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Living in Colorado

Colorado's diversity in elevation and temperatures contributes to a variety of vegetation, over five zones include: plains, foothills, montane, subalpine, and alpine. The plains are abundant with grasses along with over 500 types of wildflowers. Arid regions contain two dozen varieties of cacti. Foothills are matted with berry shrubs, lichens, lilies, and orchids, while fragile wild flowers, shrubs, and conifers thrive in the montane zone. Aspen and Engelmann spruce are found up to the timberline. As of 2003, 13 plant species were listed as threatened or endangered, including three species of cacti, two species of milk-vetch, Penland beardtongue, and Colorado butterfly plant.

Colorado shelters up to 747 non-game wildlife species and 113 sport-game species. Primary big-game species are the elk, mountain lion, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (the state animal), antelope, black bear, and white-tailed and mule deers; the mountain goat and the moose—introduced in 1948 and 1975, respectively—are the only non-native big-game quarry.

The lark bunting is the state bird; blue grouse and mourning doves are numerous, and 28 duck species have been counted. Colorado has about 100 sport-fish species. Scores of lakes and rivers contain bullhead, kokanee salmon, and a diversity of trout. Rare Colorado fauna include the golden trout, white pelican, and wood frog. Nineteen animal species were listed as endangered or threatened by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2003. The Mexican spotted owl and bald eagle are among threatened species. The razorback sucker, gray wolf, whooping crane, black-footed ferret, southwestern willow flycatcher, and bonytail chub are among endangered species.

Colorado Official State Bird (Lark Bunting)Colorado Official State Flower (Rocky Mountain columbine)Colorado Official State Tree (Colorado Blue Spruce)


Colorado State Capitol
The Colorado State Capitol Building, located at 200 East Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado, is the home of the Colorado General Assembly and the offices of the Governor of Colorado and Lieutenant Governor of Colorado. The building is intentionally reminiscent of the United States Capitol. Designed by Elijah E. Myers, it was constructed in the 1890s from Colorado white granite, and opened for use in November 1894. The distinctive gold dome consists of real gold leaf,

The executive branch is headed by the governor, who submits the budget and legislative programs to the general assembly, and appoints judges, department heads, boards, and commissions. The governor, who is limited to serving two consecutive terms, must be a US citizen, at least 30 years old, and have been a resident of the state for two years or more. Elected with the governor is the lieutenant governor, who assumes the governor's duties in the governor's absence. Other elective officers include the secretary of state, attorney general, and treasurer, all of whom serve four-year terms

Any US citizen 18 or older who is a resident of a Colorado county 30 days prior to an election may register to vote. Prisoners may not vote.


Colorado is a year-round destination that piques the imagination and inspires the soul with its dramatic landscape and natural beauty. The state is nothing less than stunning, with a diversity that ranges from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the rolling hills, rivers, streams, and high desert of the Colorado Plateau. Mountain towns beckon skiers, hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types, but are also great places to soak up some tranquility and enjoy the mountain vibe. Scenic drives through parks and along state highways are some of the best ways to see the amazing sites that the state has to offer. Remnants of the cultures that inhabited the area and the dinosaurs that once roamed the land can be seen and better understood by visiting some of the national parks and monuments. Colorado is an unbeatable destination that will make you rethink your future travel destinations. Colorado Tourism

Amusement Parks

Elitch Gardens, Denver
    Elitch Gardens Theme and Family Water Park, locally known as "Elitch's", is an amusement park in Denver, Colorado. it is open May through December. During the Six Flags era (1999–2006), numerous additions came in 1999 when the park was officially renamed Six Flags Elitch Gardens. The first and most notable addition was the Boomerang: Coast to Coaster, a Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster. Other additions included the Looney Tunes and DC Comics characters/themes. Throughout 1999-2001, additions were rushed in such as a new Looney Tunes Movietown area, water rides, and flat rides. In 2004, the park installed the Half Pipe coaster, one of two operating in the United States. In January 2007, Six Flags announced that Elitch Gardens, along with six other parks, would be sold
Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Glenwood Springs
    an adventure park located above Glenwood Springs, Colorado, about 160 miles west of Denver. Prior to 2003, only cave tours were available until a major expansion took place. The park is unique because it sits at an altitude of 7,100 feet on a mountain above Glenwood. The park features numerous attractions in addition to the cave tours. To provide patrons with something to do while waiting for the cave tours, the park added attractions. Major additions included North America's first alpine coaster, a zip ride, a swing style attraction, and a climbing wall 2012 saw the biggest expansion since 2005, when three new rides were brought to the park. These included a Zierer kiddie coaster and an SBF/Visa Ferris wheel, both relocated from a park in Canada. The major addition was the Cliffhanger roller coaster, relocated from the closed Celebration City in Branson, Missouri.
Heritage Square, Golden - The park officially closed on June 30, 2018.
Lakeside Amusement Park, Lakeside
    A family-owned amusement park in Lakeside, Colorado, at the outskirts of Denver. Originally named White City, it was opened in 1908 as a popular amusement resort adjacent to Lake Rhoda by the Denver Tramway, making it a trolley park. The amusement park was soon sold to Denver brewer Adolph Zang. Eventually the name was changed to Lakeside Amusement Park, but the local populace kept referring to it by its original name for its glittering original display of over 100,000 lights. It is one of only thirteen trolley parks operating and one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States, and the oldest still running in Colorado.
Mile High Flea Market, Henderson
City Park, Pueblo
Santa's Workshop, Cascade
    An amusement park located just west of Colorado Springs. Modeled after the Santa's Workshop in Lake Placid, New York, the park features a charming North Pole village complete with an array of shops selling toys, candy, and Christmas decorations. The village is also home to Santa's Workshop itself, where children (and adults) can meet with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus year round. Much of the staff is dressed in Christmas themed attire, especially those at work in stores and admissions.

