Neighborhood Information in High Demand

People Seeking Neighborhood Information

By Gene Wright

When people are seeking a new home to live in, they typically want to know a few key details beyond number of rooms and price: Most often, they want to know about the neighborhood, it's attributes and what kind of commute they will have. It's a fact, that more than three fourths of potential homebuyers say being around a half hour commute getting to their job just as important, while two thirds of homebuyers say having an easy walking distance to food stores and restaurants is a key attribute in making a decision about where to live.

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In addition, two thirds of Generation Y homebuyers say that residing within a walkable neighborhood is most important while one third will even pay more for easy ability to walk to work, shopping, and entertainment. Some of these items are partly because of rising gas costs but also the life quality benefits that come with with walkable communities. Statistics suggest that walkable neighborhood residents are healthier, happier, plus more likely to do community volunteer work and entertain their friends at home.

We are seeing the growing demand for community information as real estate websites have been adding more and more neighborhood information adjoining the listing details. Walk Score provides four million scores daily across their partner network sites, which implies many people are starving for community information.

As people shop for homes to purchase, they are beginning to expect to find local information included with listings. Companies that arenít providing neighborhood information, are going to find that customers are going somewhere else: either another real estate website or through tools such as Bing and Google. For more info, go to New Article Aug 29, 2011

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