5 Clear-Cut Rules of Business Character

It certainly is a tense time to have your own business

The doubtful economic mess has many business owners constantly poring over their financial accounts, crunching budgets, and eliminating all unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, financial issues arenít just the only problems a company might be looking at. Many businesses should take a long hard look at their companies character.

If you really give it some hard thought, much of the misbehavior we all seem to notice in business today, all the way from the CEO scandals to just plain bad customer service, all come down to lacking of solid character.

Character matters in real estate. And there is no other time like now for agents to take some time and redefine their objectives for proper character of their business dealings with their customers. Thatís right. Agents need to become serious about deciding what their business stands for and to share in those values with their customers. Ití amazes me how few agents set aside any time for this, "They may suffer discomfort talking about character, or perhaps they have never given much thought to what their business really stands for. However just resolving to take some time to discuss your beliefs is one powerful work out and one which returns powerful outcomes. If you're not really certain what is tantamount to good character. Youíre in in the right place!. There are just five clear-cut rules that every real estate person, from the tip top of the food chain on down, should always follow to guarantee that their character is rock-solid:

1. Never Tell White Lies. Weíve all been guilty of telling one or two little white lies. In fact, many do this as a daily occurrence and are scarcely even aware they do it anymore! Although we may feel those little falsehoods to be totally harmless, think about telling your receptionist to inform someone who calls that you are not in the office when in fact you really reflects upon your own character. White lies continue to be lies, Just think about the sheer number of scandal business stories that occurred during the past year and what percent of them were from the consequence of plain old dishonesty and how the consequences of that dishonesty traumatized so many people's lives. "White lies are similar to those gateway drugs to bigger highs, While being honest is often a difficult and less popular thing to do, Being honest with the truth is the first rule to cultivating sound character. Always tell the truth for the reason that it is the appropriate thing to do, along with persuading your associates to act the same. The bottom line is that it safeguards your personal veracity, while honoring, rather than diminishing, everyone who listens what you may have to speak about.

5 Clear-cut Rules of Business Character

2. Honor Your Commitments. Did you ever make a promise in business that you did not keep? Maybe you didnít do the follow through with some promised information, or skipped out on day when you give your word you'd show a property. And given turbulent economy of the past year, itís most likely that you discovered yourself in a position that your mouth wrote out checks during good times that now your bank account is no longer able to cash. Trimming expenses is understandable and necessary, however, breaking your word is not, even when the bottom line becomes more inconvenient, time-consuming or expensive, than you figured.

Donít casually make promises and discuss with your associates that they should not either. This is the genuine test for Ďpractice what you preach,í because your associates will be less disposed to follow this rule if they don not see you following it. Before you make a commitment to anything, ascertain that you are able to live with the absolute worst-case consequences as result of what you agreed to, and until the end of time follow through and do what you agreed you would do, no matter the financial cost."

3. Do the Extra Mile. One of the more prevalent character flaws in agents and their associates is that they only do enough to slide by; they show up for work and do only enough to get a commission and just enough effort not to lose the sale. Thatís not anywhere good enough. Just think about it in this fashion: If the main crowd of agents are only doing the minimum effort, then those agents who apply themselves just a smidgen more will stand head and shoulders above the crowd and be in demand, a great plus for any customer to behold.

So give some thought about what can be done each day to do the extra mile. It may mean agreeing to do an extra assignment, working on a Saturday now and then, or enrolling in night classes to hone your skills. Whatever the extra mile might be, subsequent benefits will return themselves many times over. Many of the more successful agents will readily agree that they are not any brighter than their competition with not as much success, they simply outthink them, outwork them, while, as a consequence, outperform them. Simply doing what others are not willing to do, going places where they were not willing to go, saying things what they were not willing to say, learning about what they were not willing to learn, and taking risk that they were not willing to chance, they earned an overwhelming success plus a lifestyle which the Ďget byí crowd could not to attain.

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