    In addition to the village, Santa's Workshop is a fully operational amusement park best suited for children ages 2 to 12. It features 28 rides, many of which are specifically classified as "kiddie" rides. Family highlights include a small roller coaster, the highest altitude Ferris wheel in North America, a Giant Slide (Helter skelter), as well as a North Pole made of permanent ice in the center of the park. Other attractions include a Tilt-A-Whirl, a Scrambler, a chairlift, a narrow gauge railroad, a magic show, and an arcade. A Santa's Sleigh, a 30 mph, 2-person zip line was added in 2014. The park is typically open from mid-May through Christmas Eve, and is closed from January to May in to let Santa and the elves rest up

National Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park
Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park, Montrose, CO
    Big enough to be overwhelming, still intimate enough to feel the pulse of time, Black Canyon of the Gunnison exposes you to some of the steepest cliffs, oldest rock, and craggiest spires in North America. With two million years to work, the Gunnison River, along with the forces of weathering, has sculpted this vertical wilderness of rock, water, and sky.
Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, Mosca, CO
    The tallest dunes in North America are the centerpiece in a diverse landscape of grasslands, wetlands, conifer and aspen forests, alpine lakes, and tundra. Experience this diversity through hiking, sand sledding, splashing in Medano Creek, wildlife watching, and more! The park and preserve are always open, so plan to also experience night skies and nocturnal wildlife during your visit.
Mesa Verde National Park, Cortez and Mancos, CO
    Mesa Verde National Park was established in 1906 to preserve and interpret the archeological heritage of the Ancestral Pueblo people who made it their home for over 700 years, from 600 to 1300 CE. Today, the park protects nearly 5,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings. These sites are some of the most notable and best preserved in the United States.
Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park and Grand Lake, CO
    Rocky Mountain National Park’s 415 square miles encompass and protect spectacular mountain environments. Enjoy Trail Ridge Road – which crests at over 12,000 feet including many overlooks to experience the subalpine and alpine worlds – along with over 300 miles of hiking trails, wildflowers, wildlife, starry nights, and fun times. In a world of superlatives, Rocky is on top!

National Forests

White River National Forest
White River National Forest
Medicine Bow Routt National Forest- 2,210,327 acres
    This forest contains many ranges of the Rocky Mountains with elevations ranging from 5,500 feet to 12,940 feet. There are ten wilderness areas and Rob Roy Reservoir, which covers 500 acres.
San Juan National Forest- 1,864,595 acres
    San Juan National Forest includes Chimney Rock National Monument and elevations that range from 5,000 feet to over 14,000 feet. The forest's Weminuche Wilderness is the largest in Colorado at 499,771 acres
Rio Grande National Forest- Rio Grande
    The headwaters of the Rio Grande are in the San Juan Mountains in the western part of the forest, while the Sangre de Cristo Mountains form the eastern boundary. Elevations reach 14,345 feet at the summit of Blanca Peak, overlooking the San Luis Valley and Great Sand Dunes National Park
Uncompahgre National Forest- 951,767 acres
    The northern portion of the San Juan Mountains and the Uncompahgre Plateau are located in this National Forest. The forest also contains Uncompahgre Gorge and three wilderness areas
San Isabel National Forest- 1,108,639 acres
    There are 19 of Colorado's 54 fourteeners in San Isabel National Forest, including the highest point, Mount Elbert at 14,440 feet. The forest includes the Sawatch Range, Collegiate Peaks, and Sangre de Cristo Range and is managed together with Pike National Forest
Gunnison National Forest- 1,666,514 acres
    Gunnison National Forest is located in the Rocky Mountains near Gunnison, Colorado. Among the seven wilderness areas in the forest are the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. The Slumgullion Slide is a giant landslide due to the mineral montmorillonite.
Grand Mesa National Forest- 345,939 acres
    In western Colorado, Grand Mesa National Forest covers part of Battlement Mesa and most of Grand Mesa, the largest flattop mountain in the world with an average elevation of 10,500 feet. There are over 300 lakes in the forest. It is managed together with Gunnison National Forest and Uncompahgre National Forest.
Pike National Forest - 1,096,146 acres
    Pike National Forest includes Pikes Peak at an elevation of 14,115 feet and three wilderness areas. Since 1975 the forest has been managed together with San Isabel National Forest
White River National Forest- 2,287,495 acres
    White River National Forest has eight wilderness areas, twelve ski resorts, four large reservoirs, 2,500 miles of trails, 1,900 miles of roads, and ten peaks higher than 14,000 feet in elevation.
Arapaho National Forest- 720,418 acres
    Arapaho National Forest is in the high Rockies and includes six wilderness areas. It is currently managed jointly with Roosevelt National Forest and Pawnee National Grassland. The highest paved road in North America ascends Mount Evans at an elevation of 14,265 feet.
Roosevelt National Forest- 814,090 acres
    Located in the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado, Roosevelt National Forest has part of six wilderness areas. It is managed together with Arapaho National Forest and Pawnee National Grassland.


