graduated with a BA in English in 1962. Kingston has written three novels and several works of non-fiction about the experiences of Chinese immigrants living in the United States. She has contributed to the feminist movement with such works as her novel The Woman Warrior, which discusses gender and ethnicity and how these concepts affect the lives of women. Kingston has received several awards for her contributions to Chinese American Literature including the National Book Award in 1981 for her novel China Men.

Kingston was born in Stockton, California to first generation Chinese immigrants, Tom and Ying Lan Hong. He was a laundry worker and gambling house owner and she was a practitioner of medicine. Kingston was the third of eight children and the eldest of the six children born in the United States. Her mother trained as a midwife at the To Keung School of Midwifery in Canton. Her father was brought up as a scholar and taught in his village of Sun Woi, near Canton. Tom left China for America in 1924. He was able to bring his wife over in 1939.

Kingston was drawn to writing at a young age and won a five dollar prize from “Girl Scout Magazine” for an essay she wrote entitled “I Am an American.” She majored in engineering at Berkeley before switching to English. In 1962 Kingston married Earll Kingston, an actor, and began a high school teaching career. • Maxine Hong Kingston Books

Jane Swagerty-Hill
Lincoln High School graduate Jane Swagerty-Hill, left, who won a bronze medal in the 100-meter backstroke at the 1968 Summer Games, has attended every U.S. swimming trials since 1992, catching up with former Olympic teammates like Debbie Meyer Weber.
Dr. Tully Knowles
Dr. Tully Knowles - UOP president at the time it was relocated
Actress Janet Leigh
Janet Leigh - Actress Janet Leigh (July 6, 1927 – October 3, 2004) was an American actress.

Discovered by the actress Norma Shearer, Leigh secured a contract with MGM and began her film career in the late 1940s. She appeared in several popular films over the following decade, including Houdini (1953), in which she co-starred with her husband, Tony Curtis.

From the end of the 1950s, she played more dramatic roles in such films as Touch of Evil (1958) and The Manchurian Candidate (1962), but she achieved her most lasting recognition for her performance as the doomed Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960). For this role she was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Atress and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Her acting career declined from the mid 1960s. However, she continued to appear occasionally in films and television, including two performances with her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis in The Fog (1980) and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998). ( Psycho, Touch of Evil) (attended University of the Pacific) • Janet Leigh Books

Jamie Lee Curtis
- Actress Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) is an American actress. Although she was initially known as a "scream queen" because of her starring roles in many horror films early in her career such as Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night and Terror Train, Curtis has since compiled a body of work that covers many genres. Her 1998 book, Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day, made the best-seller list in The New York Times. She is married to actor Christopher Guest (Lord Haden-Guest) and, as the wife of a lord, is titled Lady Haden-Guest, but she chooses not to use the title when in the United States. She is currently the spokeswoman for Activia. She is also a blogger for The Huffington Post online newspaper  

Curtis was born in Los Angeles, California, the child of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Her paternal grandparents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants. Curtis's parents divorced in 1962 and her mother then married Robert Brandt. Curtis has an older sister, Kelly Curtis, who is also an actress, and several half-siblings (all from her father's remarriages), Alexandra, Allegra, Ben, and Nicholas Curtis (who died in 1994 of a drug overdose). Curtis attended both Westlake School in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills High School, but graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall. Returning to California in 1976, Jamie attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Jamie considered majoring in social work, but left after a semester in order to pursue a career in acting. Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda) (attended University of the Pacific) • Jamie Lee Curtis Books

Pavement is an American indie/alternative rock band. Although they experienced only moderate commercial success, they achieved a significant cult following and were one of the most popular and influential lo-fi rock bands of the 1990s. The group remained signed to an independent label throughout their entire career. The group disbanded in 1999, but more recently a reunion was announced for shows in 2010. Pavement formed in Stockton,California in 1989 as a studio project of guitarists and vocalists Stephen Malkmus and Scott Kannberg, known originally only as "S.M." and "Spiral Stairs", respectively. Their debut EPs were extremely lo-fi releases titled Slay Tracks (1933-1969), Demolition Plot J-7, and Perfect Sound Forever. They were recorded at Louder Than You Think, the home studio of Stockton local and former hippie Gary Young who also played drums on the recordings. Upon first hearing the duo's songs, Young was quoted as saying, "this Malkmus idiot is a complete songwriting genius". After the release of Slay Tracks, a new drummer, Jason Fawkes, was drafted to replace Young both live and in the studio. However, after just one tour and a handful of recording sessions, when it became apparent Fawkes and Malkmus did not get along well, Fawkes was soon ousted and Young reinstalled• Pavement Website • Pavement Discography Pavement - 1990s Grant-Lee Phillips - Singer/Songwriter; member of alternative rock band Grant Lee Buffalo
Floyd Perry Jr. on the KCRA news
Floyd Perry Jr. on the KCRA news
Alex Spanos
Alex Spanos - Billionaire Real Estate Developer; Owner of the San Diego Chargers - Alexander Gus Spanos, (born September 28, 1923, in Stockton, California) is an American real estate developer and self-made billionaire of Greek  origin who owns the San Diego Chargers

