Autumn is the Right Time to be Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

When fall's in the air, it's time to
get your spring into the ground

Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs that will erupt into bloom at the first sight of spring. Ok, the gratification is delayed, but the smiling daffodils and crocuses appearing when a dreary winter comes to an end is definitely worth waiting for. And the best part? Planting bulbs for spring doesnít require that much effort. Just make a hole, drop the bulb in, and cover it with dirt. What could be easier? In fact bulb growers have a new slogan "Dig. Drop. Done". Bulbs are very easy to plant. They include everything they'll require for the first season of growing, It's hard to go wrong.

Flower bulbs include all the nutrients your new plant needs for growing and blooming for their first year, so no fertilize is needed for newly planted bulbs. And because there's typically lots of rain in the fall, and it's most probable that you wonít even have to give them water, other than the initial watering the bulbs need as you first put them into the ground.

Bulb experts typically recommend waiting until nighttime temperatures decline to the lower 50s or 40s during a couple of weeks before planting them. However, you don't need monitor the weather. When it becomes sweater weather, then the time is right to plant

In Central California, October is still too warm and we must wait until and November and December for our ideal months for planting bulbs, . Ideally you should wait to plant until the ground cools although before the first solid frost, However you can still plant in January

Although you may not be quite ready to plant, Go get the bulbs as soon as you possible. Wait too long, and your favorite bulbs might be gone, Try to find bulbs that feel firm when you touch them, and store them in a dark, cool, place until you actually plant them.

Donít be concerned if the papery like skin is disturbed or even missing, This wonít have a bearing on the bulbís chance of survival. Select a spot to plant spot where the drainage is good well, as bulbs could rot in too wet of conditions. Spring bulbs love sun, although they can be planted under shrubs or trees that will yet not have leaves when the bulbs bloom, .

Some people even scatter early blooming bulbs like as crocuses on their lawns and plant them right where they fall, with the knowledge theyíll bloom long before the grass requires mowing.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the hole you plant in should be approximately three times the bulb's length, although itís probably best to go along with the instructions included on the package. You can make individual holes for every bulb, or make a trench that will hold several bulbs.

Bulbs should be planted with pointed side up, although thatís not imperative. The budding shoot will discover the way out of the ground, even when you plant it upside down..

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