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Stockton Grocers Over the Years
During the preceding century, Stockton has seen many local, regional and national, regional, grocers come and go. The city was an early location for Piggly Wiggly and Safeway, while later there were Alpha-Beta,. Albertsons early California stores. Fry's and Lucky Stores also operated stores in Stockton

Stockton Hoosier InnStockton Restaurants
Escalon, Lockeford, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Stockton, Tracy, Woodbridge restaurant guide with addresses, comments, photographs, menu information, restaurant links when available, maps all in one convenient location.


Stockton Shopping
Stockton has literally hundreds of retail facilities, several large grocery stores, shopping malls, home and garden centers, hotels, and wonderful restaurants to browse through or eat at. There's something here for everyone... Stockton has three major malls along with many smaller shopping centers offering Kohls, Dillard's, Macy's, Sears, Gottschalks, and JC Penney Department Stores

Movies Filmed in Stockton
Many motion pictures have been filmed in Stockton. Over the years, filmmakers have used Stockton's waterways to stand in for the Mississippi delta, the surrounding farmland as the American plains and Midwest, and Pacific's campus as an Ivy League college

Signs of Stockton
Stockton is a great place to see on a photography road trip, while many people think of Stockton is a run-down old city best known for it's high crime rate, extensive foreclosures and scorching hot summer temperatures. For me it's a living museum of history, full of beautiful old historic, and sometimes vacant, and several with signs painted right on the buildings,

Oct 26
Protection of Home Equity
Home equity protection typically is available by an agreement that makes a payment to a homeowner if a home price index in particular goes down in value during a certain time period after purchasing the equity protection. The protection can be acquired for a brand new or existing homeowners with a desire to protect the equity in their home from a declining market in the future. This equity protection is designed to ease the risk of negative home price declines in the future. Home equity protection is typically offered by sellers as an inducement to buy their home. Real estate brokers, Realtors, title companies and mortgage brokers have all began to adopt using home equity protection to smooth the progress of an underlying home acquisition.   
Oct 24
Rents Going Up Improving Investors Returns
With rents going up faster than a year ago, the outlook for investors profiting with residential real estate is improving even more than it's already been as a consequence of once-upon-a-generation low prices and low rates of interest.  At this point, I would downplay concerns over rumors of price declines in the near future and urge investors to reflect on the long outlook of the abundant opportunities. People should look at this is a longer term investment opportunity, and not a "get rich quick" scheme for real estate investing. Rents are a perpetual return on your investments over the years, returning you with a desirable asset as prices improve. Which they will. The greatest real estate profits build up with long haul investors who look at the view over a long term.
Oct 20

Reasons Your Mortgage Could Be Rejected
"We are sorry to inform you..".No one attempting to get new mortgage loan or refinancing an old one wants to hear or see this phrase. however last year over two million borrower applicants were declined for a mortgage loan, most common reason was they did not meet particular lender requirements or due to their applications being incomplete or otherwise challenging. And those numbers, obtained from the Examination Council of Federal Financial Institutions, doesnít even take into consideration those who throw in the towel on the often complex mortgage qualifying procedure. an estimation by the national Mortgage Bankers Association figures that almost half of those home-owners who attempt to refinance while 30 percent of home-buyers either drop out or are denied.

Oct 17

Boomers Placing Their Bets on Real Estate
Even though the current market has put many sellers from going ahead with their plans to sell their family home, these baby boomers have become a burning market for income properties. A recent national survey of real estate agents found that 88 percent of the 1450 brokers and agents surveyed have baby boomer customers who already possess or are seeking to buy an investment property. Some 23 percent of agents surveyed reported that at least 50 per cent of their baby boomer customers either now own or are seeking to buy income producing properties.

Oct 15
Roof Repairs Typically Overlooked
Tips for sealing flashings and replacing vents. Before the bad winter weather rolls in, now is the right time to inspect your roof and take care of any necessary repairs. Even if your shingles look good from the street, you could have issues with plumbing and attic vents, flashings, and other potential r breaches into your home that just might let water in, creating a likelihood for big problems later on.