Spanos earned varsity letters in running and diving at the University of the Pacific in Stockton and later distinguished himself as an amateur golfer. Spanos was the first person ever to be on the winning teams in both the Bob Hope Desert Classic in Palm Desert (1977) and the Bob Hope British Pro-Am (1980).

Spanos began life working as a baker, but when the business nearly went bankrupt, he decided to go in a different direction. In 1951, he used an $800 loan to purchase a small trucking company, which he turned into a successful enterprise. Spanos used his profits to invest in real estate, and by 1960, he had an incorporated business.

Alex Spanos also was the recipient of the AHEPA Award, the prestigious awards to recognize members of the community for their contributions and achievements in their chosen field of endeavor.

The elder Spanos was one of the largest contributors to George W. Bush's campaign in 2004. By contributing $5 million to 527 groups that supported the Bush campaign in 2004, Spanos ranked among the top five GOP donors. President Bush appointed Spanos to the Kennedy Center board in 2004. Spanos was inducted into the California Building Industry Hall of Fame in 2005.

Sharing the Wealth - Alex Spanos - How refreshing to read a bio on someone so smart, straight forward and real...A great true story of rags to riches. Amazing how he started out and busted his butt for everything he has today. And with all of his money and power, he still lives in the town he grew up in, has helped his hometown alot and has all of his family working with him. Very inspiring and a true all American success story

John Pitcher Spooner
John Pitcher Spooner
Ed Sprague - Baseball Player Edward Nelson Sprague, Sr.
Ed Sprague - Baseball Player Edward Nelson Sprague, Sr. (born September 16, 1945 in Boston, Massachusetts) is a former pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for four different teams between 1968 and 1976. Listed at 6' 4", 195 lb., he batted and threw right-handed.

A hard-thrower, Sprague did not play at school level. He was scouted while pitching in the Army in Germany and was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1966. A year later he was sold to the Oakland Athletics. He entered the majors in 1968 with the Athletics, playing for them until 1969 before joining the Cincinnati Reds (1971-1973), St. Louis Cardinals (1973[mid]) and Milwaukee Brewers (1973-1976). He filled various pitching roles, coming out from the bullpen as a closer or a middle reliever, and as an occasional starter as well. His most productive season came in 1974 with Milwaukee, when he set career-highs in wins (7), strikeouts (57) and earned run average (2.39) in 20 games, including 10 as a starter, before damaging knee ligaments during the midseason which ruled him out for the year.

Following his playing career, Sprague became the owner of the Stockton Ports and his wife the owner of the Lodi Crushers, both teams based in the California League. His son, Ed Jr., was the Toronto Blue Jays' first pick in the 1988 draft and played in the majors from 1991-2001. •

Amos Alonzo Stagg - Football Coach
Amos Alonzo Stagg - Football Coach (August 16, 1862 – March 17, 1965) was an American collegiate coach in multiple sports, primarily football, and an overall athletic pioneer. He was born in West Orange, New Jersey, and attended Phillips Exeter Academy. Playing at Yale, where he was a divinity student, and a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity and the secret Skull and Bones society, he was an end on the first All-America team, selected in 1889.

Stagg became the first paid football coach at Williston Seminary, a secondary school, in 1890. This was also Stagg's first time receiving pay to coach football. He would coach there one day a week while also coaching full time at Springfield College. He moved on to coach at the University of Chicago (1892-1932), and the College of the Pacific (1932-46), after he was forced to retire from Chicago at the age of 70. During his career, he developed numerous basic tactics for the game (including the man in motion and the lateral pass), as well as some equipment. Stagg played himself in the movie Knute Rockne, All American released in 1940. From 1947 to 1952 he served as a co-head coach with his son at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. In 1924, he served as a coach with the U.S. Olympic Track and Field team in Paris. Known as the "grand old man" of college football, Stagg died in Stockton, California, at 102 years old.• Amos Alonzo Stagg Books

Team Roxy
Team Roxy. From L to R: Jim Morris, John MacDonald, John Haeny, (producer /engineer), with one of his prize winning huskies, Jac Holzman, (President, Elektra Records), Bob Segarini, Randy Bishop, Jim DeCoq, and John The Frankenheimer, (manager).
Charles M. Weber
Charles M. Weber
Ralph Yardly
Ralph Yardly
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