Colleges and Universities of New Mexico

University of New Mexico - Dane Smith Hall, built in 1999

Because of its relatively small population, New Mexico, in combination with numerous state-funded research facilities in 2000, had the highest concentration of PhD students in all states. Despite this, the state routinely ranks in quality education surveys on primary and secondary lower secondary education

New Mexico is one of eight states that fund college scholarships through the state lottery. The state of New Mexico requires that the lottery invest 30% of its gross revenue in the scholarship fund. The scholarship is available to residents who have graduated from a state high school and attend a full-time full-time university while holding 2.5 GPA or higher. It covered 100% of tuition fees when it was launched in 1996, dropped to 90% and then dropped to 60% in 2017. In 2018, the value has risen slightly, and new legislation has been adopted to determine which funds are available to each type of institution

College of Santa Fe

Eastern New Mexico University

New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology

New Mexico Highlands University

New Mexico State University

St. John's College

University of New Mexico

Western New Mexico University  

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