No More Procrastinating, Start It Now!

No More Procrastinating, Start It Now!

It doesn't matter if itís cleaning up the garage, paying your monthly bills, filing your tax returns on time, or just getting up out of bed, everyone have a propensity to procrastinate at times. Robinson Crusoe was the only man to ever have his work all accomplished by Friday. Are you the personality type who tackles their tasks head on and accomplishes their projects right away, or are you more apt to put things off by procrastinating? The procrastination habit is a type of self-defeat and it's the grave where opportunity becomes buried.

Procrastination will take a heavy toll on every aspect of your everyday life and exacts a momentous impact upon your physical and mental health. The baggage of procrastination comes with an entire host of devastating, negative emotions including increased depression, guilt, stress, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and worry.

I have listed five tips that work to help you overcome procrastination issues and become more fruitful.

    1. The age old question, how does one eat an elephant? Well, one bite at a time. A good way to keep from feeling overwhelmed is by breaking your tasks up into smaller, bite-size tasks that are more manageable. Create a written action plan and set achievable timeframes for to completion each task. If you discover that youíve been able to finish a task ahead of your planned timetable, this will allow you feel capable about finishing ahead of the schedule.

    2. Be sure that you allocate sufficient time to complete each task. Once you have an estimate of the amount of time you will need to complete your total project, schedule your time into thirty-minute short blocks to help you stay energized. If you don't require all of the time you have allocated, you'll be able to move ahead of your schedule.

    3. Keep focused and steer clear of distractions like checking your e-mail, talking to coworkers, answering phone calls, playing computer games, or surfing the web.

    4. Commit to completing your project and holding yourself accountable. If you find yourself contemplate about not doing your project, just think about the Nike motto, "Just Do It." Just keep thinking about the feeling you'll have as you finish your project.

    5. Develop a multitasking efficiency when it's possible. Think about the numerous tasks or projects on your "to do list" that are really important but they continue to get postponed because you chose to procrastinate on purpose? The great news is procrastination isn't a hereditary character flaw, but just a bad habit which can be conquered with a little determination and self-discipline to just "Do it Now!"

Most of the stress which people feel does not arise from too much to accomplish. It comes about from having too many circles open (not finishing they things they they started). Jan 10, 2013

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