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Wright Realtors Real Estate News

Jan 24

Lodi California History
Updated pages. Added 37 historic photos. In 1869 Allen T. Ayers, J. U. Megley and R. L. Wardrobe petitioned the railroad company to establish a station at the place known as Lode, offering them an undivided half of a half mile square of land on which to lay out the site for a town.  This liberal offer was accepted, and the company proceeded to lay out the plat, naming the point Mokelumne station; but some years later the name was found to be too similar to others in the State, the present name of Lodi was selected.

Jan 17

Checklist For a Quick Sale
When it Comes Down to Selling Your Home, the Small Things Really Do Count Hereís a cool list of hot ideas which make your home more appealing, and bring you more money.

Jan 10
No More Procrastinating, Start It Now!
It doesn't matter if itís cleaning up the garage, paying your monthly bills, filing your tax returns on time, or just getting up out of bed, everyone have a propensity to procrastinate at times. Robinson Crusoe was the only man to ever have his work all accomplished by Friday. Are you the personality type who tackles their tasks head on and accomplishes their projects right away, or are you more apt to put things off by procrastinating?

Jan 02
Property Being Foreclosed Upon Must be Disclosed to Prospective Tenants
A new law in California requires landlords to disclose to prospective tenants, before signing a lease, when a recorded notice of default has been filed against the property. This requirement only applies to apartments and single-family homes rentals of four units or less. The law resulted from Senate Bill 1191 (Simitian). Governor Brown approved the bill on September 25, 2012 and enacted in Civil Code Section 2924.85. This new law took effect January 1, 2013. 
Jan 01

Looking at the Online Fuzzy Math Home Values
Fuzzy MathRicardo Hernandez did a lot of hard work to turn his 3,500-sq.-ft. stucco home in the Stockton suburbs into an ultimate pad for grown-up parties, It included a custom wine cellar, game room, plus a infinity-edge pool that overlooked Lake Lincoln. When interest rates recently dropped, Mr. Hernandez, took a look into refinancing his $350,000 loan. And that is when he received the news that his home had gone down over $150,000 in value as he was renovating it.

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