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Stockton is a great place to see on a photography road trip, while many people think of Stockton is a run-down old city best known for it's high crime rate, extensive foreclosures and scorching hot summer temperatures. For me it's a living museum of history, full of beautiful old historic, and sometimes vacant buildings,

I'm not promoting these businesses, Just the signs. At one time neon was an art form.

There are vintage signs of neon, and old restaurants and cafes still serving food identical to way they have been for 50 years or more. Similar to other towns in the California Central Valley, the era right after World War II Stockton had explosive growth of it's suburbs along with literal abandonment of Stockton's central downtown. Freeways were rapidly built, shifting traffic away from the former highway routes, which lead to business decline business along those routes. Signs are on this page for their vintage neon, vintage painted signs, history or perhaps even funny.

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Vintage Neon - - Len Davidson (Author) - The expertise Mr. Davidson has in both the artistic and technical neon creation is far more stunning than the neon lights themselves. Although the book is expensive, by far, it's the most com0plete authoritative peek into the appreciation of the craft than any volume ever published. In the colloquial speech of the modern era, it is 'tubular'. Almost every conceivable style of neon has been included, there's; shoe stores, car showrooms, butcher shops, motels, bakeries, drive-in theatres, drive in restaurants, plus an abundance of restaurant. locations including many refuges of neon, places like Route 66,Philadelphia, California, and often overlooked plethora of vivid glamour in Vancouver British Columbia. This book is an absolute enchantment for those that have ever spent the night in a room with an exterior illumination in tint of yellow, green, blue or pink. If you're into 20th century American history, this book will become an instant favorite. Anyone who fascinated with illumination will find "VINTAGE NEON" enlightening.
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