Packing for an Airline Flight

10 Smart Things To Pack in Your Carry-On

Packing for a family visit, business trip, or vacation can seem like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Have you figured out a way bring everything you need and still follow the TSAís rules? In addition, accidents happen, people lose things, things can get stolenóand airport purchases are costly. Plan ahead by strategically packing these items in your carry-on luggage for a more pleasant trip.

  1. Documents Youíll Need During Your Trip
    Naturally don't put your wallet, passport, and flight tickets in your suitcase. Also, if you have physical tickets (for train trips or events like a ballet or sports), an invitation with an address on it, or any other papers with no digital counterpart, keep those in your carry-on. Also it's a good idea to print out tickets, directions, and itineraries that youíve stored on your phone just in case.

  2. Valuables
    Airlines and airports are doing more to stop luggage theft, but incidents still occur. Keep your jewelry, computer, camera, and other expensive items with you at all times. Even articles of clothing have been stolen from suitcases, so just assume that if you paid a lot for it, it belongs in your carry-on.

  3. Collapsible Water Bottle with a Filter System
    Airplanes are dry and those little water bottles you get on the plane arenít enough to keep you hydrated throughout the flight. A collapsible water bottle with a filter can be filled with tap water after going through security, and even when filled, they take up less room than a typical reusable bottle.

  4. Daily Medications
    When packing your medications in your checked luggage, you not only run the risk of it being stolen, but, should your luggage get lost, you'll also find itís next to impossible to get a refill away from home. In addition to your prescription meds, bring any over-the-counter medications you might need during your flight in your carry-on.

  5. Phone Charger
    No matter how great your phoneís battery life is, donít assume itís going to have enough life to get you to your hotel. Keep your charger with you in case your phone needs a quick jolt, especially if the information you'll need to get from point A to point B is in your email inbox.


  6. Entertainment
    Unless looking out the window is enough to keep you occupied throughout the flight, bring along a book, game, magazine, other amusement source. But don't bring one of those huge hardcover books that will weigh you down; stock your e-reader or audiobook library insteadóbut bring a magazine for take-offs and landings, when all electronics are required to be stowed under the seat in front of you.

  7. Change of Underwear
    Keep a change of underwear with you in case your luggage gets lost or you want to freshen up post-flight.

  8. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Face Wipes
    Leave a a good first impression at your final destination by brushing your teeth and washing your face before leaving the airport. By keeping a small selection of toiletries in your carry-on keeps you from having to rummage through your suitcase in public view.

  9. Appropriate Clothes
    Going to the tropics to escape a chilly winter? Add a change of clothes in your carry-on bag to accommodate the new climate. No need to start your vacation off with heat stroke!

  10. Snacks
    The small bag of pretzels and a can of soda handed to you by a friendly flight attendant doesnít always get it, so bring your own lunch or snack. So long as itís wrapped and non-liquid, it will pass security. Plus, itís certainly less expensive than buying a sandwich at the airport.

And One Thing You Should Not Pack: Your Sweatshirt
Airplane cabins are notoriously chilly, so be sure to bring a warm sweatshirt or light jacket (and socks too!) for your flight, but donít put them in your carry-on. Airlines donít count sweatshirts and jackets as one of your free bags, so drape them over your arm to save precious space in your carry-on.

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