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The Lone Star State

Great Seal of the State of Texas

Adoptedin June 1992.

The Great Seal of the state of Texas was adopted in June 1992.

Today, the seal of the state of Texas has developed into a uniform design with both a front (obverse) and a reverse side. By law, the seal is required to authenticate official documents of the state. The origins of the seal go back to the early days of the republic.

Six national flags have flown over Texas since the first European exploration of the region by Cortez in 1519. The six flags are:

Texas Under Spain. 1519-1685; 1690-1821. Spain was the first European nation to claim what is now Texas, beginning in 1519 when Cortez was establishing Spanish presence in Mexico,

Texas Under France. 1685-1690 Planning to expand its base from French Louisiana, France took a bold step in 1685, planting its flag in eastern Texas near the Gulf Coast.

Texas Under Mexico. 1821-1836 For more than a decade after Mexico became independent, hardy pioneers from the Hispanic south and the Anglo north flowed into Texas.

Texas as a Republic. 1836-1845 During nearly ten years of independence, the Texas republic endured epidemics, financial crises and still-volatile clashes with Mexico.

Texas in the Confederacy. 1861-1865 Sixteen years after Texas joined the union, the American Civil War erupted. Gov. Sam Houston, urging Texans to stay aloof or re-establish a neutral republic, was driven from office. Texas cast its lot with the doomed southerners, reaping devastation and economic collapse as did all Confederate states.

Texas in the US. 1845-1861; 1865-Present On joining the union, Texas became the 28th star on the U.S. flag. Shrugging aside defeat and bitter reconstruction after the Civil War, the offspring of Texas pioneers marshaled their strengths to secure a future based on determined self-reliance.

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