Parliament Hill in Canada's capital city, Ottawa.
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Living in Canada

Living in Canada

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The Canada flag has two vertical bands of red (hoist and fly side, half width), with white square between them; an 11-pointed red maple leaf is centered in the white square; the official colors of Canada are red and white
Cost of Living
Avoid a harsh welcome to Canada by knowing the basic cost of living in your adopted city before you move. If you move and are surprised by how expensive rent or transportation is, that’s not the city’s fault — it’s yours. Research is crucial. Toronto and Vancouver, particularly the downtown areas, are relatively expensive. Rent-controlled Montreal, on the other hand, has low property values and low rent, but also lower salaries.

Animals are Wild – and Dangerous
While exploring Canada’s wilderness you might be lucky enough to spot amazing wild creatures such as polar bears, grizzly bears, polar bears, elk, moose, cougars and much more.

These animals are beautiful and incredible to behold – but also very dangerous! Do not get out of your car if you come across one while driving, just take pictures from the window and keep the doors locked. Before hiking in the forest talk to a local park guide so that you can learn about wildlife safety and what to do if you encounter a wild animal.

Low Crime Rate
Canada’s low crime rate is envied around the world, particularly amongst its southern neighbours. Violent crime is extremely rare and gun ownership is almost four times lower than the US. This has boosted Canada’s global reputation and in 2014, the OECD Better Life Index awarded Canada an impressive 9.7 out of 10 for safety and security. Gun ownership is lower partly because Canadians simply feel safer. The process of obtaining a license and firearm is also lengthy and stringent, particularly when compared to the US.

Big and Beautiful
With almost 10 million square kilometres of stunning countryside, Canada is the second largest country in the world and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. From ice bound artic tundra and snow sprinkled peaks to sparkling lakes and vast woodlands, Canada can take your breath away at every turn. Every weekend and holiday will be packed with skiing, whale watching, kayaking and hiking around this spectacular wilderness. For a more unique experience, how about swimming with a polar bear or sleeping in an ice hotel? You can do it all in Canada.

Toronto was recently named the fourth most attractive city in the world, proving that even the cities are pretty in Canada. With a relatively small population of just 35 million spread across this vast country, there’s plenty of room and reasonably priced housing almost everywhere.





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Living in Canada . Living in Canada