Stockton Public and Street Art

Stockton Public Art Projects

The Public Art Program was created by the city in 2000 to create expanded opportunities to experience public art resulting from the creative expressions of artists in public places of the City.” Two percent of approved and eligible construction budgets for renewal and improvement projects is allocated for Public Art projects. The Public Art Advisory Committee oversees the program which is dedicated to enhancing the public spaces of Stockton, making this a destination location for visitors, because of our fine public art collection, improving the public space environment, and the pride of place for Stocktonians. The PAAC is committed to install public art projects throughout the City for the public’s enjoyment.

Airport Way and Martin Luther King - A significant and unique public space at the southwest corner of the intersection, features a 40-foot tall stainless steel sculpture installed on an elevated pedestal in a landscaped berm
Aurora & Oak Streets - Railroad Square
701 N. California & Park - Mural - Former Ferguson Dentist
Center Street - Weber Point - In 2003 Rotary Club President, Robert Blower, requested the Stockton Rotary Endowment participate with the Rotary Club of Stockton in the construction of a memorial at Weber’s Point on property donated by the City of Stockton. The memorial incorporates individual engraved named bricks honoring those persons who served in the Army, Army Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Merchant Marine. Completed in 2009, 827 individual memorial bricks are present at the site. The memorial is maintained by the Rotary Club in a respectful and honorable way befitting those who are honored.
Mural - Lindy's Donuts - 236 E. Charter Way
El Dorado Street - El Dorado Bowl Sculpture
El Dorado Street - Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue (2004)—a bronze statue by Rafael Arrieta-Eskarzaga on the east side of the MLK Square.
El Dorado Street - Chavez Library - Temo Moreno
248 W. Fremont St. - Mural created in 2005 by Napa artist Gordon Huether above the West side of the Stockton Arena Parking Garage. There are 22,000 Mattell Hot Wheels cars epoxied and urethane-sealed onto four-foot by eight- foot sections.
Hammer Lane and Alexandria Dragon Sculpture
Kinetic sculptures on the South and North Shores of the Stockton Channel, Downtown (2008–2009); “Airbourne”—a 32-foot-high (9.8 m) kinetic sculpture, brushed stainless steel, at the North Point by Moto Ohtake, Santa Cruz; A group of five stainless steel and aluminum kinetic sculptures on the South Point by Mark White, Santa Fe, NM.
March Lane & Brookside Road - Dolphins
Click to Enlarge 1902 Pacific Avenue - Mural - Former Safeway - 1930-35 before they moved across the street to the building TAP plastic is in at 1861 Pacific 1940-1955 - Today, the Stockton Art League
Black Cat Stout
Hitman Gold
Indian Red Ale
Pacific & Adams- Mural depicting the city's history decorate the exteriors of Pacific Avenue Building.
Pacific Avenue
Pacific Avenue - BJ's Restaurant
San Joaquin & Market Streets - Mural On the Hotel Fair
Stainless steel and bronze images imbedded in the Downtown Stockton walkways (2004–2009)—designed and installed by Dan Snyder, Berkeley. Stockton’s first public/private public art partnership commissioned by Guaranty Bank, Weber Avenue, Hunter Street, San Joaquin Street, and Downtown Marina.
Water creature elements incorporated in stair railings, bicycle racks, and light poles (2009)—designed by Wayne Chabre, Walla Walla, WA, Downtown Marina.
Stribly Park Mural
Stribly Park Sculptures
Stockton Rising (2006)—a concrete with bronze sculpture by Scott Donahue between the Stockton Arena and the Lexington Plaza Hotel.
Ed Coy Garage Installation (2005)—medallions and a LED lit column by David Griggs on the Edward "Ed" Coy Garage, N. Hunter Street.
Downtown's Maintenance Hole Covers (2004)—by local artist Molly Toberer. The covers depict 17 unique designs representing topics such as Work, Taste Grow, Invent and others. The designs carry unique aesthetic legacy of the American 1930’s style.
Memorial to Mexican Braceros (2002)—bronze, cement and masonry sculpture by Rafael Arrieta-Eskarzaga, McLeods Park, Fremont Street.
Fire Fighter Memorial (1998)—a bronze sculpture, McLeods Park, Fremont Street. On February 6, 1997, the Stockton Fire Department suffered a tragic loss as two firefighters, Brett Alan Laws and Bryan Jacob Golden gave their lives trying to save the life of an elderly resident who was trapped in her two-story home. The Fallen Firefighters Memorial is a tribute to these heroic firefighters as well as all of Stockton's firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice. This beautiful life-size monument was dedicated on October 11, 1998 and is located at McLeod Lake in downtown Stockton. The monument was designed and sculpted by artist, Betty Saletta. Around the base of the monument are the names of the thirteen firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty during the history of the Stockton Fire Department.
Ethnic Diversity Sculpture (1989)—a sculpted concrete post by Eric Lee on the corner of San Joaquin Street and Weber Avenue.
Confucius Monument—13 and a half foot high pagoda-like monument of red and green tile was a gift to the City of Stockton from the Chinese Community for the bi-centennial celebration.
Yokuts Street Clock


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