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Jackson Hole Airport JAC

The State of Aviation in Wyoming

Casper–Natrona County International Airport CPR
Yellowstone Regional Airport COD
Gillette–Campbell County Airport GCC
Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport RKS
Laramie Regional Airport LAR
Sheridan County Airport SHR
Evanston Wyoming Airport EVW
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There is one international airport in Wyoming, along with numerous Regional and Municipal airports providing flights from Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Seattle, In addition there is usually a great selection of seasonal flights to Wyoming.

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  • Wyoming's main airport is small and provides a limited number of flights, but it's the best option for air travel in the state. Jackson Hole Airport provides easy access to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Every year, hundreds of thousands of passengers fly on American, Delta, Frontier and United flights to Jackson. Year-round flights are available to Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado. Seasonal flights are added to US destinations such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Newark, Los Angeles and San Francisco for the winter ski season and summer vacation months.

    The small but beautifully designed terminal reflects the aesthetics of the Rocky Mountains. Jackson Hole Airport is one of the most beautiful and convenient airports to travel to. A restaurant is open when flights are scheduled. There is also a gift shop and a kiosk selling travel items, snacks and souvenirs. An ATM is located in the baggage claim area and Wi-Fi internet coverage is available throughout the terminal.

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    Jackson Hole Airport

    Jackson Hole Airport
    Jackson Hole Airport(JAC, 342,044 annual boardings) is a public airport situated seven miles north of Jackson, in Teton County, Wyoming. It was the busiest airport in Wyoming in 2015, by passenger traffic with 313,151 passengers. During peak seasons, Jackson Hole has nonstop airline service from 13 destinations throughout the US.

    JAC includes 533 acres. It is the only commercial airport in the US located inside a national park, in this case Grand Teton. The single runway, 1/19, is 6,300 x 150 feet made of asphalt. The airport is noise sensitive and forbids older, noisier aircraft with stage-II engines. There was once an unusual terminal resembling a pioneer log cabin. The terminal was totally reconstructed between 2009 and 2014. A new terminal, designed by Gensler, still blends in with the unique surroundings of the national park with exposed wood, fireplaces, and nature photography throughout. The park limited the height of the terminal building to 18 feet,  - List of US Airlines

    Casper/Natrona County International Airport

    Casper/Natrona County Wyoming Photo by United Airlines
    Casper–Natrona County International Airport(CPR, 92,805 annual boardings) is located seven miles  northwest of Casper, in Natrona County,Wyoming. Prior to December 2007 it was called Natrona County International Airport.

    Casper had air traffic in the 1930s at Wardwell Field, north of town. In September of 1942, the airport started as the Casper Army Airfield,   consisting of four hard surfaced asphalt runways The airfield was inactivated in March 1945, and subsequently was turned over to the Army Corps of Engineers as surplus property. The War Assets Administration passed the airfield over to civil control during the late 1940s, and in 1949 it became Natrona County Municipal Airport, replacing the former Casper Airport, Wardwell Field, whose runways became streets in the town of Bar Nunn.  - List of US Airlines

    The airport has 5,150 acres and there are two asphalt runways: 3/21 is 10,165 x 150 feet and 8/26 is 8,679 x 150 feet.

    Yellowstone Regional Airport (Cody Wyoming)

    Cody Wyoming
    Yellowstone Regional Airport(COD, 40,340 annual boardings) is a public-use airport situated two nautical miles southeast of the central business district of Cody, a city in Park County, Wyoming COD is the only commercial airport in Park County. It is in northwestern Wyoming, around 53 miles from the eastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

    The airport is owned by the city of Cody and is operated by the Yellowstone Regional Airport Joint Powers Board. Daily operations are overseen by an Airport Manager, who is appointed by the board.

    COD includes 694 acres at an elevation of 5,102 feet above mean sea level. There is one runway designated 4/22 with an asphalt surface measuring 8,268 by 100 feet.

    Cody isn't far from the mountains, which present a spectacular view for visitors but don't exactly make it easy on pilots. There's also no control tower at this airport.

    (Do not confuse this airport with the Yellowstone Airport, located 104 miles away in West Yellowstone, Montana, near the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park).

    Gillette-Campbell County Airport

    Gillette-Campbell County Airport Photo by Casper Star-Tribune
    Gillette–Campbell County Airport(GCC, 28,383 annual boardings) is located five miles northwest of Gillette in Campbell County, Wyoming. There are no scheduled airline flights. GCC is situated in Northeastern Wyoming in a major energy-producing area of the country known as the Powder River Basin. Gillette is at the hub of this basin, and the airport handles the commercial service and general aviation needs for a large portion of this corner of the state.

    The airport consists of 894 acres at an elevation of 4,364 feet (1,330 m). There are two concrete runways:

    • Runway 16/34 is 7,500 by 150 feet.
    • Runway 3/21 is 5,803 by 75 feet (1,769 x 23 m).

    Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport

    Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport
    Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport(RKS, 16,110 annual boardings) is situated eight miles east of Rock Springs, in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. It is owned by the City of Rock Springs and is operated by the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Joint Powers Airport Board. In December of 2017, the airport became the first airport in Wyoming to utilize a renewable energy power source for part of its electrical demand. The 25 KW solar farm installed by Creative Energies offsets a portion of the electrical demand for the General Aviation Complex operated by Sweetwater Aviation.   - List of US Airlines

    The airport is 1,242 acres at an elevation of 6,765 feet. There are two asphalt runways:

    • Runway 9/27 is 10,000 by 150 feet.
    • Runway 3/21 is 5,228 by 75 feet.

    Laramie Regional Airport

    Laramie Wyoming
    Laramie Regional Airport(LAR, 15,957 annual boardings) is located three miles west of Laramie, in Albany County, Wyoming. It is owned by the Laramie Regional Airport Board. Airline service is subsidized by the Essential Air Service program.

    Constructed in 1934, the airport was known as Brees Field until 1992, named after United States Army general Herbert J. Brees. The runways were paved  in 1944 to allow B-24 Bomber operations. Airline flights began in 1945 and the the terminal building was erected in 1959.

    The airport is made up 1,580 acres at an elevation of 7,284 feet. There are two asphalt runways:

    • Runway 3/21 is 8,502 by 150 feet.
    • Runway 12/30 is 6,300 by 100 feet.

    Sheridan County Airport

    Sheridan County Airport Photo by Wyoming Public Media
    Sheridan County Airport(SHR, 9,211 annual boardings) is a county-owned, public-use airport in Sheridan County, Wyoming. It is situated two nautical miles southwest of the central business district of Sheridan, Wyoming. The airport is mostly used for general aviation.

    Air Service at Sheridan is presently provided by Denver Air Connection (DAC), a public charter company based in Centennial, Colorado. Daily service at Sheridan County Airport includes direct flights to and from Denver International Airport aboard a 30-seat Dornier jet aircraft.  - List of US Airlines

    The airport is 1,550 acres at an elevation of 4,021 feet above mean sea level. There are two asphalt paved runways:

    • Runway 15/33 is 8,301 by 100 feet.
    • Runway 6/24 is 5,039 by 75 feet.

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