Colorado has five major professional sports leagues, all based in the Denver metropolitan area. Colorado is the least populous state with a franchise in each of the major professional sports leagues. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a major hillclimbing motor race held at the Pikes Peak Highway.

The Cherry Hills Country Club has hosted several professional golf tournaments, including the U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open, U.S. Women's Open, PGA Championship and BMW Championship.

Colorado Sports


Colorado Tax Facts
  • Income tax: 4.63% flat rate
  • Sales tax: 2.9% - 10.4%
  • Property tax: 0.60% average effective rate
  • Gas tax: 22.0 cents per gallon of regular gasoline, 20.5 cents per gallon of diesel



Denver International Airport Photo by JON MURRAY, The Denver Post
Colorado Airports. There are 79 Colorado public airports. There is an airport in Colorado where issues such as safety and customer friendliness are discussed. Colorado Airports strive for world class services.

People go to Colorado to see their natural beauty, and Colorado Airports are well connected to serve the traffic that flows into the state every year.

Colorado has one international airport, the Denver International Airport. Denver is the capital of Colorado and its largest city. The Denver International Airport, DIA, is one of the busiest and also one of the largest in the world. Denver Airport flies daily 23 airlines. The DIA has excellent parking and many shops and restaurants in the airport. The airport is also handicapped friendly. Regional Colorado airports are in Craig, Steamboat Springs, Rangeley, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Sterling, Boulder, Rifle, Grand Jct., Glenwood, Springs Leadville, Aspen, Boulder, Denver, Aurora, Akron, Sterling, Montrose, Gunnison, Salida, Colorado Springs, Limon, Pueblo, Lamar, Trinidad, Durango, Pagosa Spring and Cortez. Many airports in Colorado fly most of the major airlines. Tickets for these Colorado airlines can be purchased online at airline websites.


Amtrak operates two passenger rail lines in Colorado, the California Zephyr and Southwest Chief. Colorado's contribution to world railroad history was forged principally by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad which began in 1870 and wrote the book on mountain railroading. Both Union Pacific and BNSF have extensive freight operations in Colorado. Colorado's freight railroad network consists of 2,688 miles of Class I trackage. It is integral to the U.S. economy, being a critical artery for the movement of energy, agriculture, mining, and industrial commodities as well as general freight and manufactured products between the East and Midwest and the Pacific coast states.


Colorado's principal transportation mode (in terms of passengers) is its highway system. Interstate 25 (I-25) is the primary north–south highway in the state, connecting Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins, and extending north to Wyoming and south to New Mexico. I-70 is the primary east–west corridor. It connects Grand Junction and the mountain communities with Denver, and enters Utah and Kansas. The state has a network of US and Colorado highways that provide access to all main areas of the state. Many smaller communities are only connected to this network with county roads.

Colorado Housing

The median home value in Colorado is $368,100. Colorado home values have gone up 6.8% over the past year and predictions are they will rise 9.2% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Colorado is $246. The median price of homes currently listed in Colorado is $415,000 while the median price of homes that sold is $356,700. The median rent price in Colorado is $1,900. Colorado Association of RealtorsColorado Division of Real EstateColorado Real Estate Listings

Colorado Cities, & Towns

Colorado has 271 incorporated municipalities, comprising 196 towns, 73 cities, and two consolidated city and county governments. Colorado has 61 cities and 35 towns that are home rule municipalities:

Colorado home rule municipalities are self-governing under Article 20 of the Constitution of the State of Colorado; Title 31, Article 1, Section 202 of the Colorado Revised Statutes; and the home rule charter of each municipality. The home rule charter determines the form of government. A Colorado home rule municipality may declare itself to be either a city or a town.