Repairs should start with an inspection, from both in and out. You or a licensed roofer should do a complete roof inspection to determine the condition of a number of key areas. Take a look at the vents into the attic to determine if there's any indication of loose, loose fasteners, cracking, or torn screens, or other issues.

Oct 13
Oct 12

Important US. Housing New and to see the Reduced Loan Limits
In spite of efforts by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the California Association of Realtors (CAR) to have conforming loan limits Fannie Mae, FHA and Freddie Mac extended, Congress took no action to extend the maximum loan limits of $729,750 therefore they expired on Sept. 30, 2011. This allowed the maximum loan amounts for Fannie, FHA, and Freddie, can buy or guarantee has rolled back to $625,500, while any loan more that amount is considered non-conforming which will require what's considered a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans most often have a higher mortgage rate of interest plus more down payment, and consequently higher monthly payments, which hits middle-class sellers and buyers particularly hard..

Oct 11

Stockton Fall Colors
Fall in Stockton is a beloved part of a year to be photographing nature's beauty. The leaves are colorful and brilliant, skies are clear blue, while the rotating of the seasons generates vivid, colorful landscapes that are just begging to be photographed. There are times, even when a photograph contains wonderful fall colors, the same power of emotion does not happen when viewing the image.

There are a number of methods I used in capturing these Stockton Fall Photos

Adjusting the Exposure Compensation
To make these fall colors a little push and really stand out, I adjusted exposure compensation settings of my camera. Although newer digital cameras can automatically set the exposure values, better picture quality is obtained by making manual adjustments. As employing fully automatic settings, lets those brilliant subjects become much darker than their native colors.

Oct 02

Autumn is the Right Time to be Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs
When the fall's in the air, then it's time to get your spring into the ground. Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs that will erupt into bloom at the first sight of spring. Ok, the gratification is delayed, but the smiling daffodils and crocuses appearing when a dreary winter comes to an end is definitely worth waiting for. And the best part? Planting bulbs for spring doesnít require that much effort. Just make a hole, drop the bulb in, and cover it with dirt. What could be easier? In fact bulb growers have a new slogan "Dig. Drop. Done". Bulbs are very easy to plant. They include everything they'll require for the first season of growing, It's hard to go wrong.

5 Clear-Cut Rules of Business Character
If you really give it some hard thought, much of the misbehavior we all seem to notice in business today, all the way from the CEO scandals to just plain bad customer service, all come down to lacking of solid character. Character matters in real estate. And there is no other time like now for agents to take some time and redefine their objectives for proper character of their business dealings with their customers. Thatís right. Agents need to become serious about deciding what their business stands for and to share in those values with their customers. Ití amazes me how few agents set aside any time for this, "They may suffer discomfort talking about character, or perhaps they have never given much thought to what their business really stands for.

Oct 01

Earthquake Safety The Seven Steps
The information contained on this page comes from materials originated in 2006 by the Emergency Survival Program , which is based upon "The Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety" contained in the handbook called , Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country.

Secure it now! By diminishing and/or removing hazards throughout your neighborhood, home, school, and workplace can vastly diminish your risk of death or injury following another earthquake or some other major disaster. Perform a "hazard search" to assist in identifying and fixing things like unsecured TV sets, bookcases,, computers, furniture, unstrapped hot water heaters, etc. By securing these items today will help protect you for tomorrow.

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Oct 30

Stockton San Joaquin Street Amtrak Station, CA (SKN)
Located at 735 S. San Joaquin Street Stockton, CA 95203 The San Joaquin Street Depot was constructed in Mission Revival style in1900 which cost $24,470.to build for the San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railway (SF&SJV) The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) Railway took over the station in 1899 when it obtained the SF&SJV. The ATSF was subsequently acquired by the BNSF, who now owns the depot. The ATSF was the third station to follow the heels of the Southern Pacific along with the Western Pacific depots in Stockton, and located east from the port on the Mormon Slough. The three depots are still standing today, however the Western Pacific depot now has no tracks tracks or passengers as it is not served by trains.