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Most States include: Capitol City, Capitol tour, Official State Web Site, Airports, State Bird, List of Cities & Towns. Biographies, Climate, County Profile, Current Events, Department of Education, Department of Licensing, Judicial System, State Flower, Genealogical Resources, Geology Maps, Governor Link, Highest Point, History, Largest Cities, State Library, State License Plates, Lowest Point, Motto, National Forest, Nationwide Newspapers, Museums, Population, Name Origin, Real Estate Links, State Parks, State Symbols, Tourism, Travel, State Tree, Weather, Zip Codes, Zoos

Buoyed by victories in World Wars I and II and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the US remains the world's most powerful nation state. The economy is marked by steady growth, low unemployment and inflation, and rapid advances in technology.

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The Yellow Hammer State


The Last Frontier State


The Grand Canyon State


The Natural State


"The Golden State


The Centennial State


The Constitution State


The First State


The Sunshine State


The Peach State

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Moving outside your state takes quite a bit more planning and preparation work than moving across town. You'll need to consider the differences in housing options, tax rates, schools and various ways to actually make your move. Moving outside the state means you must completely pack up everything . You just can not throw your stuff in the bed of your pick-up and take off down the road to a new place

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Tax Friendly Places
See how much you'll pay in income, sales and property taxes around the country.

Tax Friendly States by Money Magazine

State with largest area: Alaska Area: 656,425 sq. mi, 1st, Land 570,374 sq. mi., Water 86,051 sq.mi.,Coastline 6640 mi.,

State with largest population: California: 35,484,453

State with Highest Point: Alaska: Mount McKinley - 20,320 feet

State with Lowest Point: Death Valley California

State with Longest Coast Line: Alaska The longest coastline in the U.S., 6,640 miles, greater than that of all other states combined

State with the most Lakes - Alaska - more than three million lakes

Michigan has seen the construction of 90 lighthouses in its history, the most in the United States, followed closely by Maine with about 80 and then by New York which as 36 lightjouses