Colorado Cities and Towns

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Living in Colorado . Living in Colorado

Colorado - The Centennial State

History, Geography, Homes, and State Resources of Colorado

Colorado USA Map

The greatest thing about living Colorado is that you're close to so much history and many beautiful sites. Here's some tips and insights for making your move smooth . Once you've made the decision to relocate to Colorado you'll be looking for a new place to live. The fresh air, mountains, and the the wilderness will all be playing a part in convincing you to go ahead and get on with the move, and the fact that there's a new job waiting there. Colorado is a really great place to live and work, and a terrific retirement place . As a buyer looking for Colorado real estate, you need to find a good Realtor to show you all the wonderful properties available.

As most home hunters know, finding the perfect home is time consuming. If you thought competition between sellers was fierce, you should it's also tough between buyers. So if you're searching for a home in Colorado, you won't be the only one looking. Hundreds of people relocate to Colorado every year. To realize the most from a home search ,begin early, make a several phone calls and do plenty of research . Checking out brochures, surfing the web and finding a knowledgeable real estate person will assure you find a great buy.

Searching local Colorado housing
You should try to determine a number of things about your Colorado move such as: The approximate home size you're looking for. The area of Colorado you would like to live in The particular types of Colorado homes want to check out When surfing online, many times you can take visual tours of the properties on the market. You can read the features of a home, see photos, and uncover all the remarkable locations and neighborhood. near the home You have the ability check properties in a particular price range of the Colorado home you are looking for. Doing all this legwork up front will let you concentrate on only seeing homes you have an interest in seeing, when your Colorado Realtor suggests homes.

Schools, shopping, hospitals and other essential facilities

Colorado Dallas Divide Road
For those of you who have children, locating a home close to a good school is really important. Discussing the specifics with your Realtor, about the kinds of schools you have an interest in (elementary, parochial, middle, or other.) If you're moving to Colorado to retire and would like a hospital to be nearby, be sure and let your Realtor know this as well. You should discuss any other specific needs in up front so when you buy your new home, you'll be located in an area easily reached for the amenities which are important to the needs of your family.

How much money can you pay for a Colorado property?
Figuring out the acquisition costs and monthly payment for a home is easy when using the website of a Colorado Realtor that provides a mortgage calculator letting you come up with the specifics. Many times the websites contain closing costs, tax deductions, interest rates, and other information. Your Colorado Realtor can clarify whatever seems confusing and provide tips and guidance on finding your Colorado dream home.

Moving to your belongings to Colorado
Going out and getting a U-haul truck or trailer and doing the move yourself could be more than you bargain for. If so, you should think about getting a moving company that will move you from your present home to your new Colorado location. Typically these companies are reliable, come with excellent references, and will do the job fast and even be affordable.

Colorado (Insight Guides) - A wonderfully illustrated guide. There's much information here that I had not already read and its full of great photos. It has a unique take on things, it's not just some book that tells you the hotels to stay at or which restaurant you should eat at. If you never have been to Colorado, this book make you desire to go there. If you have already been there, then you'll get the desire to go back. A lot of great info about a wondrous place! Buy this book, go to Colorado, see it, love it!


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Combined  high elevation, mid latitude interior continent geography results in a cool, dry but invigorating climate. There are large seasonal temperature swings and large day to night changes. During summer there are hot days in the plains, but these are often relieved by afternoon thundershowers. Mountain regions are nearly always cool. Humidity is generally quite low; this favors rapid evaporation and a relatively comfortable feeling even on hot days. The thin atmosphere allows greater penetration of solar radiation and results in pleasant daytime conditions even during the winter. Outdoor work and recreation can often be carried out in relative comfort year round, but sunburn and skin cancer is a problem due to the intense high-elevation sunlight. At nighttime, temperatures drop quickly, and freezing temperatures are possible in some mountain locations every month during the year.


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  • Economy

    Colorado’s economic activity, based on factors such as GDP growth and startup activity, was the eighth best in the nation. The state is third for economic health, which looks at the unemployment rate, foreclosure rate, what share of the population is in poverty, building permit activity and other factors. Additionally, the is fourth in “innovation potential” which looked at the state’s entrepreneurial activity, the share of jobs in the tech industry and more.


    Colorado Colleges. There are 57 Four Year Colleges and Universities in Colorado. Many of the four-year colleges and universities in Colorado are nationally renowned for their competitive programs and diverse program offerings. Students in the state attend some of the world’s prestigious research universities and selective liberal arts colleges.

    Flora and Fauna

    Colorado State Flower - Rocky Mountain columbine

    Colorado State Tree - Blue Spruce